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This is the book of Rapture that displays the seven world powers; the formation of the Beast with seven heads and ten horns; and gives you the detail of how Rapture shall occur.



We empower and offer you spiritual food that will raise you up to a Rapture-able position. Stuffs you may not have heard before. For example, do you know “The mystery behind Noah’s Ark”? Get the knowledge in this site. If you don’t see it on the interface, browse it through the search box at the top of the page.

Now do you believe that the son of God is also God? Well this revelation must come to you by God himself. We upload for you the post that says JESUS IS GOD.
What about False and True Rapture teaching?. Just be around, we have uploaded it for you here also.

Do you want to know how THE BEAST WITH SEVEN HEADS AND TEN HORNS WAS FORMED? As you study on the THE FIRST BEAST, THE SECOND BEAST, THE THIRD BEAST AND THE FOURTH BEASTS?  you would come to the knowledge of this formation. Or you can get the knowledge from my book of Rapture. Stay put here and get all these information at your finger tips.

We have uploaded here for you the world powers. You might be asking in your mind who are these world powers people talk about? It might be Germany or Japan. Could it be China or where? Don’t continue to gaze, it’s not those   Countries, read about it in this site, it’s called The seven world powers.

But have you ever heard about The Apostles mistake? It was converted to glorify Jesus. You ain’t see nothing yet. We are just at the Genesis, by the time we come to Malachi, you will be talking about nothing else but inspirationblogging.com.
What about the Bible prophecy of 666? Know first who the man is and read it on this topic THE NUMBER OF HIS NAME IS 666.

Or do you know how the Beast and his image might be worshiped? Oh are you aware of it already? But this is different from the formation of the Beast. That’s fine but just follow us for more Revelations.

Do you have the knowledge of what you are using now known as Cashless society System? Get the knowledge in our sister site . We will continue to expose more of the end time events here and in all our sites.

Check again today why there are troubles here and there. Whatever God had said does not fail. He said the son of Abraham shall be against every man and every man against him. Read about HIS MISTAKES THE TROUBLES OF THE WORLD

The man Jacob who was surnamed Israel by God had at the time of his death changed the settings of his family. This was due to Rueben’s action with his father’s wife Bilhah. For this purpose he made changes when it was time for the blessing of his sons before his death.

We want to expose the real truth on How the Sabbath day changed to Sunday here and whether God himself, Jesus or any of his disciples had made a change to the Sabbath day rest. So see How the Sabbath changed to Sunday.

The mystery behind Noah’s Ark helps to educate you about when and where the father worked and stopped.  And the son Jesus took over from him, and where the Holy Spirit took over from Jesus to end the world. So the program of the Bible was fulfilled by these three personalities known as the Godhead Col.2:9, read their story here. 

Apostle Peter while teaching and admonishing the Church, revealed to us that judgment shall begin with the house of God. It’s a judgment of taking rewards from the Lord.  It’s not a fearful judgment. It is called The judgment seat of Christ.

You ought to know where we are today in God’s Calendar. We are about to see the Beast or Antichrist, that’s what is coming now whether you like it or not. See where are we today in God’s Calendar.

We want  you to know or to believe that heaven opens to some people and do not open to others? It’s a big mystery therefore read about open heaven.

Also read about the Millenial reign of Jesus Christ on earth here, just click on The one thousand year reign.

A lot of Christians make serious mistakes on interpreting the mark of the beast. When I asked a man who believes that Rapture shall occur first before the great tribulation about what the mark is, do you know he answered?  He said it is 666. But see and read from our sister site, THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

Or you can even navigate to Blogger.om and read about the Obama’s Gay Marriage and see what it tends to do to the world.

We have decided to show you one of the mysteries of the Bible, as it concerned a General of the kingdom of God. Guess who? This general saw heaven opened in the midst of the crowed who did not see open heaven. We are talking about HOW HEAVEN OPENED FOR ONE AND LEFT THE REST.

Biblical formula explains Daniel’s interpretation of the second coming of Jesus more, read here

You might want to see how the resurrection of our lord happened. While yet in the grave, a move was made by Satan and his agents not to allow him rise from the grave. But they were not able to stop him, even the  deployment of soldiers to his grave was unable to do it. Read it from our sister sister about happy risen lord.

It is of paramount importance that you know that in the near future we shall be making it to the air. But something negative would have happened, had not an Arch Angel intervened quickly. You must know about What happens when the Church is on air.

We require that you just always be coming, you will see what you want here in this site or navigate to any of our sites, you must be satisfied. While we promised to be updating this site from time to time, here is one topic I know you will enjoy the more DOES THE BIBLE SUPPORT EASTER FESTIVAL?

We are bringing to you the topic we called Fact and Truth about Joseph’s case.  This young man was sold to an officer of Pharaoh in Egypt and his wife on daily bases thought of having him. So click to read on FACT AND TRUTH ABOUT JOSEPH’S CASE..

We have more to tell you because we are loaded, and it is written that they which hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be filled Matt. 5:6.

It might interest you to know why Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel and how it would affect the world also. So read on The importance of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.   

Do you know that the world is busy discovering all of the end time events and programs of God that will help us rush to the end of time? Not only that, the world also is living a complacent life in their discoveries. The saints which are the ones to understand this more is also confused about what the truth is on this topic. Join us as you read on Shall there be salvation at the great white throne judgment?

Some of our people believe in Angels and even worship them. They also believe in the idea of a queen in heaven. My question is WHO IS THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN?

It may interest you to know what shall happen at the millennial Government of our Lord Jesus Christ. For those who care, read about THE MILLENNIAL REIGN OF JESUS CHRIST

The early church made serious progress because of the prevailing love among them. they had all things common as the Bible records. Therefore we have uploaded here for you  LOVE OF THE EARLY CHURCH

Yes, we know that it might interest you to know why trouble started again in the world almost immediately after the destruction of the world of Noah.  In our studies we discovered that it was from A LINK IN NOAH’S FAMILY.

Many people have written and preached their minds on why Moses the servant of God died, and did not enter the Promised land. Some said he claimed to be the one bringing the water and not God. Others said he claimed quality with God, as i God were his mate. Many others posited that he represented the law, and that law should not enter into the land. Whatever happened, read about WHY MOSES DIED.

We did assure you to be coming always here for updates on scriptural topics of interest. Here is a topic which many people want to see and to enjoy. You may be wondering on  what or who is the Antichrist?

Now you have all the time to read from the Bible and from our sister site about what we call THE MASTER PLAN of the Beast’s kingdom and run down of God’s end time program.

Like we said before, if you don’t see what you are searching for, search through the search box, you might see it or else it has not been uploaded yet. Thanks and God bless.
The inspiration team

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