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Has it occurred to you before, or has it been revealed to you by the Lord that the Ark of Noah had the feature of the Bible? What do you think? Now before you shout ‘’Heresy, heresy’’ or “blasphemy, blasphemy” like the Jews and say what is this man saying? I want to reveal to you what I first of all received from the Lord, pertaining to the Ark of Noah. When the Ark of Noah first appeared to my inner eyes, I thought to grab it with my hands, but it vanished away out of my eyes. Then I prayed that it might return, and it later came back, and became clearer to my inner eyes and it has not disappeared again till now.

This was possible because I have been appointed by God to reveal the
end time mystery of the Ark and the Bible to the Church of Christ in this generation. Only if the Church would search it out from this site, then she might know what God had in mind towards this time, Praise God!

Then I went to one computer house to search for the Ark of Noah to see if I could use it to convey to the Church the message which the Lord had given to me, but the one I saw in the computer house was like the modern ship. It lacked all the features which I saw with the eye of the spirit in the Ark of Noah according to scriptural specifications.

I went back home and resorted to drawing it by myself in other to put it in the way it was shown to me, with all of its features in accordance with the Bible. So it was not like the modern day ship, no! It was like a standing building, not a ship.

Therefore anyone who will draw the Ark of Noah like the modern day ship will not actually showcase the scriptural features of the Bible, because the Ark must be in agreement with the features of the Bible.

You must indicate in the Ark where the father worked and stopped in the book of Malachi, as (LOWER). You must show that the son started in the Medo-Persia kingdom as indicated in the Ark also as (Second), and where the Holy Spirit took over from him as the (Window) of the ark. This is the Bible in your hands, all in Gen. 6:16.

You too may not have come to this knowledge that the Ark of Noah was the first Bible. Only reading from this blog site and studying on it gives you the relevant knowledge, that no one takes it away from you again. Then since you may not have seen it or heard about this concept before from your trusted teachers and mentors, it is therefore important that you first read the contents of this article or topic, understand what it is saying and know where it is going before you could attack it, if there is any cause for that. But I believe it will impart more knowledge to you when you concentrate to read it.

Actually we knew nothing, including myself about the Ark of Noah before in relation to the Bible. We only knew that God used it to deliver Noah and his family with a few animals and Birds during the destruction of the first world.

But under this concept lies a great mystery undisclosed to man. This is therefore a product of revelation, which is meant for good, to educate our generation in these last days. I demand that you make a fine study from this blog. It will enrich your spiritual knowledge and empower you to understand the Bible the more. More revelations about the world and the heavens are yet underway. God does not want his people to continue in ignorance.

Any revelation from heaven or from the Lord to any of his servants is not for personal enjoyment alone; and it must be given to those to whom it is meant to be given. Revelation however cannot be disproved easily or approved either, but they could be proved or disproved only through the Word. Any revelation which goes outside of the Word is not from the Lord or from heaven. Therefore I would like to show you what God revealed to me about the Ark of Noah, happy reading.



‘’And God said unto Noah, the end of all flesh is come before me: for the earth is filled with violence through them, and behold, I will destroy them with the earth. Make thee an ark of gopher wood, rooms shall thou make in the ark: and shall pitch it within and without with pitch. And this is the fashion which thou shall make it of: the length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits. A window shall thou make to the ark and in a cubit shall thou finish it above: the door of the ark shall thou set in the side thereof, with lower, second and third stories shall you make it’’ Gen. 6:13-16 KJV.



The Ark was built with Gopher or Cyprus wood so that it would sail on

the waters during the flood. These woods are not heavy. And I believe that Noah was somehow

Knowledgeable enough to be able to note entirely all that God said to him about the Ark. This

was the first human involvement in science and technology. There is no

gain saying that Noah wrote it down before he could venture to build

the first ship. It took him a hundred and twenty years to build the Ark, and from there he became the first scientist on earth. The Ark was made up of

three Divisions or partitions. It was built with three (Floors) i.e 1. the

’LOWER’’ division or the ground floor of the Ark. 2. the ‘’SECOND’’

division or the first floor, and 3. the ‘’THIRD’’ division or (the last floor) of the Ark all in Gen. 6:16. So you can see that it was like a two

storey building as we have it in our modern day. This was how the fashion of the Ark was made.

