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We are continuing to explain the Beast with seven heads and ten horns which is in Revelation 13. Here we shall see how it was formed as we have earlier in the other posts asked whether it was human beings in animal form or a metaphor. Then we have also answered that the bible Beast in the context of end time events are not animals but humans with the characters of the Beast.

According to our study in the master plan of the Beast kingdom, which you will see in the book of Rapture, this Beast was Rome with Augustus Caesar and his ten kings.

The fourth Beast was ROME, terrible, and it was “IRON” in the master plan Dan.2:40. Let Daniel continue in his night visions “After this I saw in the night visions and behold a fourth Beast, terrible and dreadful. Exceedingly strong and it had great iron teeth. And it devoured and broke in pieces and stamped the residue with the feet of it. It was different from all the others that were before it and it had ten horns” Dan.7:7.

In this vision, Octavius or Augustus Caesar was the main Beast of Rome, how? 1. He was the first Emperor of Rome, 2. His doing away with Mc Anthony in the Battle of Actium was the reason he was saluted as “Imperator” or Emperor by the Roman senate, 3.He was the Beast with eyes in the horn and speaking great things.

4. He was the sitting Emperor who was on the Throne in Rome, whom another World conqueror (Jesus) met, yet in the first Seal, when he was born Lk.2:1-7. 5. Jesus is one of the conquerors because he also conquered the World Jon. 16:33. Read form the book “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future” for better understanding of these things.
Three of the first horns were pulled out before him Dan.7:8. 6. The fourth Beast had ten horns on his head which later turned to be his ten kings which accompanied him to the formation. These ten kings or horns were the ten wicked Emperors which took on themselves the name of Caesar upon their ascension on the throne, and which despitefully dealt with the Church of Christ. And since these wicked Emperors could not destroy the Church at that time, the Antichrist will surely fail in trying to do so.

Augustus Caesar had requested that the senate should approve for him that even after his death, whosoever would ascend to the throne in Rome must take the title of Caesar, and it was approved for him in A.D 44. Therefore all the kings in Rome after his family members took the title of Caesar upon their ascension to the Throne, whether they were from the house of Caesar or not. The names of the ten kings or horns were 1. Tiberius Caesar who succeeded him immediately he died Lk.3.

Others were 2. Caligulla Caesar, 3.Claudius Caesar, 4. Nero Caesar; from here these were not from the Julian house, i.e Caesar’ house. 5. Galba, 6. Otto, 7. Domitian, 8. Vitellius 9. Vespasian and 10. Titus. These were the ten horns of Rome which killed all the Apostles of Christ, but could not eliminate Apostle John. Instead they banished him when they could not kill him, they sent him to Patmos, an Island which was surrounded by water to see how he could escape from dangerous sea animals Rev. 1:9.

We have seen the Terrible Beast with its ten horns coming to the formation of the Beast. With this head and the ten horns, the number of the Beast has completed seven heads and ten horns Rev. 13:1.
Daniel saw when the four Beasts were coming to be joined as a single Beast, but Apostle John saw them completed and coming out of the Sea. It makes this teaching one of the best things that have happened to the church of Christ. Now let us calculate again the number of the Beasts with their heads and see the beauty and goodness of this blog site.

One head from the Lion, one head from the Bear with three ribs/kings. Four heads from the Leopard with the feet of the Bear. And one head from the terrible Beast with its ten horns, i.e 1+1+4+1=7 heads of the Beast of the Bible in Rev.13:1-2. This is the actual number of this Beast.

Again the scripture commands that whosoever has understanding, let him count the number of the Beast, saying it was the number of a man Rev. 13:18. This number has been counted and it is in the book of Rapture from this author. Look for it, it is an eBook titled “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”.

But you are not going to see a Beast with seven heads and ten horns. All of them shall appear from the Bottomless Pit, but only one man will be appointed as Antichrist when they appear with these characteristics. The beast here now is metaphoric in nature. But God has only showed those involved in the formation as he opened to you the mystery of what you read from the Bible. I recommend that you read my blog post from, or from for the truth of scripture.
God bless