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When we talk about importance, we mean the need for a thing or for a person. We need to stress out the importance of Jerusalem, not only to Israel as her capital, but the need to have her set to the world as a standard for all nations of the world. This city Jerusalem was at first called and known as “Jebusite”. The heathen were living there until God instructed David to war against it and take it.
If the owner and creator which is God should disposes the original dwellers, who are you to talk against God? The original people did not please him and so he sacked them from the city and gave it to somebody who was better to him. You could see the city was called so many names after David had taken the city. It was called as “The city of God” “the city of David” “the Zion daughter of my people” “Zion” etc. Whenever you see and read about these names in the Bible, it is talking about Jerusalem.
I was surprised seeing the world reject that Jerusalem should be the capital city of Israel when Davie used it as his own capital during his days. For the fact that God punished Israel and scattered them into the nations on many occasions could not deprive her of her city and position when God returns them back. I guess that those who reject Jerusalem as Israeli capital do not read the Bible. Of course many nations are sunk into so many things which they adore and worship. So there would be no need rejecting or opposing the use of Jerusalem as Israeli capital. Today God has made it possible.
Israel has given some of her Biblical cities to other people like Bethlehem Judea, which was given to West Bank. They have been forced by the world body the (United Nations) to release those cities to other nations because the world hates them. This is wrong as we read from the Bible and discover these cities as part of Israeli cities before they were sent out into exile to Assyria, and to Babylon etc.
Before they could come back from exile their cities was taken and occupied by other nations. And trying to recover their land they were termed as wicked by other nations even the United Nations. They were even being forced before now to release Jerusalem like other cities, but they refused because that would amount to the highest cowardice. But we know the importance of Jerusalem to the world.
If Israel had release Jerusalem, God would even send them out again to wherever he wants again. And they would be there until their children from another generation come up to search for their land, and then God will restore them back. Now let’s part the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the back for being man enough to go back to Jerusalem as Israeli capital. Let’s also part the world leader Donald Trump for supporting Benjamin to use Jerusalem. When one does what others could not do, he is a great man indeed. Other world leaders who before Donald Trump believed that if Jerusalem is declared Israeli capital, that there would be a third world war. But today, where is the third world war?
Jerusalem had been on prophecy in the Bible. That’s why Israel could not hand over Jerusalem, because the force of prophecy could not allow them to let Jerusalem go. It will interest you to know the overall importance of this city to both Jesus and the saints. This city was prophesied to be the millennial headquarters of Jesus Christ. We are going to read about the prophecy, read
“And when the thousand years were expired, Satan shall be loosed from his prison. And he shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, , Gog and Magog to gather together to battle, the number which is as the sand of the sea. And they went up on the breadth of the earth and compassed about the camp of the saints , and the beloved city, and fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them” Rev. 20:7-9 Kjv.
This is the account of what shall take place at Jerusalem after the Rapture. The beloved city mentioned above speaks of Jerusalem which shall serve as the Millennial headquarters for Christ’s one thousand year rule on earth. But according to the record, immediately the millennial government is over, Jesus shall dismantle his Government, but he shall still wait for the Devil at Jerusalem. Then Satan who had been thrown into the Bottomless Pit shall be loosed from the Pit and prison.
When he comes out he will still go out to deceive the nations of the world again and yet succeed. They would welcome him back and he gathers them together to Battle for the last time. Then he draws all the soldiers of the world again to face the camp of the saints which is at Jerusalem the beloved city, and fire comes down from God out of heaven and devoured them.
So Jerusalem is very important to Jesus and to the saints. The reason we don’t want Jerusalem to be handed over to the Arabs. What are they going to do with it, to pollute it? This city is known as the city of God, the city of David, the Zion of God etc.
Thanks to Donald Trump who has made it possible that Jerusalem is restored as the Capital of Israel again, as it was in the days of David. Former US presidents saw impossibilities in announcing Jerusalem as Israeli capital, but not Trump. How could prophecy fail in our time?
This has made the Bible what it is. The word of God is infallible and no power could make it to fail. Jesus said “No jot of the word or no iota of the word shall be unfulfilled” Matt. 24:35. So the importance of Jerusalem cannot be over emphasized. We need Jerusalem because that’s where the Christian world go for Pilgrimage, while the Moslems go to Mecca.
For the Arabs to ask for Jerusalem, they are asking too much. That’s why they don’t want Israel to live. Israel has a right to live as a people and also God’s own nation for literal purposes. But in any case it indicates that the second coming of Christ is just a matter of few years from now.
Yes from now we could begin to expect the building of the Temple of Jerusalem again. And when this happens, every child of God living in the towns should relocate immediately to the village. Obtain my Google this keyword. Get my eBook of Rapture for details. Just type into Google this keyword “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”. You will be sure what have read from this post. Jerusalem is a prophesied city of God.
God bless.



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It is good for us to talk about this issue, because a lot of people have written their minds on this topic. The Bible has this to say about this number, that it is the number of a man. Let’s read from the Bible.

“And he causes all both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or on their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that has the mark, or the name of the Beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom, let he that has understanding count the number of the Beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred, three score and six” Rev. 13:16-18.

I have read and have observed with keen interest the writings of many from all walks of life. I have also discovered that people are giving their suggestions as to what they believe is the number of his name. Many others are trying to use anything that could form the number 666 as it. But the Bible is emphatic that it is the number of a man, not any number from anywhere.

Therefore it is of great value to trace out this man’s name first before we begin to trace his number. Who is the man? What is the man’s name? From my eBook of Rapture we saw that the man in question is the Beast/Antichrist. We need to know who the man is before tracing out his name and then his number. Until we do this, we shall be rolling up and down giving suggestions whether it is in line or not. This man must be proved from his name to his number before we take it as the prophesied man whom the Bible is talking about.

We have said earlier that this man is the Beast/Antichrist, which was prophesied in the Bible that he would war against the saints, i.e in the great tribulation. We explained why he was called Beast in the book of Rapture. He has many figurative names in the Bible. He was seen as “He Goat” “Rough Goat”, Leopard” etc. Daniel gave him these names from his actions. Apostle John in his revelation supported Daniel by saying “The Beast I saw resembled a Leopard but his feet was like the feet of a Bear” Rev.13:2. Daniel had earlier seen him as Leopard Dan. 7:6 in Amp. Version.

These descriptions made our topic authentic. We must prove scripturally that this man is the one we are describing from the bible. Now to make his number to agree with the Bible, it demands for wisdom as the Bible said. Here is wisdom, let he that has understanding count his number, for it is the number of a man.

This man was seen by Daniel in so many ways. 1. He was seen in the master plan of the Beast kingdom as “the Bronze kingdom” Dan. 2:39.  The master plan was the “Human image” where Daniel explained the dream of the Babylonia king Nebuchadnezzar. His dream was the Human image which was standing from the earth to the sky Dan. 2:31-45. In that dream Daniel was able to discover four kingdoms 1. “the Gold kingdom-Babylon” 2. “the Silver kingdom of Persia” 3. “the Bronze kingdom of Greece, and 4. “the Iron kingdom of Rome”.

It was these kingdoms that formed what is called as the Antichrist/Beast. These details are in the book of Rapture. After reading this book, you will not be in doubt as to the truth of this topic. When they were coming for the joining, Daniel saw them and described this Beast as the third Beast.

And the third Beast was the Leopard, which was depicted as Alexander the Great. It is not easy to say it is this man or that man without a tangible proves.  Remember that we want to make sure whose number is 666. I read a write up where the man tries to use wherever he sees Gold in the Bible. Also wherever he sees talent of Gold like the one that came to Solomon in one year amounting to 666, he said the Beast might be Solomon. This is none sense.

