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This Beast was Cyrus of Persia according to our study. He made the law of the second group of years in the Dan.9:24-27.

The book of Revelation 13 showcases a Beast with seven heads and ten horns. This Beast came out from the sea, and even Daniel also saw this Beast coming out from the sea Dan.7:1.7. This Beast was formed with different Beasts that made it up to seven heads in number. We are going to talk about the second one.

The second Beast in the formation was Bear in the master plan or Silver signifying (Mede and Persia). In Dan.7:5 and in Rev. 13:1-2 Daniel continued, “and behold another Beast a second like to a Bear, and it raised itself up on one side. And it had three ribs in the mouth of it, between the teeth of it. And they said to it, arise and devour much flesh” Dan. 7:5 kjv.

The second Beast here in the formation was Cyrus, the Silver medalist in the competition, otherwise called “the runners up” see (football and world cup as a metaphor in the book of Rapture). He was beaten to the second position and he also made the decree for the rebuilding of the house of God, i.e the Temple of Jerusalem 2 Chron. 36:22-23; Dan. 9:25. This decree was also the decree on which God included the 70 week of Daniel, which was the second group of years after the first 70 years from Jeremiah’s prophecy Jer. 25:11-12. When Jeremiah prophesied it, some people said his prophecy would not come to pass. Many people branded him a false prophet, and others called him a weeping prophet, and said his prophecy would not come to pass. But at last it came to pass in their eyes and his prophecy was so as he said. Even as so many people are feeling some how about my words now. Because the majority have been deceived, and do not want to read and believe the truth.

It was Cyrus of Persia who assassinated Belshazzar of Babylon immediately the time for the Babylonia Empire came to an end Dan.5:30. Cyrus having earlier conquered the Medes and killed their king, he annexed them together with Persia and started running a single Government for them. He also made a decree that no one shall be able to change any decree which the king, either he or any king from Persia or from Mede had signed. And it became “the law of the Medes and Persia that alters not” Dan. 6:12.

He had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it, what were they? They were the three kings which ruled (Mede and Persia) after him and who completed the house of God in Jerusalem. Daniel used figures of speech to identify the three ribs in his mouth. They were 1.his Son Ahasarus who succeeded him directly Ezra. 4:6, 2. Arterxes who succeeded his Son 4:7; 3. Darius ii Ezra Chapters 5-6, these three kings were the ribs in his mouth.

And “in his mouth” means, they did not change his decree which he pronounced while alive, they continued with this decree even after his death. They maintained the law and followed his will. It was Cyrus with Persia that took over from Belshazzar of Babylon and came to the second position in the formation. All these ribs/kings joined him there. This kingdom of Persia and Mede was also called by Daniel and known as “Ram” with two horns, signifying 1. Mede, 2.Persia, otherwise called “Medo-Persia”. Cyrus annexed them together.

But the last King of Persia was Darius III, who was assassinated by Alexander the great of Greece when Persia’s time ended, see Dan. 8:7. This king did not join Persia in the formation of the Beast but he was counted for Greece. How? He was eliminated by Alexander the great of Greece. Alexander trampled him under his feet and no one could rescue him. So he remained there and entered into his feet, and Alexander’s feet became the feet of the Bear. Alexander was also known as the (Rough Goat or He Goat) in Dan. 8:7; Rev.13:2. See “Rough Goat” Dan. 8:21, as applied to the king of Grecia or Greece, and “he Goat” 8:5.

We must give the scripture the right interpretation it deserves. For no part of the scripture is of any private interpretation 2Pt. 1:20. But many say their mind or what they studied from the various schools they attended.
So the second Beast came to the formation with the head of a Bear and the three ribs in the mouth of it. We have now seen two heads of the Beast in Rev.13:1-2, one head from the Lion and one head from the Bear. We will now move to the third Beast in the formation. And after this study, you will be in control of the real knowledge of how the Beast with seven heads and ten horns was formed.
Expect the third Beast in the next post. Thanks for coming
inspiration team.