The Ark was built with Bitumen for mortar which held the woods together as no Nail was used on it. And it was sealed all round with this Bitumen so that water could not penetrate inside it from any angle.

God said to Noah, ‘’thou shall pitch it with Pitch within and without’’.

Pitch means seal, i.e to seal it and cover the Ark properly. Therefore Noah had

to seal it with seal. Again ‘’within and without’’ means ‘’to seal it inside and

outside’’ with seal. This is the pattern of the Bible which is sealed ‘’inside and at the backside’’ Ezk. 2:9-10; Rev. 5:1. It is for these reasons we said the Ark of Noah was the first Bible, do you see the reasons now? Yes, all you are reading from the Bible were in the Ark, wonderful!


Watch out for all the features of the Ark in the Bible. Please make every

effort to read all the scriptural references in this blog for clarity sake.

When you study it very well you will agree with what I said about the Ark.

The ground floor was where the big animals stayed; the center floor

was where the lighter animals and birds lived during the deluge. While

Noah and his family members went upstairs at the last floor or ‘’the

third storey’’ to live. We believe that God removed hunger and enmity

among them during that period. For they were living without hatred

and without offence to any one, both from the animals especially the Carnivorous animals among them, i.e the

Lions and Bears that could eat up humans and other animals and birds at the same time.

Thus God knows how best to keep and protect, and also to provide for everyone whatever he or she needs.

The Ark of Noah was a means of ‘’Salvation to Noah and his family and

even to the animals and birds’’ when the first world was destroyed. And

since nothing was said concerning their feeding, it meant that God

removed hunger from the Beasts, the birds and even from Noah

and his family. None of them was hungry till after the period, because the case of hunger was not recorded. If it happened like that on earth, how do you

think it will be in heaven where God has promised us together? Glorious!



The Ark of Noah represented the Godhead or GOD. This will surprise you. What do I mean by this? I mean that the Ark of Noah represented God and all of his programs in the scriptures. This was hidden from us in time past but today it has pleased him (GOD) to open up this mystery just to enlighten our eyes to the Bible. Follow me now to discover the mystery of the Ark of Noah and convince yourself with it in relation to the programs of the Bible.



This was the part of the Ark which was on the ground, i.e ‘’the ground

floor’’ called ‘’LOWER’’. This division represented the Father and all his

works. From the beginning of the creation of the world to the end of this

division which ended with Babylon. See the book of Malachi as you will

discover in the topic. May I ask you, “What was the reason of the gap

between the book of Malachi and Mathew?” You can now trust us to a

certain level. From Adam in the beginning of the world to the captivity

of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was in the Ark 2kgs. 24.

You won’t know anything about this gap unless God had appointed you to

reveal this mystery. At first we thought that gap was created as a

normal book would be. No, that’s where the father ended his works.

And from where the son would start his own in the same Bible.


Yes, you know and believe that the book of Malachi was the end of the Old Testament, but wait. Could you help me in answering this question? ‘’What was the reason the Old Testament books had to stop with the book of Malachi’’? This would even add salt to our fine stuff and make it more delicious and desirable. Was it a design or a coincidence? Make an attempt to answer this question, just try. Do you know that many Christians believe that it was just the end of the Old Testament and that’s all about it? No!

If you are unable to answer the question, I demand that you look at the Ark itself and discover your answer. If you are unable still, let me help you now. If you could remember, the book of Malachi ended with the Babylonia Empire or kingdom. It was there the Father ended his work, or the father’s Division stopped, surprised? All the people who worked with God or who worked with the father, i.e. all the prophets, the kings etc which you could remember, their works ended with Babylon according to Jeremiah’s prophecy 25:11-12. That’s where the father’s division stopped. Remember that this prophecy of Jeremiah brought Daniel and his brothers to Babylon. Daniel even studied Jeremiah’s book in the kingdom of Persia to know why they were still in captivity to the Persian Empire after Babylon Dan. 9:1-2.

And after studying Jeremiah’s book, he found out why and he started to pray for himself and for his Countrymen. Then Angel Gabriel came to give

him skill and to educate him properly on his vision and the matter.

What was his vision and the matter? It was the vision which he (Daniel) saw and

interpreted to the king Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel after interpreting the

first dream of the king, where he saw the four kingdoms of

Nebuchadnezzar’s statue, which was his own vision, he forgot that they

shall be in Persia also. And that the program would go according to the

vision he interpreted.