I have said that Daniel described this Beast as Alexander the great of Greece Dan.7:6 Amp version. The evidence is that “He figured as Leopard” Rev. 13:2. The book of Revelation goes hand in hand with the book of Daniel to make the teaching sure from the bible.  This number 666 is his number calculated from the numerals of Rome which is under Europe.  See that God instructed to leave the stump of the tree in the earth with a Band of “Iron and Brass” Dan.4:15, which we traced out today in the master plan.

Rome in the master plan was Iron Dan.40 while Greece in the master plan was Bronze Dan.2:39. It is the union of these two kingdoms in the master plan with other nations not in the master plan that is known as Europe. You will see other members of the Beast family when you read my book of Rapture.  Rome and Greece featured in the master plan and they were handed over the program from Babylon to hold, for the final war against the Lord and his anointed, with his saints.

So the number of his name is traced through their numerical letters in accordance with their actions. Of course are you in doubt that Rome took over the church of Christ by violence? Killing all the Apostles and Disciples of Christ (Martyrs of Jesus) through their Emperors who stamped the Church down and became the first Church?

When they took over, they gradually rose from the Bishop of Rome to the position of Pope as the overall head of their Church. Now on the crown of Pope is the name written “Vicarius Filii Dei”. It is this name that gave us the number of a man 666. You can see “the number of his name” in the book of Rapture with the keyword “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”.

Vicarius filii Dei is the name that was translated as “Vicar of the son of God” and that’s what the Pope claims to be.  This name when translated gives you the number 666 and that’s why many people say that Pope is the Antichrist.  But in my searching through this study, the Pope is just the woman sitting on the Beast, not the Beast itself. The main Beast according my study is the third Beast or Alexander the great from Greece why? Apostle John said, “the Beast I saw resembled a Leopard, and his feet was the feet of a Bear” Rev.13:2.  This Beast had the mouth of a Lion. See “formation of the Beast” in the book of Rapture.

To be sure also see “Third Beast and the fifth world power” in the same book of Rapture, you would be sure when you are speaking about the Beast.  Since Greece and Rome were handed over the program from Babylon, they are to fulfill the rest of the programs to the end.  You could see that the program started again in Rome in 1957, now search for “The treaties of Rome” from the internet, and you would be sure what they are doing.

Now collectively Europe has reappeared again and they are standing at the corner waiting for the collapse of America. Then they will take over again or that America will still be in power but welcome the Beast which must come from Greece (Europe).

Now while Rome holds out his number through the Pope, the main Beast is Alexander the great of Greece. The number 666 has now been printed out on coins. It is being taken by people gradually in different places of the world, Beware you don’t take it unawares. I told you I was specially called and appointed to reveal the secrets of these end time events, so follow my write-ups wherever you could see my site.

The book of Revelation says “Here is wisdom let he that has understanding of these things count the number, for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred, three score and six” which is 666. So we don’t begin to count his number through suggestions or wherever we see gold in the Bible, no.  We go first to the master plan of the end time program to trace it out and count it from there, you get it.

In the book of Rapture I said whenever the great tribulation starts, everyone who is a child of God should leave the township where you are living and go home to your village, why? It is not to say the program will not reach your village, no. If you are in the town, and you refuse to take any of the Beast’s options, i.e the mark of the Beast, the number of his name which is 666, or the name of the Beast which is the Vicar of the son of God, you will not buy and sell. Then how would you live on?

Again when the Landlord of your house comes for his money or his agent at the end of the month and demands for the rent, since you refuse to take any of these options because you are a child of God, what would you do?  Remember that if you make any noise, the landlord will call for the security operatives who would be searching for the saints at that time to deal with them because of their refusal.

What we shall be eating at that time only God knows.  You have no job opportunity, and even if you are employed anywhere, you will lose it for your inability to update your card with any of those options. You won’t enter taxi or purchase anything, and even purchasing anything would be buying products coded with either 666 or other options. So know it that the program of the great tribulation will not be against the people of the world but only against the saints of God. That’s why the true knowledge of this program is very important to every child of God.

Today the world is going cashless. It is advancing the program gradually to the position where they will be using cards for all purchases. And at a time these cards would be required to be updated with one of those options and failure would amount to danger for you as a child of God.


My advice for all the saints of God wherever you are in the world is, let’s start farming now. Let’s get a place of our own in the village or home town. Make sure you start educating your children to know Jesus as their personal Lord and savior. This is God’s program and it must surely come to pass. Jesus said “For then there shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world till that time, no nor ever shall be” Matt. 24:21.

If Jesus ever said this, there’s no way out. Only prepare yourself ahead of time because he has revealed these things for us before they begin to appear in the world. Don’t follow deceivers who teach that they would go in the rapture before Antichrist comes. Yet they are still here in the world and using the cards of all classes.

You have learned about the number of his name in the right perspective, and I expect you to join my site’s membership by registering in one of the levels in other to enjoy the full contents in the site. And I want to say thank you for coming.





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What do we mean by the word “Biblical formula” for the second coming of Christ? It means the way the second coming of Christ will be and how it is given in the Bible. Daniel was one prophet who wrote extensively about the end times and his writings were no push over. From seeing the dreams of the king to interpreting those dreams before him were excellent and direct to the points.
The dreams of Nebuchadnezzar formed the bedrock of the end time events, and if anyone misses it, he will not understand the events properly. Daniel was chosen and set as a vessel in the kingdom of Babylon because he was more favored than all others who went into captivity with him.
As far as the end time events are concerned, Daniel’s book must be your first port of call why? It was because he saw all the things which were shown to the king and was able to interpret it to him. The interpretations he gave to those things were their real meanings. He was precise and direct to the events.
Again when you want to know the truth, there are prophets you must ask from, who have been proved with the truth on certain events. And other people who are called to see and to say the truth. Definitely you will not get the truth of scripture from everyone who holds the Bible, no. Also there are sites you must visit if you need the truth from the Bible, and this site is one of them, just bookmark it.
Daniel saw it because he was appointed to see it from the onset in the kingdom of Babylon. He was there and was an eye witness account to the beginning of end time events. He was able to see and to explain it well to Nebuchadnezzar who wanted to exterminate his magicians for their inability to see his dreams which he forgot. Of course how could a magician/s see what God is doing or saying? It’s not possible sh a a.
Those magicians said “As far as Daniel was chosen above them with his brothers, they must follow in their execution”. So they included Daniel and his brothers into their execution, because he was appointed as the Chief of them all. So when Daniel came to the knowledge of it he went to God with his three other brothers 1. Hananiah 2. Mishiel 3. Azariah Dan. 1:7, which they changed their names to “Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego”.
God in the night came with the dream of the king and its explanation and revealed it to Daniel. And in the morning Daniel was brought in and he said to the king “king live forever” what you asked for was a difficult thing which no human being could know, see or explain. But there’s God in heaven who reveals every secret and the intents of your heart to you. And as for me, it was given to me so that you might know the intents of your heart when you were upon your bed”.
“You saw an image which was excellent and standing as a human being. This image stood on the ground and reached or entered into the sky, which means (it’s a world event, and it’s on the way to be performed by you with three others). The head of this image was of gold and “thou art” or “you are” the gold Dan.2:38.
The chest and arms of this image was silver, which means after you come a kingdom of silver which is inferior to gold Dan.2:39. After this second kingdom comes another kingdom of Brass or Bronze which shall also rule the world Dan. 2:39? And again there shall be the fourth kingdom of Iron. This kingdom shall stamp on the residue or “God’s people” with the feet it as Iron breaks all things in pieces” Dan. 2:40. THESE EXPLANATIONS ABOVE WERE THEN VIEWED AS “THE MASTER PLAN OF THE BEAST KINGDOM”. THESE FOUR KINGDOMS WERE THE MAIN CHARACTERS WHICH FORMED THE BEAST KNOWN AS ANTICHRIST.

