The Beast with four heads is the third Beast

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The Beast with four heads according to our study in the master plan of the Beast kingdom is the third Beast. This Beast was seen by Daniel in Dan 7:6 and it was confirmed by Apostle John as Leopard. Let’s read from the one who saw it and wrote us saying “The Beast I saw resembled a Leopard, but the feet was like the feet of a Leopard” Rev.13:2.

Many people are confused about how this Beast come to be, because they keep making imagination upon imagination. But the Lord has given their explanations to me for the Church in the last days so we could be very careful as the days keep closing up. Let’s continue reading.

Alexander the great is the Beast with four heads and with the feet of the Bear, and he is the third Beast. This could be seen in the master plan also. He assasinated Darius of the Mede and Persia. The Bible said no one could rescue him from the He Goat or from (Alexander the Great)Dan 8:7-8.

Alexander the great was the one who took over from Persia when Persia’s time as the fourth world power ended. He was also seen in Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of an image as Bronze kingdom Dan.2:39. We are empowering you with the arm of truth to stand for God. So after Silver it is Bronze, see football and world cup in the book of Rapture.

Bronze kingdom Dan.7:6; Rev.13:1-2 Greece or Leopard. This Beast was Alexander the great, see Dan. 7:6 Amp. V. Daniel continued and said

“After this I beheld and Lo, another like a Leopard with four wings, and it had four heads and dominion was given to it” Dan 7:6. Daniel and his prophesies were correct, what he saw was a direct revelation from the Almighty God.

We did say that the third Beast here had four heads, and it was Alexander the great of Greece. He had these figurative names as 1.ROUGH GOAT, 2. HE GOAT, 3. NOTABLE HORN, 4. LEOPARD. He died a youth in his early 30s or “when he was strong” according to Dan. 8:8. He was not physically overthrown like others, but was struck with the Sword of the Spirit Eph. 6:17; and with the Spirit of his mouth 2Thess. 2:8. This Sword inflicted a sickness on him in his youth. He was diagnosed of bacteria from where he died.

After his death, his four generals which succeeded him and which interpret his four heads to the formation with his four wings shared his kingdom with one part of heaven each, or “the four winds of the earth”. He was the first to die in his kingdom or Empire and he must come with all of them to the formation. Therefore he died and waited for all of them to die one after the other and they came with him for the joining.

When all the four of his Generals died and came, his own head would make them five heads to the formation. But since the Scripture says what he had was four heads, his own head was removed and the heads of his four Generals were cut out and joined to his lifeless body, and he began to breathe again causing wonders in the earth Rev.13:3.

And the Bible says “one of his heads was wounded to death, and his deadly wound was healed” Rev. 13:3. That was how he came with four heads to the formation. With the body of Leopard and his four heads, we now count on six heads of the Beast, remember the feet of a Bear which would have accounted for Persia, was on his feet Dan.8:7. He trampled him under his feet, and no one could rescue Darius III from him. You will be sure of this teaching and blog when you see how the Beast with seven heads and ten horns in the Bible is formed.

And when their number completes, they will be transferred from the first Seal Rev. 6:1-2 which is “conquerors Seal” to Seal number four in Rev.6:7-8, where they are now. Now you are getting the right information about how this Beast in Rev.13:1 is formed. We are now sure of six heads of the Beasts and the last one shall complete them.