And that was why they were in Persia before he started to pray about it.

So the Angel told him to consider the vision and the matter, i.e.

Consider the matter and the vision you interpreted to the king. That

was why they still landed into the Persian Empire.


The dream revealed four kingdoms according to Daniel’s interpretation

and only two had come at that time, i.e the gold kingdom of Babylon Dan.2:38 and the silver kingdom of Persia Dan 2:39. And two more were remaining to come, i.e the Bronze or Brass kingdom of Greece Dan.2:39b and the Iron kingdom of Rome Dan.2:40.

The Angel

told him that Greece would come after Persia Dan. 10:20. And the last

kingdom would be Iron, see Dan.2:40. It means your prayer would not

prevent these kingdoms from coming to pass. There are certain things or programs of God you

wouldn’t stop with prayer, especially when God’s powerful program is

involved. Else Daniel’s prayer would have stopped that extension to Persia and Rome.


You will read it well in my book of Rapture titled, <a href=”>Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in Future</a>” written by me, an eBook. It is inspiring, it’s educative cum informative.

Obtain it from Google, just type the keyword or type the title into your

browser and ask Google and they will display it, “Rapture: the Past,

Present and What to Expect in Future’’. And click on purchase, you

will see a form, follow their instructions.

Again, looking at the Ark, you will discover Babylon ending the LOWER division of the Father. I told you that this division or partition had no door or window. Reason: this division went inside the flood, so there was no door or window there.

Now for you to be sure of this truth, that Babylon ended the father’s time. Prophet Daniel had this to say to Belshazzar, who was the last Babylonia king, at the interpretation of the hand writing on the wall. Because Belshazzar insulted God by using his vessels which were brought into Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar, who was his grandfather during his first invasion of Jerusalem in drinking wine with his lords, wives and concubines. Belshazzar was informed that his Babylonia kingdom had ended.

That was the action which brought Babylon to the end of its reign as “the third world power”. Daniel said to him, “God had numbered thy kingdom and finished it” Dan. 5:26, which kingdom? The Babylonia kingdom. This meant that the Babylonia kingdom had come to an end in the days of Belshazzar. The Bible said he was assassinated the same night Dan. 5:30.

I have to inform you that nothing happens for nothing as far as this world is concerned. God is aware of everything taking place here on earth. In fact, everything happening here must be in accordance with his program.

After this assassination, the Father’s last word here was to command

Cyrus who killed Belshazzar, “To restore and rebuild Jerusalem” Dan. 9:25.

To this end, Cyrus had to put it in writing for documentary purposes to

the world 2Chron. 36:22-23; Ezra. 1:1-4. Remember that Daniel was

also in Babylon and he recorded it in Dan.9:24-25. Read these passages for clarity sake, just to assure yourself about the truth from this site.


THE HAND OVER: Jon.5:20-23.

The hand over here was the time the son of God which is Jesus had to start his own ministry. He took over from the father and continued the program of the Bible. Throughout the time after Babylon, i.e from Persia, Greece to Rome, the father did not speak to any other prophet or any other servant why? The reason was that it was not his portion to speak or to minister to any other person, according to the program of the Ark or Bible but the son’s.

It could be recalled that the Son of God was invited to see what the

Lion king of Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar) was doing to the three Hebrew

boys, which were 1. Hananiah 2. Mishael and 3. Azariah. And they

surnamed them and changed their names in accordance with their

tradition and custom. Hananiah for Shedrach, Mishael for Meshack and

Azariah for Abednego. The Son of God delivered them from that fire

before Nebuchadnezzar’s eye in accordance to their confessions Dan.

3:16-18, 24-25. After the Babylonia kingdom, the Father handed over to

the ‘’SECOND’’ division of the Ark which belonged to the Son Jon. 5:20-21. This account could be known to start from Persia through Greece to

Rome where he was officially born Lk. 2:11, Math.2.


In the book of Jon. 5:20-23 Jesus confirmed that ‘’the father had

committed all manner of judgments unto the Son’’. The word

‘’committed’’ is past tense of ‘’commit’’ and commit is a verb which

shows (action) a means of ‘’handing over’’ to the Son. You will agree

with me that there was a period of silence in the Bible before the

coming of Jesus. That period of silence from the father caused the

demarcation between the New and the Old Testaments, and there was

no standing prophet, even though Zechariah and Haggai were in

Babylon in that captivity Ezra 5:1.