The master plan of the Beast kingdom is made up of 1.Gold kingdom of Babylon, 2.Silver kingdom of Persia, 3.Bronze or Brass kingdom of Greece and 4. Iron kingdom of Rome. Each of these kingdoms ruled the world and Israel at their times. It was the union of these kingdoms that formed the Antichrist or the Beast with seven heads and ten horns. Get it from my eBook of Rapture and see how that Beast was formed when you read the book.
In my eBook of Rapture titled Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in Future you will see these things clearly, even with all the world powers of the Bible.
This introduction has to start with Prophet Daniel who wrote extensively about what he saw in Babylon where the program began in the days of king Nebuchadnezzar, and king Jehoiakim of Judah 2kgs.24:1-3.. Daniel was emphatic in his explanation about this event. He was not suggesting on it, neither letting people to contribute their contributions to it, but he gave us what God had in mind about the second coming of Christ. And Jesus in his lifetime and ministry made a reference to Daniel’s prophecy, indicating that he was right Matt. 24:15. Jesus said “when you see the abomination of desolation prophesied by Daniel, the Bible reader should know that time is no more in our favor”. This means that the Church shall see the appearance of the Beast, and it signifies the end of the church age, not end of the world. So after the Rapture the world will still continue.
Ask Daniel who saw all the events and he has this to say about the image and the stone which was cut out without hands.
“Thou O king saw and behold a great image. This great image whose brightness was excellent stood before thee. And the form thereof was terrible. This image’s head was of fine gold, his chest and arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of Brass, his legs of Iron, his feet part of clay, and part of Iron. Thou saw till that a stone was cut out of the mountains without hands which smote the image upon his feet that was of Iron, and clay and brake them to Pieces. Then was the Iron, the clay, the brass, the silver and the gold was broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer Threshing floors, and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them. And the stone that smote them became a great mountain and filled the whole earth” Dan.2:31-34.
This was the account of the Biblical formula for the second coming of Christ from the one who saw it all. Now observe some points from Daniel. This image was standing as a human being, because the Bible gave us this format. Note: this image’s head, the arms and chest, the belly and the thighs with the legs and feet suggest to us it was a human image that the king saw.
Again, this image was standing on the earth as a complete image before a stone was cut out of the mountains and smote the image upon his feet that was of Iron, then rolling to the clay feet. From there it moved to the thighs and the silver and finally crushed the golden head, and all together was smote like the threshing floors which the wind carried away.
This was the complete formula. This image did not stand when the stone was fallen, no. But it was standing on his feet on earth before the stone was cut out from the mountains to smite it on its feet of Iron.
From here you will know the true Rapture teaching. The teachers of Pre tribulation theory say “the stone failed upon the earth before the image would stand on its feet”. This was not what Daniel wrote in the Bible. This interprets that the Rapture shall occur before the Antichrist appears. That’s why this view is the erroneous view about Rapture.
But “Post tribulation teaches that the image was standing on its feet on earth before the stone was cut out from the ,mountains without hands to smite the image upon his Iron feet, then rolling it to the brass thighs, to the belly, and to the arms of silver, then finally to the olden head of the image.
This interprets that the image which is the antichrist shall be on earth before the coming of Christ to destroy him in his second coming. It is also saying that the church shall be here to see the Beast/Antichrist before Christ comes for the Rapture Matt.24:15, 29-31; Dan.7:21-22. Jesus taught his disciples saying, “When you see the abomination of desolation spoken by Daniel the prophet, standing in the Holy place (Temple) then you who is a child of God should understand that time is no more in your favor here” Matt.24:15.
Jesus’ teaching indicates that the Church shall see and experience the great tribulation proper. When you see, when you see what? When you see the abomination of desolation, which means, when you see the Beast/man of sin or the antichrist into the Temple, let the reader of the Bible flee into the mountains if you are in Judea. But if you are in other Countries of the world, hide yourself wherever you can.
The reason is because for sure Israel will not worship the Beast or his image. Therefore he is to command his soldiers to kill at random all who have no mark, name or number on their hand or at their forehead. So those people will run or flee to safety. This is the formula for the second coming of Christ. If you don’t like my teaching, hold on to the lies they taught you till then.
No man knows this event better than the author and the owner of the programs in the Bible. Jesus taught us this same thing. Daniel said he beheld the same horn (Antichrist) making war against the saints (Christians) and prevailing or killing them, until the ancient of days (Jesus) came for (Rapture) Dan.7:21-22. If you don’t believe the report of the Lord, leave him alone.
The image Daniel explained represents the Antichrist. It was standing on earth before the stone rolled out from the mountains and smote it. So the Beast or Antichrist shall be in the world before Jesus comes for Rapture, and from there he destroys the man of sin.
This is the truth and nothing but the truth. We have said it earlier that wherever the scripture contradicts itself, the teacher is wrong. There’s no passage that says’ “immediately before the tribulation of those days” to suggest that Rapture shall occur before tribulation. But men use their own mind in support to John Nelson Darby who redrafted the Bible topic which was taught by Daniel, Jesus, Apostles Paul, John etc.
The topic of P{re tribulation which says the Church shall be removed before the appearance of the Antichrist has been proved wrong scripturally by the book titled “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”.
How to prove them wrong:
Tell them to help you calculate or show you how the seven heads and ten horns of the beast were made up. You would have completely disarmed them. What you will hear from them is that the beast doesn’t concern them. If it doesn’t concern the Church, what’s the need teaching the Church about it? If the Church shall be removed before the great tribulation, is the teaching relevant for us to know? The teaching is for us (Christians) to prepare ourselves very well should in case the program starts in our own generation. Then we might stand up against every cunning plan of the wicked.
For example, do you not have the ATM, the Master Cards, the Credit Cards etc? What’s their use? You will say “for all business transactions”, fine. Do you update them? Yes, Why?. A time comes when they will ask you to take one of these options 1. The Mark of the Beast, 2. The name of the Beast, and 3. The number of his name which is 666 for you to update any of these options. Some people have already been marked with these options as at now. Are you not seeing them?
When they ask you to take one of these options and you reject it, you will lose your money in the Bank for the Antichrist with the world. If you like say “it’s not my portion”. But I have given you what I received from the Lord. That’s why I refer you to the book of Rapture for you to know the details of these things, if you love yourself, see “Window old and new” in the book of Rapture.
Now since you don’t like my message, and you believe that you will be removed before Antichrist comes out. But you are still here, what are you waiting for? Some of the materials of the Beast are already out and you are using them, do you still know what you are doing? Why are you using the ATM, the Credit Cards etc? What’s the relevance of window? In who’s time is it in the world now? Who’s the last king according Rev. 17:10?
Do yourself a favor, obtain my eBook of Rapture. It’s there for you. Google it and follow their instructions to obtain . Ask for Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future.
Thank you very much.


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Rev. 20:11-15



We shall try and answer this question at the end of the discussion, when we might have discussed
at length and see if there are examples.

Whenever judgment is mentioned especially the judgment of God, people become sober easily but after a minute later or after a little time they forget it so sharply again. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows about the judgment of God, but what they don’t know is the form it will take, and when it will come into play. The great white throne judgment of God is one of such judgments in the Bible. You must know that this judgment seat is a very fearful one and terrible in its nature. The judgment seat of the great white throne is the type that no ungodly shall be able to dodge, no matter how clever you are and also the one which the saints shall not experience, sure? Yes.