Here ended the father’s division in the book of Malachi. The records did

not go straight or serial in the Bible because of many attacks on the

scriptures. Part of those attacks came from Jehoiakim Jer. 36, who was the king of

Judah, when he wanted to kill Jeremiah because of his prophecy. But

the record was straight in the Ark of Noah, so do not get confused.


You could as well demand on ‘’why did the Father Stop talking

immediately after the Babylonian kingdom’’? Or did the Father actually

stop talking immediately after the Babylonia kingdom? The answer is a

capital or a resounding YES. That was the reason of the gap between

the two Testaments. Do you think that gap was just a design? No.

How? You already have seen the reason that there existed a period of silence when the

Father talked to no prophet. It was because this part of the Ark which was the first floor of the Ark was not within

the division of the father to speak or to give instructions to anybody, but the Son’s, watch the Ark again. And again at that time in the Persian kingdom, it was not

yet time for Jesus to come officially into the world as a man to be born. Therefore this gap period were about 490 years

of silence between the book of Malachi and the book of Mathew in the

New Testament. In other words this period is even called “Daniel’s

seventy weeks” Dan.9:24, or “the intertestamental period” which is better explained in the book of Rapture from this author.


THE ARK OF NOAH pt.2 Gen. 6:16.

The second division of the ark was (Door) belonged to Jesus. If you

look properly at the Ark, you will see the position where the door of

the Ark was fixed at the center of the Ark. This was the reason I

resorted to drawing the Ark in other to put all the features therein.

Jesus had claimed his position in the Ark with these words in the Bible, “I am the

Door” Jon.10:9. Now read this passage to be sure and tell us which Door

he was talking about. If he was not talking about the Ark, was he

going about with a Door? Forget I know you will say he is a spiritual

door, what then was the father who worked under the Door? Is he a

spiritual down or spiritual lower? Because the father’s position was

known as lower in Gen.6:16.


Are you now observing that after the book of Malachi where the father

ended his works, the next in line from the Godhead was the Son, but

coming literally in the books of Mathew and Luke where he was

officially born. He was working spiritually in the Persian kingdom or Empire.

This second division of the Ark (first floor in our modern day) which

belonged to Jesus as the second member of the Godhead Col. 1:19; 2:9,

did not start with the book of Mathew, no. His own division or partition

in the Ark started with the Persian Kingdom or Empire, see the Ark.


Here Darius I, II and III of the Medes ruled this kingdom but the owner of the kingdom of Persia

was king Cyrus of Persia. In this division Jesus was working from the realm of

the Spirit before his official coming to take over from the father in the Roman kingdom Lk.2.

He was and is one of the conquerors of the world. He conquered the

Roman kingdom Jon. 16:33. He assured his disciples to be of good cheer

that he had conquered the world. Sometimes you do not understand

these words because he was speaking figuratively.

In this taking over, he had a double lead, i.e 1. He took over from the

father to continue the programs of scripture. 2. He came into the world

exactly in the Roman kingdom Lk. 2:11, when the fourth and terrible

Beast of Rome “Augustus Caesar” Dan.7:7; Lk. 2:1-7 was on the throne. As a world conqueror, the law of conquerors says “Conquering and to conquer” Rev.6:1-2. If you look closely

on the Ark, you will discover that his own division started with the

Persian kingdom, but he came in the Roman kingdom just to conquer this

Beast on the Throne. This is a very big and hidden mystery. Please obtain

my eBook of Rapture in other to understand this topic more. Title: <a href=”>Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in Future</a>.

Persia and Mede otherwise called (Medo-Persia) was the fourth world power, read from my book of Rapture. From the kingdom of Persia to Jesus’ official coming into the world, in the books of Mathew and Luke, a gap period of about 400 to 490 years had elapsed. It is also called ‘’the intertestamental Period’’ i.e. between the Testaments.



Within this time the father did not speak to any one, it was a silent

period in history. A time in which those Apocryphal books held by the

Roman Catholics which increased their Bible to 72 books in number were written. The Canons rejected those books

because they considered them, that they did not carry God’s mark of

authority in them. They do not have “thus saith the Lord” in them and

“no Prophet of God with his authority was seen in those books”.