We know there are many judgments seats which have taken place in the world, but for God, two judgments seats are remaining to come in the future by Jesus Christ. One is “the judgment seat of Christ” (JSC) which we have discussed in the previous post, and the last is “the great white throne judgment”. The great white throne judgment is coming after the last war which Christ shall fight against the world which is known as ‘’Gog and magog war’’ Rev. 20:8.

These are the reasons which made those who have earlier prophesied about the end of the world on many occasions to fail. How would the world end when these wars have not been fought on earth? These people were not commanded to write about the end of the world and the Revelation of these things was not shown to them. That was the reason of their failure. They have created a lot of confusion in the body of Christ, and God is not the author of confusion. Any one prophesying even in the future about the end of the world before the millennial reign of Jesus Christ shall surely fail. Such people might even enter into the office of the false prophets, we must be very careful. Before the world is said to end, Jesus must come to rule literally on this earth for a thousand years, not just a spiritual reign as many people believe today. And even after the millennium the world will not end immediately, no. why? The last war must be fought by Jesus Christ against the ungodly world. No stone in the word of God shall be left unturned Matt. 24:35.

I want you to know that all the weapons of the world, including war tanks, jet fighters and bombers, long range miles, chemical and biological weapons etc shall be destroyed at the war of Armageddon on the mountains of Israel. This shall happen on “the day of the Lord” i.e the day of Rapture, and on the day the war of Armageddon. For all these wars shall be fought the same day, surprised?, read my blog on “ the war of Armageddon’’ The world shall be allowed to rebuild all their weapons again which was destroyed at the mountains of Israel. Therefore it may take up to five hundred years or even more after the millennium to gather back the weapons which were destroyed by Jesus at the war of Armageddon. This is why the world shall not end immediately even after the millennial reign of Jesus Christ.
After all who has the capacity to destroy the world if not God? But is God himself in a hurry to destroy the world?, no. Those who are in a hurry to destroy the world have tried to prophecy about its end several times and failed, because they did not obtain God’s end time program for the world. Even those who will prophecy about the end of the world in future before the millennial reign of Jesus falls into the office of the false prophet, whosoever he is.
Jesus must reign for a period of about one thousand years according to Rev. 20:1-3. After these thousand years he will dismantle his Government and wait for Satan’s release from the Bottomless Pit, where he shall be expected to attack the saints at the headquarters which is Jerusalem. Satan shall gather his people when he is released from the Bottomless Pit for war against the saints Rev.20:7. And this will be the last battle Jesus will fight and when he defeats them again, he will draw them to “the judgment of the great white throne’’ Rev, 20:11.

It is from this war that Jesus after winning them draws them to the last judgment seat where he shall judge them. Before this judgment seat is established, the dead in the world and even from Adam who served not God shall be raised back to life, to answer questions on how they lived on earth. And for us to be sure of this statement, let us read the contents of the very passages of the Bible concerned, read

‘’And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and heaven fled away, and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead small and great stand before God. And the books were opened and another book was opened which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead that were in it, and Death and Hell delivered up the dead that were in them, and they were judged every man according to their works. And Death and Hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire’’ Rev. 20:11-15 Kjv.

This is the account of the judgment of the great white throne. If you did observe the record very well, you could notice a difference from the first judgment which is the judgment seat of Christ. But what was the difference? The starting record of the great white throne judgment is fearful itself. It says “and I saw a great white throne and him that sat on it from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away, and there was found no place for them”. The statement itself is fearful and this indicates what those who shall appear in this judgment seat shall see. According to the statement, when the judge just comes out to sit on his seat, the earth and the heaven looking at his face flees away. Wow! How does this face look? He has not even made a statement before the earth and heaven ran away. Only this description tells you what is coming forth against the ungodly world. If the heavens and the earth should run away, how shall sinners stand before him? Brothers and Sisters reading this blog post, receive Jesus into your lives now, not tomorrow for it may be too late. Make him Lord of your lives now not even talking of today, because today includes the evening.

Of course no Judge in the world will sit and begins to judge people without first calling for their records. These books were brought before him where all people’s record of works was written. Since the books are in the plural, it therefore means that even the record of your childhood days, the record from your maturity were there. Of course we have previously published < a href=”> “when are men’s names written in the book of life”. These books contain your educational qualifications, titles, your philanthropic gestures and your every action on earth. If you have entered into any public office as a President, Governor, as a local Government Chairman, as a councilor etc, these records will appear in the books for you. Even if you didn’t go to any school or you never occupy any public office. Or you have all your life been in private establishment. Every record here must appear in one of the books mentioned, but may also appear in the book of life. What counts for life is the reception of Christ into your life as an individual, not your works here

You can imagine that the sea is called up to deliver all that drowned in it, and it will throw up all the dead in it. Those who drowned in the sea are not exempted. They cannot say ‘’we were swallowed up by the sea and I or we got drowned in the sea’’. No one has ever been swallowed up by the sea being in his house, you went into it. Here the sea is called up to deliver all in it and it will have no option than to bring up all in it and the record must agree about the number of people swallowed up by sea, river, pond etc. On the day that the sea swallowed them, it was written in the records by the earth or sea etc.

• H




Many people have been wondering how the image of the Beast might be worshipped. First of all, do you know what this image is? Do you have the scriptural knowledge of the Beast? Until you know this and until God calls you to talk about it, you will continue to imagine what this image might be in the first place. Or else get the knowledge from God’s approved servant who is called to talk about end times.

Do you know the second commandment of God? You will ask “Who doesn’t know that”? But if you know it, understanding the image of the Beast will be easy for you. If you don’t remember it or relate this Beast to it, you might wonder and wonder what we are talking about.

The second commandment says “Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in the heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the waters under the earth. Thou shall not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God I’m a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me, and showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments” Ex. 20:4-6. This is the second commandment.

Now pick out from these passages about three vital points. 1. Thou shall not make to thyself any graven image. 2. Whether in heaven above, or in the earth or waters. 3. Thou shall not bow down thyself to them nor serve them.

Now you will agree with me that these commandments are not in Roman Catholic Catechism, why? Make a search of these passages from them and report to me through my email address on top of this page. What is the reason that made them to delete God’s second commandment from their Catechism? Answer: they are the worshippers of these images.  If you confront them on these images, they will tell you that they are not worshipping these images, that they are using it to remind themselves about Jesus Christ and his sacrifices.

What did God say? “Thou shall not make to thyself any graven image”. Now the question is, ”To whom did you make that image, if not to thyself?”  Why did you make it? How many times had these dumb images reminded them that they should serve God? Is it not an insult for a man to make God as an image?   God made man in his own image and after his own likeness Gen.1:26-27.  Do we have power to make God? Will it give God pleasure for us to make him in what or whose image? Now we are challenging him in making him also?

There‘s a war going on now, and it is not a new war, no. It started in heaven from Satan/Devil and his Angels Rev.12:7-9. If you read my eBook of Rapture, you will discover that these wars had started from heaven to Babylon and from Babylon to Rome where it rested. This is why Rome could not do without these images, run now for your life.


Now when it was time to start the end time program, it had to start with Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar. He dreamed a dream of an image which stood from the earth reaching to the sky above. This dream was the same image he erected in the province of Dura Dan.3:1-30. It was here that he commanded the three Hebrew boys 1. Hananiah 2. Mishael and 3.Azariah to worship the golden image that he made.

When people ask about how should this image is worshipped? Our so called teachers do not remember this event at all. But this event is going to happen exactly like what happened at Dura in the old province of Babylon. It was there that the three boys from Judah humiliated Nebuchadnezzar and his order. They refused to bow to the golden image before the eyes of the world then. It’s not going to be different at all. It’s the same thing.


At the actual time, which shall be in the time of the great Tribulation period, the slight difference is going to happen at Jerusalem this time, and in the Temple. Apostle Paul commanded the Church at Thessalonica to watch when the Beast/man of sin would enter into the Temple to claim that he is God 2Thess. 2:1-4. Dan. 11:31.  And Daniel said “And because of the over spreading of abomination, he shall make it desolate” Dan. 9:27b. Also “Arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the Sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate”Dan.11:31

These passages talk about polluting the Sanctuary of Jerusalem with images of the Antichrist, which is what shall happen at the Temple of Jerusalem the Sanctuary of strength. The Antichrist/Beast or man of sin shall stop the daily service i.e he shall stop their system of worship and bring into the Temple his own images and command them to worship the images. This in effect is called the abomination that maketh desolate in Dan.9:27.

Again in 11:31 Daniel said “arms shall stand on his part”.  This means that the entire world shall support the Antichrist with all kinds of weapons, ammunitions and soldiers against Israel. Only God shall stand for Israel at this time. Even the entire Christian world shall be hiding. So the man of sin shall command Israel to worship him by bowing to his image in the Temple, and Israel shall refuse and reject this command. And this refusal shall cause serious trouble to start off immediately.


It might surprise you why the whole world is against Israel even now, they are fighting against Israel and they want Israel not to defend themselves in those attacks. They said Israel should not respond not defend itself from their attacks. Are you surprised on this level of wickedness from the world against Israel? What has Israel done?

Now at this time the man of sin shall go extra mile by “Giving life to the image” in the presence of all in the Temple. And people shall ask, “Who else can do this if he is not God?” And the Bible says “And he had power to give life unto the image of the Beast, that the image of the Beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the Beast should be killed” Rev.13:15.

So when Israel refuses to worship the image of the Beast, the man of sin stands out to give life to the standing image which has no life in it. And before the eyes of all people there, the image of the Beast begins to talk, walk around and begins to command people to worship it. And those who say no to it, he shall command the soldiers present with arms to kill them immediately. And those people shall be killed.

This shall cause those who understand what it means to flee away into the mountains as Jesus directed in Matt. 24:16-18.  This order to kill those who do not want to worship the image of the Beast shall affect all  the entire world, because it is not peculiar only to Israel, no.

This is how the image of the Beast might be worshipped. This worship of the image of the Beast shall be literal in practice, not a spiritual thing as our people are teaching. If you are keen enough you will understand why Rome does not play with their image/s, because they were drafted into the program to do exactly what they are doing today.

At the beginning of the end time program which started with Babylon, the king erected this image because it was shown to him as what should take place hereafter Dan.2:28-29. Of course he started the program as a Beast, and was later driven to the bush for seven years. This confirmed him as a Beast .He was the gold king Dan.2:38 and the Lion Champion because he was given the heart of the Lion to live in the bush for seven years Dan. 4.

When he started the program, did he not command the whole world then to worship his image? This program is a world event, you should know that. Then as the event moved out of Babylon, when God finished with the kingdom of Babylon, it came to Persia, which assassinated Belshazzar of Babylon and ended the Babylonia kingdom Dan.5.

After Persia it was Greece, and after Greece it was Rome. Read my eBook of Rapture with title “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in Future”. These things are detailed in it for you. It is only the saints or Christians who will not worship the Beast and his image, nor receive his mark, name and number of his name. Other people in the world shall worship it. In fact they will do that very fast.

And immediately anyone receives any of these satanic options, his part shall be cleaned from the book of life which is in the hands of the Lord forever and ever. Be warned now don’t take any of these options even if they seize your money in the Bank, for they must do so. Read my Rapture book and see “Window old and New”.

You have now acquainted yourself with the knowledge of how the image of the Beast might be worshipped. Our people imagine and imagine how it might be, and some interpreted it to be a spiritual thing, no.  It’s going to be a literal event in the world.


Since the whole world will be involved, every product will be coded with the options listed earlier. These options are 1. “The mark of the Beast” which is not yet out as at now, 2. “The name of the Beast” which we spelt out as “Vicarius Filii Dei in the book of Rapture, and 3. “The number of his name” which is 666 Rev.13:16-18, see number of his name. Anyone who takes one of these options has actually worshipped the Beast and his image. Or whosoever buys any product coded with these options have worshipped the Beast and his image.

The book of Rev. 14:9-10 outlines what shall happen to whoever takes one of these options. Of course buying a product of any kind at that time qualifies one as having worshipped the Beast and his image and it will lead such person to Hellfire. This is why it is important that we teach our people the truth so that they will stand out strong and not to faint. So there are diverse ways of worshipping the Beast and his image. We are to be content with what we have at that period. Everyone will go home and start farming by force. Whether you know it or not, you must do farming just to keep you and your family alive at that period.


Immediately you hear that a single man has been appointed, may be by the (United Nations) to rule the world. And it is the man who is expected to settle the problems of the world, such man is the Antichrist. NOTE: The world will not call him Antichrist. Instead they will call him “The solution of the world’s problem”. If you are alive then, be very careful. You should not try to get married if you are not married already. If you have not given birth to any baby, seize to seek for a Baby. If you have no house already, just try and manage yourself because within the next 3 and half years, the church age might end. Remember I didn’t say the world shall end, but Church age.  The world will continue but the Church shall be taken up in the Rapture.

You might ask why I gave us that advice, Jesus said “Woe to them that are with child and woe to them that give suck in those days Matt. 24:19. If you are pregnant as a Christian, and you are hungry, what will you do in other to eat since you will not buy or sell without one of those options?  Under pregnancy you will be forced by hunger to take one of the options in other to live with your Baby in your womb. There’s no way you can endure hunger for a complete day how much more about three years and half.

If you are a nursing mother and your Baby is crying for food, and you refuse to take one of the options because you are a child of God, what would you do or tell your Baby so that he or she would understand and close his mouth from demanding food from you? And when your Baby is dying in your presence because of food, won’t you be forced to take the thing and save your Baby from death? And the moment you do that, it’s all over. That’s why Jesus said woe to those people, so avoid it.

All these ways are the systems of worshipping the Beast and his image and our people are looking to the spirit in their interpretations. Trying to say what their mind suggest to them and what they think people would accept. Give the people the true word and leave how God shall do it.

At that time no one shall be living in the town or in another man’s house why? Everyone shall go home to his own house. It’s not that it won’t reach your home no, but because in your own house, nobody shall disturb you for house rent at the end of the month or year. This advice is peculiar to the saints. When you as a child of God refuse to take one of those options and your money is seized in the Banks, of course there shall be no cash flow, how would you pay your Landlord at the month end, or at the time he or she demands for payment? Would you tell him that your money is seized in the Banks when he has taken one of the options and continues to buy and sell? If you make mention of that, he or she might even call the attention of security agents who shall come immediately to bundle you to be afflicted because of Christ Matt. 24:9-10. Don’t you know that the world hates Christ and his people? That’s why only the saints shall be in the great tribulation.

See, the rest of the world shall not be under tribulation only the church shall be under the great tribulation.  The whole world shall be under the Antichrist in the one world system of government. They shall enjoy all the pleasures of this life at that time, so don’t be deceived to think that you will be taken in the Rapture before the antichrist comes or appears.

Those who are teaching the erroneous view do not know about these areas we are teaching now. They concern themselves only with these words “We shall go before the Beast comes out, or we shall not be here to see the beast or the great tribulation”. Ask them a simple question like “What’s the mark of the Beast?” They fall by the way side with the answer 666. We have defined the number 666 as the number of his name and not the mark of the Beast. But they don’t accept that they don’t know it well. Why do they answer the number in place of the mark?