People just decided to write and included them but the Lord guided the

Canons with knowledge to search for his mark and they deleted them accordingly. That’s why we don’t make use of them.

Thus those books were written by human concepts or ideologies, and they do not inspire any one. They contain stories which men devised and attached to the Bible, and they were fished out. The Bible itself was under attack from many people and those attacks scattered the book from being serially arranged. Among those who attacked the Bible were Antiochus Epiphanis IV, who reigned between 165-163 BC. He burned the Jewish altar as well as the Bible during his invasion of Jerusalem Dan.11:31.

This is true as the record did not go serial in the Bible because what should have been in Chapter one is now seen in Chapter 8 of many books of the Bible. And what should have been in Chapter 9 is seen in Chapter one or two in the scriptures. The book of Jeremiah was a clean example of what I’m talking about. In spite of this disarrangement, those who are called by God are empowered to discover them serially.

Of course after the first division came the second division in the same Ark of Noah.

Look at the Ark again and discover that there was a staircase from the

ground floor to the first division or Door, from which Noah’s family and all

animals entered into the Ark. No one jumps into a storey building but

climbs into it through the staircase. This staircase was built from the

ground floor or ‘’Lower’’ division to the first floor where there was a door for entrance into the Ark.

This means that there is no other “Way or Door for Salvation” other than

through Jesus Christ Jon.14:6; Acts. 4:12. Anyone or any people who reject his

Lordship over their lives will live afterwards to regret it bye and bye.

This is true as Jesus shall judge the world Jon. 5:22. Remember that the

rich man who lived and insulted Poor Lazarus only believed the

message of scripture in Hellfire LK.16, where there was no more chance

or time for repentance or amendment. Let it not be your portion- in Jesus name-Amen.


But I discovered with the story of the rich man that everyone must either believe to be saved or believe later to regret like him. I believe according to the story that he was told that he would end up in Hellfire if he did not give his life to the savior here on earth, and he laughed the preacher/s to scorn.

He might have thought ‘’how would a rich man like himself go to Hell’’?

Let’s continue with the Ark of Noah. When I said that the Ark of Noah

was the first Bible, because I could see all the features of the Bible in it, you would have demanded for my head

immediately, but for God’s intervention, let’s continue. The only door

for entrance into this Ark was set by the side of the Ark Gen.6:16. Jesus while on earth claimed ‘’I am the Door’’ Jon.10:9.

Now which door did he claim? Of course you will say ‘’Spiritual door’’, wrong. He was talking about his position in the Ark of Noah. Are you sure? Yes! All the people and animals which entered into the Ark entered through the door and they were saved during the flood.

Hear this, he continued, ‘’by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and he shall go in and out and find pasture’’, Jon. 10:9, is it so in your Bible? Another evidence of this teaching was that his side was opened up Jon. 19:34. After his death on the cross, a radical Roman soldier threw a spear at his side and opened it. That opening has a spiritual connection with Salvation to all who believe in him. Today we go in through that door by his side.

This is in line with the door of the Ark which was set by the side Gen.6:16. Every child of God enters into Christ through his side as Noah and his family members entered through the side of the Ark where the door was set. There was no other door for entrance into the ark, and this refutes Salvation through any other source. Only those people and those animals which went in through the door also came out and found pasture. Those who did not go in to the Ark were destroyed with the flood, and they had no pasture to find. Therefore every other form of religion is a fake, and they shall likewise be destroyed. Did people not argue with Noah during his preaching about God’s information on destroying the world? But later it became a reality and they were destroyed from the earth. Yet Noah and his family continued living.


See, all that entered into the Ark went in through the same door, and

when they came out after the flood, they came out through the same

door and began new life or find pasture, true or false? Now, was the

Ark the first Bible or not? That’s the mystery behind Noah’s Ark. I demand an answer, go through my email box and post a reply. See all the features of the Bible in the Ark of

Noah. God has at last revealed this hidden truth to humanity, Halleluiah.

Jesus in his teaching said, “no man can come to me except my Father

draw him, and I will save him” Jon.6:44-45. Look at the Ark again, all

the animals and birds, including human beings who are living on earth

were drawn by the father, who is working on the “LOWER” Division

to enter the ark through the only door. It was the Father who

drew all of them for Salvation and directed them to climb the staircase

to the ‘’door’’ in other to be saved. No one came by himself or herself but by the father Jon.6:44-45.