And at that period proper many of them who shall be living at that time shall fall away first as Apostle Paul had written in 2Thess.2:1-3. Since they don’t know the real topic, they shall conclude that God’s word has finally failed. Because what they have is the erroneous view “Pre tribulation” which means that the church shall be taken before the Antichrist appears” but Jesus said he is coming “Immediately after the tribulation of those days Matt. 24:29-31. Whose report will you believe? As for me and my house we shall take the report of the Lord. You have seen and known how the image of the Beast might be worshipped.

Thank you.






The Apostles mistake

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The Church was inaugurated at Jerusalem on a beautiful day according to Jesus’ instruction to his Apostles. He said they should not move away from Jerusalem until they were endued with or received power from above or from heaven Acts. 1:4-8.

Therefore they were rolling around Jerusalem and then on the first day like that, as they were together at the upper room where they had celebrated the Passover with Jesus in his lifetime, suddenly there was a rushing mighty wind. The Apostles according to scriptural account said, they were about 120 in number on that day Acts.1:15.

So the claim of the Roman Catholics as “the first Church” is false.  The first Church was inaugurated at Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost, a feast of the people of Israel by the Holy Spirit Acts.2. And by this time there was nothing as church existing in Rome. They were all sunk into Idolatry as their national god.

The Church at Jerusalem was enjoying the Joy of the Spirit when on a beautiful day, Peter and John not fully understanding the setup of the programs of God at that time, left the Holy Ghost at the upper room and went to pray at the Temple of Judaism Act.3. Jesus operated in this Temple during his lifetime. But about the time of his departure he prophesied about its destruction Mat. 24:1-2.

So he was the last member of the Godhead that used that Temple. It means the Holy Spirit would not use that Temple. And even before the cross the last place he was found was at the upper room where he celebrated the Passover with his disciples Mk. 14.  Now observe also that after his resurrection he did not enter that Temple again yet he was with his disciples or Apostles forty days on earth Acts. 1: 3, why?

The answer is that the era of the Temple ended with Jesus, because the Bible said “Jesus was the end of the law” Rom.10:4, and the Holy Spirit would take over from him and continue at the upper room. So there was no need for any of his disciples to be found at the Temple from the time of his death to the time of his resurrection. A new setup of God’s program started from the upper room to the end of the world.

So when Peter and John went down to pray in the Temple at the time of prayer, it was a big mistake, but observe how the Holy Spirit stopped them.  As Peter and John wanted to enter into the Temple, a man crippled was laid at the beautiful gate, which asked of arms from the passengers who were entering the Temple on daily bases.

So the Holy Spirit magnified Peter and John’s eyes on him and they said to him “Look on us”. This exclamation made that man’s attention to focus on them, believing that they had something to give him. But Peter quickly said “Silver and gold have we none but such as we have give we unto you. In the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk” Acts. 3: 1-7. The Bible said they lifted this man up and there and then this man began to walk and to jump up. For the first time in his life he entered into the Temple.

Watch from the Bible record if Peter and John entered into that Temple that day, no! why?  The Holy Ghost carefully stopped them. Instead he converted their mistake to glorify Jesus. When the man jumped into the Temple, the owners of the Temple who were the Pharisees and the Sadducees came out to see the crippled man walking around. They quickly knew that this was a great miracle indeed.

But this miracle was a great treat to their religion which was Judaism and that it would draw much people out of Judaism. Then they held Peter and John. In fact this revelation came to me from the Holy Spirit who opened my understanding to the passage and its relevant interpretations. So the Holy Spirit converted Peter and John’s mistake to glorify Jesus. Of course the Bible said “All things work for Good” that is both good and bad working together to bring glory to God Rom. 8:28.

At this time Peter and john, in fact all the apostles never come to the full understanding of the setup of God’s programs. Even up till now we have not grasped the full knowledge. This is why some say “the Church would not see the great tribulation” and while others say “we shall see it”. The inability to see or observe these programs is the major reason of the confusion in Christendom. Yet another problem is “Who is qualified and who is not”.  “Who is called and who is not”. “Who has the knowledge and who has not”. Those who are not called in specific areas like “teaching about end time events” are confusing others on this subject. Again those who are called in these areas might not have the popularity.

So we are faced with so many problems and only God can help us out of this mess. I was saying it somewhere sometime, that Peter and John made a mistake at that early time, when they left the Holy Ghost at the Upper room and went to the Temple to pray, and somebody attacked me, and said it is not true. The problem in Christendom is the inability to see what another man is seeing.

When you as a person could not see what the Spirit of God revealed to or is revealing to someone, you will be in doubt of what he or she is saying.  Especially when there is little record that show what you are saying, or there is no clear example of what he/she is saying. But we are taught not to doubt or argue the Spirit of God in his revelations. He might chose to reveal something unknown to us at any time and to any person of his choice.

What I’m saying about Peter and John’s mistake, was not something someone will argue upon. Neither did I study about it from the Bible. No it was a revelation from the Spirit of God. This happened on a day a man of God was preaching about “the Resurrection and healing power in the name of Jesus”. As I was listening, the Spirit of God began to talk to me about the real cause of that miracle.

In fact, I was in that meeting but I was not hearing the man of God who was shouting with microphone. I was hearing another message from the Spirit of God. He asked me saying “Do you know what really happened in that place at that time”? I said no in my heart because the man of God was shouting with the microphone. So I said no lord and I began to listen to him. And he began to say

“In God’s structure which is given to you, go and see how it is. How and where the Father started his own job and where he stopped. Also see where Jesus started and where he stopped when he finished his own work and declared it finished. Now where Peter and John was operating in Acts.3 belong to me.  Of course you know the Church was inaugurated by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost Acts. 2.  I said yes Lord and he continued by saying

“Could you reason why Jesus after his resurrection, he was on earth for forty days (40) Acts. 1:3, and he didn’t enter the Temple again, no, not for one day until he ascended back to heaven”? Why? Before the cross he took his disciples to the upper room to celebrate the Passover Mark 14. That Passover was not only the usual ceremony but it also meant that the next coming program of God will Passover to the upper room, where it would continue. Jesus had earlier prophesied about the destruction of the Temple, so he took his ministry to the upper room before his death Mk. 14.

But the Apostles Peter and John did not understand this at that time and they went back to pray at the Temple at the time of prayer. The question is “what kind of prayer would they pray in the Temple, seeing that the Holy Spirit had given them utterance to speak with tongues when he descended on the day of Pentecost”? The Spirit continued, “I was expecting them at the upper room, but suddenly Peter and John decided to go to the Temple to pray.

Then I said it appears that these men did not understand the programs of God. Then I said okay, let me follow them to the Temple. Reaching at the beautiful gate of the Temple, I magnified their eyes on the cripple that was laid at the beautiful gate. Who was begging for arms from those entering into the Temple.  And I prompted Peter and John and they said to the cripple “Look on us, silver and gold have we non, but such as we have give we unto thee.  At the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk”. And they lifted up the crippled man and I healed him immediately Acts. 3:3-7.

Now this goes ahead to agree with Paul’s word to the Romans which says “All things work together for good to them that love God” Rom. 8:28. The Spirit said, “I converted the mistake of Peter and John into giving glory to the name of Jesus Christ from the Temple”. This was the true reason of that miracle at the beautiful gate.

Peter and John were key officers among the Apostles of Jesus, how would they not understand the program, but at that time they did not understand it earlier. On the day that I said this is what the Spirit made me to know, someone argued it out with me.

He said my record is not true, because the Apostles were mandated to go and preach the Gospel to every creature, and that at that time God was with them.

The question is not whether God was with them or not but that they did not understand that the next program was coming from the Holy Spirit. Or that the Spirit would completely take over from Jesus to continue the programs of God to the end of the world. The Bible is divided into three major parts which shall be manned by the three personalities of God, according to I Jon. 5:7.

The first part of the Bible is where the father worked and where he stopped. You can read about it in the other post caled “The mystery behind Noah’s Ark” from the other post in this site. Or you can also read about it from our sister site The second part is where Jesus stated his own work and where he also stopped.

The third part of the Bible is the last and where the Holy Spirit started and where he will also end the world. This is going to the end of the world. All these things you will read from my blog posts. So the Apostles John and Peter were not supposed to enter the Temple because the work of the Holy Spirit would start from the upper room, not from the Temple. Jesus extended the law Mat 5:17 and also finished it.

It was the reason he did not enter into the Temple again after his resurrection, while he stayed on earth for forty days with his disciples Acts.1:3, check your records. If you do not know about this truth why do you argue blindly?  Honestly what Peter and john did was a big mistake which was converted by the Holy Spirit.  But of course we have earlier said they were ignorant of the program of God at that time.

Yet even now a lot of Christian believers do not know that the Apostles made that mistake. It was one of the reasons Paul said “All things work together for good to them that love God”.  Having said this I want to congratulate my visitors for coming and updating their knowledge. Keep coming we have what you need and even if you fail to see what you are searching for, kindly contact us through the contact page and ask us anything from the Bible. Thank you so much.


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It may surprise you why we decided to call this post “The true Rapture teaching”. This is so because there are many erroneous views in the name of Rapture teaching. While many people out there in the world have not heard about Rapture, those who have heard about it do not understand what it really means. Some believe there’s nothing like Rapture which shall occur. This concept is called “Preterism” which believes that there’s nothing like Rapture coming in the future. Others believe there was Rapture, but that it has already happened. This idea is called “Amillenialism”.

There’s still also another belief called “Historicism” which believes that Rapture must occur through history. Yet we still have another view called “Futurism” which believes that Rapture is a future event. This is where we belong because we believe it is in the future to come. There’s confusion everywhere in Christendom now, as each school is claiming to be the best. But this is what the enemy wants to achieve.
But Christians in the Church have heard of it and some with the correct knowledge and others with the erroneous view. Let me now sound it again in the form of a question, “Are you Rapture ready”? Do you have the relevant knowledge of Rapture? What do we mean by the word Rapture? Do not blame anyone if you take the wrong step at last. The Lord is asking, “When the Son of man shall come again, shall he find faith”? Lk. 18:8. Jesus saw our future generation from his own time.

Rapture is an end time message under “eschatology”. Now eschatology is a derivation of two Greek words
1. “eschatos” meaning “last things or last events”.
2. “Logos” meaning “study” “discourse” or “doctrine”. Therefore eschatology is a branch of theology concerned with the events of the last things or last days. And which shall lead us to the Rapture of the Church of Christ in his second coming and to the end of the Church edge.

The word “Rapture” is not in the Bible. Since we know the Bible was written in three main languages 1.Hebrew 2. Greek and 3. Latin. It is the “Latin translation” of I Thess. 4:17, which is “Rapturo” but in the Greek original it is ‘’Harpadzo’’. It means ‘’to take up’’ ‘’to grab’’. This was the word which Paul preached to the Church at Thessaloniki. Today Paul’s words have been misunderstood, misinterpreted and misapplied badly in the church by her teachers. Some teachers have written and argued much out of the real knowledge of what Paul taught the Church. These teachers are now preaching that the Church shall not see the Antichrist or experience the great tribulation.
For instance, they say “the Rapture of the Church is the first event in the second coming of Christ program”. But ask them about the program where they saw that concept, it does not exist anywhere in the Bible.

This is an erroneous view, why? At least one should preach what Jesus preached. One should preach what Apostle Paul preached. One should preach what Daniel preached and was referenced by Jesus in Matt. 24:15; Dan. 12:11.
We are teaching what Apostle Paul taught, what Jesus and Daniel taught the people or the Church in their days. Well, the view or belief I’m teaching is very hard to arrange. And that’s why many who could not arrange the topic well, who could not understand where the foundation of the program is, who could not see how it could be arranged had to reject it or disbelieved it. Just because they could not arrange it well, how it might be taught to the people. But if you could obtain my eBook of Rapture known as Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future, you will see how I was able to arrange it properly to showcase the program of rapture from the same Bible.

Yes just because this view was not developed like the one they have, many people therefore rejected the true Rapture teaching of God in the Bible. But God has after appointing me to teach it, he helped me to arrange it and it is now a good one to talk about everywhere.

Paul taught on “Post tribulation” which says, “the Church shall see the Beast and also experience the great tribulation”, how? He taught the “Thessalonica Church to watch and observe when the man of sin who is the Antichrist would enter into the Temple to claim that he is God” 2Thess.2:4. If Apostle Paul ever wrote this in the bible, he taught on “Post Tribulation”. This is all we are saying.

The man of sin is the Antichrist or the beast and if he should enter into the Temple, it is the abomination which Daniel wrote about, and Jesus referenced it in Matt.24:15. Therefore this is what we call “Post tribulation”. Now it means that the Church shall see it. Again that was what Jesus meant by saying “when you see the abomination of desolation spoken by Daniel the prophet” Matt.24:15.

And it was what Daniel also wrote in Dan.7:21-22. Here he was looking though the vision that was shown to him and he beheld how the same “horn” or “Antichrist/Beast” made war with the saints “Christians” and prevailed or killed them”. To do this the man of sin will be rejected in the Temple, and he will order for the killing of the saints. There’s no way the other view can arrange this topic to accommodate this part of the scripture.

Please read my eBook on Rapture with the title “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”. Just type this keyword into Google and they will display the book. Click on “Buy this Book then “Add to Cart” from there you will see a form, fill it out and download the file into your browser or device. No man shall give any excuse of ignorance to God about Rapture. Of course God does not take excuse from man. If I’m lying ask Adam, if God accepted his excuse that it was the woman he gave him who gave him the forbidden fruit and he ate it. Paul would also tell you the same thing Rom. 2:1 “that you are inexcusable Oh man”.

Jesus informed his disciples about the time when he shall come for Rapture, even though many Christians are denying it openly, that there is nothing as Rapture in the Bible, or about his second coming. This is actually disheartening to hear. He said to them, “I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go and prepare the place, I will come again and take you to myself, that where I am, there you maybe also” Jon. 14:2-3. The question now is “do those who argue about his second coming believe his first coming”? If they do, then something wrong has crept inside their minds.

Although many people are arguing that the place he mentioned was not said to be heaven, but what we know and believe is that there shall be a lifting up. Whether it is in the air or in the spirit, there shall be a lifting up and I shall be a partaker of it in Jesus name Amen. We trust him to take us wherever he likes, and wherever he desires is good enough for us to be. The promise of taking us to himself cannot be annulled. This word is sure, so we are taking it very seriously. After all, the entire world cannot be saved. Some people shall be saved while others would not be saved. So those who cannot be saved shall always refuse the possibility and the reality of those who shall be saved. We that believe to be taken to heaven believe that all that God says are possible. We don’t doubt Jesus at all. We trust and believe him like our father Abraham who went out of his father’s house just because God instructed him to do so.

Rapture is a known topic in the world today. It is even known to those who cannot be saved. It is now believed by those who do not know it very well. And those who believe on it are seriously preparing themselves for it any moment from now, we are ready. But it is not and shall not be a secret thing, No. Before the Rapture occurs, Antichrist shall be in the world for a period of three and half years. Though he shall make agreement for seven years, the Bible says “In the midst of it, he shall turn against the agreement of seven years Dan.9:27.

The Clock that indicates Rapture in my book is expressing that it is six O’clock, or the sixth seal when earthquake shall support our translation to heaven. Do you understand what I mean? Get the eBook for yourself and study it extensively in other to have the correct information from it.