Therefore the father was working and he is still working today from downstairs and directing the people to the Division of the door for Salvation. Even till now the father is still working and directing people to the Son, and Jesus is still in the business of saving souls. Even at the time the father, the Son was also working with him. They are working together, and Jesus said, “I’m not alone for the father who sent me is with me” Jon.8:16. The same John said “the three are one” I Jon.5:7-8.

And those who were drawn by the father were all saved by the son or the Second

division during the flood, true or false? Again, when Jesus claimed his

position in the Ark and said “I am the Door” Satan immediately claimed

the window. Jesus replied him saying “verily, verily I say unto you, he

that enters not into the sheepfold through the door, but climbs some

other way, is a thief and a Robber” Jon.10:1. Verify this word now. Do you know that a war is going on now without your knowledge?

No one jumps into a storey building from the ground floor, but climbs the

staircase into the house. But Satan would not obey such law because he

is a spiritual thief. So he goes into a high building without climbing the staircase.

You will see what he did when we begin to explain the use of window.

Window is the system of hijack by Satan. It is the world’s system, believe it or not. You will believe it when you read my eBook of Rapture. You will see mysteries hidden, that God has opened up for you today.

This calls for wisdom to understand what Jesus is saying here. He was

using figures of speech in that statement and this in turn remove our

eyes from the war going on spiritually. Of course, many of our people

never knew that the kingdom of God is having a war with the kingdom

of darkness, a war which began in heaven Rev. 12:7-9. This war is still

on and will be on till the Church is taken from the earth. We will never

live in harmony with the world and their system. No way!

Satan claimed the window, and even from the time of Noah, Satan

cheated him through the window of the Ark. Window therefore belong

to the Spirit, but Satan operated in it from the days of Noah till today, do you know about it? But we

as the members of the Church belong to the Door and also to the Window. You

may not understand till we explain it.

We shall talk about it in the next division, i.e the Third division or

Partition of the Spirit where it first happened. And to fulfill the scriptures, window has been developed again in the time of the Holy Spirit. Tell us if we are right or wrong about the window, you know this now.


We are today

living in the window age, true or false?

The division of Jesus which was the second in the Ark and from the

Persian Empire ended in the book of John 19 with his death and burial, but from the book of John 20 to

Acts.1 was the days of his resurrection and last instructions to the

Apostles. Then he ascended back to heaven and after 10 more days

making it 50 days Lev.25:9-10,

; Acts 2, the Holy Spirit descended and took over

from him, Praise the Lord. So Jesus finished his work in the Roman

kingdom and declared it finished before he died on the cross. Here ended the position of Jesus in the Ark, i.e the “second” Gen. 6:16.



The third storey or (window) belongs to the Holy Spirit. Gen.6:16.

The period in which we are living today is managed by the Spirit, true or false?

He is the Lord in operation on earth and in the Church. That’s why he

is also called God. If you don’t believe that he is God, believe it today.


The third storey in the Ark was like the modern “Second floor” in today’s building. That’s where we are now. The Holy Spirit is with us now.

This division belongs to the Holy Spirit. And this division started from

the Roman kingdom or Empire to end the world. It will interest you to

know that after 50 days as we said earlier, the Holy Spirit descended to

take over from Jesus, and it happened exactly on the day of Pentecost,

a feast of the people of Israel/Jews Acts. 2; Lev. 25:9-10. At least you

are beginning to understand certain truths and Revelations of the Bible.


Do you still doubt the saying that the Ark of Noah was the first Bible

when you are seeing all the features of the Bible displayed through the

Ark? We shall continue to reveal the truths of scripture as the Lord

grants us more open doors to this hidden side of the Bible. While the

Holy Spirit is still in control in the Church today, he will not Rapture the Church but Jesus Acts. 1:9-11.

Neither will the church be taken in “a secret Rapture”, why? Who shall

fight with Antichrist? Again the Bible says “all eyes shall see him”

Rev.1:7, both believers in Christ and those who believe not in him Matt.

24:30. Jesus says “they shall see the Son of man coming with power

and great glory”. He is coming with great power brother, he is coming

with great power sister, and he will not take us with fear. The book of Rapture has the details. Whom shall he be afraid of?