My eBook explained it well that Rapture happens about the sixth seal (Rev. 612-13). I said the present day seal where we are, as at today is the third seal, also where Israel was born in the last days in 1948. The birth of the nation of Israel characterized the opening of the third seal. And the fourth seal shall be opened by the appearance of the Antichrist and that’s what we are waiting for as at now. If you believe on Pre tribulation, what are you waiting for? All the things the antichrist shall use in his government have nearly come out and you are still here. Have you not heard that 666 coins are out already? Don’t be deceived, come now and learn about this topic from me before it is late.

If you read my book, you will understand it very well. Those who believe the other view find it hard to agree with me, but when they read my book, they agree easily. So the alert for Rapture is everywhere now, are you not feeling it?

Any Rapture message or view which does not go with the seal program shall not stand where my book is standing. Such book/s shall voluntarily bow out before my book. This is not just boasting, I’m telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The whole programs of God are on seals 2Tim.2:19. Apostle Paul informed Timothy that ‘’God’s foundations are on seal’’. He further warned that those who call on the name of Jesus Christ should depart from iniquity or from sin’’ 2 Tim.2:19.

He said that God knows his people, and this is true to the letter. Pastor James said “known to God are all his works from the beginning to the end. The signs which Jesus had given us as a sign of the end are nearly here with us. No one should blame God if such a one finds himself or herself in Hellfire. It is a place of torment, and there those who despised the word of God shall be serious.

Please brother, please sister, Jesus is coming again and his second coming is just at the doors. What are you waiting for? Do you know what shall happen when the last world power which is America collapses? Or do you think that America shall reign forever as the leader of the world? If you will take my word very seriously, she started ruling the world from 1945 till date.

My book contains it and the next people according to the Bible which shall take the leadership of the world from them are just around waiting for America’s collapse. Guess who? You may doubt it, but it’s Europe. If you read my book of Rapture, you will congratulate me. Enjoy the topic but if you have any question, contact me through my email address below. God bless.
Joseph Azubuike

Jonah’s Refusal to Preach at Nineveh

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Sometimes it looks like God is playing with man and sometimes it looks like God is God and that he does not play with man. In the case of Jonah, you might say God was even playing with Jonah. But one thing we should understand is that God knows every intention and motive of man behind his every reason for his every action. Since he is God, he doesn’t kid. His love could keep you that it looks like he is weak or old. But in any case, God is God and not man.

God does not behave like man who does not see your heart, neither your intention for every action you exhibit outside. Thank God he is not man else Jonah would have been destroyed for disobedience. Jonah was a notable prophet of God during his time, which fell within the time Assyria was the second world power. For the record of the world powers, get it from my eBook of Rapture with title Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in Future” published by westbowpress, a Division of Thomas Nelson and zondervan USA.

You may have read from the Bible about its report on the prophet Jonah and his stubborn character. You may have judged him to condemnation because he seemed to be stubborn to God. But have you considered if you have disobeyed God before? Think well, were you destroyed? You may not agree that it is true, but when God reminds you through your conscience, you will remember that you have disobeyed God before and he did not kill you immediately.
Every one of us might have disobeyed God in one thing or the other, and yet God has been merciful to us as he was to Jonah.

The same thing applied to the prophet Jonah who was sent to an errand by God, to go and preach repentance to Nineveh, the capital City of Assyria the second world power. You might say you have not heard of Assyria as a world power, how much more the second one. But do you know the world powers? How many are they? Your mind might quickly remember those nations which built one nuclear energy or chemical weapons as world powers, they are not world powers.

Yes, when I asked somebody this question saying, “which nations are the world powers”? He called out 1. Germany 2. France 3. Japan 4. China etc. I stopped him immediately and said to him what Jesus said to the Sanhedrin and the Sadducees about the question of resurrection, Jesus said to them ‘’you err because you know not the scriptures’’.

World powers are not what the world today knows them for. World powers of the Bible are called ‘’the kings of the earth’’ Ps.2:2-4. The Psalmist said ‘’the kings of the earth gathered themselves together against the Lord and his anointed’’. These were literal kings on earth, and the Bible said they were seven in number Rev. 17:10. It might interest you to know them, but you will have their full activities in the book of Rapture titled “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in Future’’ published by westbowpress, a Division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan, USA.

However, Jonah might have had personal reasons for rejecting to go and preach the message of repentance to the people of Nineveh as at the time in question. You have to understand why someone behaves the way he or she behaves. People might say since God sent him to go and preach repentance to the people of Nineveh, why did he refuse, does he not want them to repent? You don’t understand. God himself understood it better than anyone else. It was the reason he did not kill Jonah at the same time.

If it were you and you were the prophet and what happened to him happened to you, you would do the same thing he did? At the time of Assyria’s period as world power, they handled Israel badly. The people of Northern Israel which had their capital at Samaria were the tribes they dealt with. Judah was not involved and although the Assyrian king wanted to bring them in, but God hindered them.

The people of Assyria rubbished Northern Israel, and rubbed raw pepper into their eyes. They killed without mercy their young and the old. They killed babies while sucking their mothers’ breasts. Pregnant women were not only raped, their babies were ripped off. These were some of the things Jonah considered as Sacrilege, and so those kinds of wicked people should not see God’s mercy to be saved in any way.

But Jonah was aware that once any man or woman realizes his or her sins and confesses, that God will forgive such person immediately. So he did not want to offer them that opportunity since they dealt with his people of Israel without mercy. But God wanted to save the people and grant them pardon. If God were man, the world would have been destroyed for a long time before now.
Honestly speaking, if it were I myself, there is no hiding of feelings, I would have done what Jonah did even more. Perhaps he witnessed with his eyes the killing of his father or mother. Or he might have witnessed the killing of his child or wife, since they were God’s instrument for punishing the sins of Israel at that time.

But from my own point of view, God knew he was right in his action as a human being.
Yes! That was the reason he was not changed with another prophet, but was still allowed to continue with the message to Nineveh. Even when the prophet decided to be thrown into the sea in other to terminate both his life and the message, God would not allow the Wale to harm him, instead, the Fish became a Private Jet in the sea, or plane to convey his servant to his preaching post, and the fish obediently turned towards Nineveh and finally delivered him unhurt to Nineveh.

So when the prophet arrived out of the sea and lifted his eyes to the city, he saw welcome to the great city of Nineveh. Then it was clear to him that “no man can battle with the Lord”. Then he decided to preach the message anyhow.
The prophet was initially going to Tarshish, but as God was involved, and the Fish must obey the voice of the Lord, Jonah found himself at Nineveh at last. When he lighted from the fish on the sea shore, he lifted his eyes and saw the sign board saying to him ‘’Welcome to Nineveh’’. He therefore decided to preach nothing but the message of condemnation, and the people still repented and were saved.

God asked him if he wanted him not to save about six score thousand people who do not know their left from their right Jonah. 4:11, this is to mean that in spite of the fact that Nineveh was the Capital City of the ancient and wicked Assyria, not all the people in the City were bad. There were people who could not join themselves in the iniquity of the City or the country as a whole.

This was the area which Prophet Jonah did not see or observed in his judgment of the City. What the national Government was doing or did to the people of Israel was not a collective will of the whole country. But Prophet Jonah generalized the whole country together, but God saw a different group to be saved.

But what we were saying is that the prophet had personal reasons why he did not want to preach to the City of Nineveh. Although God has his right as God, his thoughts are higher and yet purer; we do not understand him at times like this. He does not commit sin or iniquity, whatever he does is right. But if I had been Jonah, I would have done the same thing, may God bless us- Amen.