From Acts. 2 to Revelation 22 and from the day of Pentecost till

tomorrow the Holy Spirit will have to be here, and even immediately

after the Rapture, he will still be here till the end of the world, so says the word of God.

Now we were talking about window of the Ark. The window of the Ark

belongs to the Holy Spirit, which Satan claimed, though he operated in

it, see the Ark. The only window in the Ark was set at the “third storey”

or at the last floor, or third division of the Ark. The ground floor was

without door or window and belonged to the Father. The Door

belonged to the Son, but the window of the Ark belongs to the Holy

Spirit, and this is the Bible in your hands. See, some drawings of the Ark

have multiple windows and some Ark do not have the “third story” at

all. Thus people draw it out of their own mind, not that they were

commanded by God to write or to teach about it. What did God say? “A window shall thou set it to finish it above”. “A window not two”. This means that the Holy Spirit is one, who will work there.



We have seen how the Ark was made or built with three divisions. Each

division belongs to a member of the Godhead. So the third division of

the Ark is remaining after Jesus finished his own and left. Then the Holy Spirit has to finish the remaining part of the ark, and that’s where window is seen again in the world. We may also answer this question this way, ‘’that

we believe in the three personalities of God’’, which are 1. the father. 2.

the Son and 3. the Holy Spirit. We also believe that the three are one

according to I Jon.5:7-8. The word God is a three distinct letters, yet it is

one word (God). That’s how they are and they are still one God.

Therefore the only window of the Ark was fixed

at “the third storey” belonging to him (The Holy Spirit), observe this in the Ark.

Here at the window Satan claimed it as we said earlier. Now follow us as we explain the issue which happened at the window of the Ark. See window old and new in my book of Rapture for full details.


When the waters began to dry from the earth, and Noah could not see the position of the waters again, remember that the Ark rested on mount Ararat according to the Bible, he decided to send out a bird, “a Raven” so it could bring to him information if the waters had dried from the earth Gen. 8:6-7.

He opened the window of the Ark and sent out this bird “a Raven” to go down and see if the waters had dried from the earth and to come up again with the information. Satan hijacked this bird immediately it was sent out from the window, and it continued to fly endlessly over the air. It did not come back to Noah again and he was disappointed Gen.8:7, what happened?

The bird was hijacked as it was sent out from the window by Noah.

Then Noah decided to change the Raven, this time he sent out another

bird “the Dove” Gen. 8:8. This particular incident introduced the

window we are talking about.

The Dove went out but could not see where to perch because the

waters had not reached to the top of trees or mountains, so she came

back to Noah and he pulled her into the Ark again Gen.8:9. Noah stayed

in the Ark for another seven days before he sent out the Dove again.

This time the bird came back to him in the evening with a new sprouted leave

in her mouth which informed Noah that the waters had dried from the earth Gen.8:10-11.

But he remained another seven days and sent out the Dove again. In

this trial the Dove did not come back to him any more Gen.8:12 and he

remained yet another seven days inside the Ark, until the time the Lord called on him to

go down and he came down with his family, even with all the animals

and birds. And they started a new life without his extended family

members, or friends Gen.8:13-15; as Jesus taught in Jon. 10:9.



You may not have known it this way before, and you are surprised about what happened at the Ark as far back as the time of Noah. This program had been on in the world, even the war of kingdom verses kingdom. So at the time of the Spirit, the window issue came up again. Today window is back in the world, not in the Ark again but in the world as “computer terminology”, yet the features are the same. In this computer terminology, the world will still do as Satan did at the Ark.


If you read the book of Rapture from me, these things are explained

from the book of Genesis to Revelation. Rapture itself is a program of

heaven, it didn’t just start, and there was Rapture in the book of

Genesis where Enoch was the first person to be taken up from the earth in Rapture.

Many of our people and even our teachers do not see these things

because they are not called along this direction in their ministries. But

I’m seeing and saying it because I’m called specially as an end time

minister. The Lord is showing me special events and programs that shall

lead the Church to the end of time in the world. Your duty is to take it

as it is revealed from the Lord. Window today is known as ‘’computer

terminology’’ which results in handsets, computer, satellite, internet

etc. Yet it is still the same system of hijack from the window of the Ark

of Noah. Please obtain the book of Rapture titled <a href=”>Rapture: the Past,

Present and What to Expect in the Future</a>”. This book is loaded

with information and it is inspiring at the same time.

Just type the keyword to Google and they shall display the book to you. Click on purchase and a form will appear to you, type all your information and pay a little token and download the file into your device. It’s an eBook with information and I’m sure it will inspire you greatly. Obtain it from ‘’’’ “” or from all bookstores worldwide even from the publisher “”, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan USA. This book explained how the Ark of Noah had passed with Old Raptures like the one of Enoch and Elijah. We have Rapture present and the one we are all expecting in the Future. This book explains what window will do before the actual time of Rapture.


You may say window is only online and Offline systems of digital practices etc, it’s not only that, it has more to offer.

You haven’t heard about what window stands for in God’s programs.

We all are making our business/s online and Offline. The Bible says you

shall know the truth and it shall make you free. Window is world’s

system which shall in turn be against the saints at the proper time of

the great tribulation, just remember this. Window was introduced again

in the world since 1900s, which is in line with the appearance of the last

days. The last days was in prophecy from Jacob who was surnamed

Israel. He prophesied about the last days in connection with blessing his

children, a prophecy which came to pass in 1948 after the Holocaust in 1945.

Israel became a

nation in the last days, read Gen.49:1-2. Let me repeat it to you that

nothing is happening ordinarily, all events have their connection from

the maker of this world. And everything you see in the Bible and in the

world is in his programs. Yes whether they are negative or positive they are his.

Window has something to do with ‘’Balances’’ in the third seal, and in it

the ATM is involved, the master cards and the credit cards which you use now etc. Satan

will use these cards to do the hijack from the saints. Read the book of

Rapture, it is loaded, it is inspiring, educative cum informative.


The Bible had said that in those days, those who do not have the Mark

of the Beast, the number of his name or the name of the Beast will not

buy or sell. Only the saints will reject the Mark, the name of the Beast

and the number of his name which is 666. All other people shall take it.

Find out how it will happen from the book of Rapture.

Window being in the time of the Spirit as it was in the Ark will end the

world in the last days where we are. But the time of its end is yet in the

hands of the Lord to decide. As at now we are seeing the window in

operation which is waiting for the actual time its major operators will

surface. Know this; whenever the Temple of Jerusalem is to be erected,

you should understand that the last days are at its peak to end. Then

the use of window will become more relevant. It is good now to inform

the Church in time not to relax with window so much, because all the

programs of the window will be against the Church and not against the world.


The building of the Temple of Jerusalem will be a great evidence to show everyone at that time that time is up. And that it remains 3 and half years for Rapture to take place. At this time the whole program will be against the saints of God, who shall refuse and reject the mark of the Beast, the name of the Beast and his numbers which is 666 etc. The true knowledge of this topic will greatly help the saints. You must know now that the mark of the Beast is not out yet, but the name of the beast is in the book of Rapture spelt out.

Only the saints and no other people could resist the Beast, and only the saints could reject the Mark of the Beast, the number of his name and the name of the Beast. These three things shall be used to code all products and business connections. No one shall be free except the saints with the real knowledge of this event. Many saints shall fall out of faith at this time according to Paul 2Thess.2:1-3. If you believe in Christ with this knowledge, you shall escape this event, but if you don’t believe in him, you have nothing to fear because you shall enjoy the program well with the mark, name and number and will buy and sell all your products. Of course you shall not be under the great tribulation.

Jesus said this event or program has not happened since the beginning

of the world till that time, and it shall not happen again Matt.24:21. If

you cannot trust the Lord and his sayings, then I’m afraid of you. Jesus

is the owner of these programs and whatever he says concerning these

events of the end is as it is for sure. You don’t have to argue it out or

even believe your Pastor knows it more than him.

All these events are recorded in the Ark before they were translated

into the Bible as we read it today. It is the reason I said the Ark of Noah

was the first Bible, because all the features are seen in the Ark as well

as in the Bible, Praise the Lord!

After reading this whole lot, you are in a better position to believe or

not if there are mysteries behind the Ark of Noah, and inform your

friends about this blog site and the truth it has.

I told you that this revelation did not come from man but from God.

And I’m asked to write about these things to you that read it today.

Invite your friends and tell them that there are mysteries behind the

Ark of Noah, and that it reveals that all that you see in the Bible was

there written first in the Ark of Noah. Though it did not go straight in

the Bible, but it’s straight in the ark of Noah.

God bless.