The Apostles mistake

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The Church was inaugurated at Jerusalem on a beautiful day according to Jesus’ instruction to his Apostles. He said they should not move away from Jerusalem until they were endued with or received power from above or from heaven Acts. 1:4-8.

Therefore they were rolling around Jerusalem and then on the first day like that, as they were together at the upper room where they had celebrated the Passover with Jesus in his lifetime, suddenly there was a rushing mighty wind. The Apostles according to scriptural account said, they were about 120 in number on that day Acts.1:15.

So the claim of the Roman Catholics as “the first Church” is false.  The first Church was inaugurated at Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost, a feast of the people of Israel by the Holy Spirit Acts.2. And by this time there was nothing as church existing in Rome. They were all sunk into Idolatry as their national god.

The Church at Jerusalem was enjoying the Joy of the Spirit when on a beautiful day, Peter and John not fully understanding the setup of the programs of God at that time, left the Holy Ghost at the upper room and went to pray at the Temple of Judaism Act.3. Jesus operated in this Temple during his lifetime. But about the time of his departure he prophesied about its destruction Mat. 24:1-2.

So he was the last member of the Godhead that used that Temple. It means the Holy Spirit would not use that Temple. And even before the cross the last place he was found was at the upper room where he celebrated the Passover with his disciples Mk. 14.  Now observe also that after his resurrection he did not enter that Temple again yet he was with his disciples or Apostles forty days on earth Acts. 1: 3, why?

The answer is that the era of the Temple ended with Jesus, because the Bible said “Jesus was the end of the law” Rom.10:4, and the Holy Spirit would take over from him and continue at the upper room. So there was no need for any of his disciples to be found at the Temple from the time of his death to the time of his resurrection. A new setup of God’s program started from the upper room to the end of the world.

So when Peter and John went down to pray in the Temple at the time of prayer, it was a big mistake, but observe how the Holy Spirit stopped them.  As Peter and John wanted to enter into the Temple, a man crippled was laid at the beautiful gate, which asked of arms from the passengers who were entering the Temple on daily bases.

So the Holy Spirit magnified Peter and John’s eyes on him and they said to him “Look on us”. This exclamation made that man’s attention to focus on them, believing that they had something to give him. But Peter quickly said “Silver and gold have we none but such as we have give we unto you. In the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk” Acts. 3: 1-7. The Bible said they lifted this man up and there and then this man began to walk and to jump up. For the first time in his life he entered into the Temple.

Watch from the Bible record if Peter and John entered into that Temple that day, no! why?  The Holy Ghost carefully stopped them. Instead he converted their mistake to glorify Jesus. When the man jumped into the Temple, the owners of the Temple who were the Pharisees and the Sadducees came out to see the crippled man walking around. They quickly knew that this was a great miracle indeed.

But this miracle was a great treat to their religion which was Judaism and that it would draw much people out of Judaism. Then they held Peter and John. In fact this revelation came to me from the Holy Spirit who opened my understanding to the passage and its relevant interpretations. So the Holy Spirit converted Peter and John’s mistake to glorify Jesus. Of course the Bible said “All things work for Good” that is both good and bad working together to bring glory to God Rom. 8:28.

At this time Peter and john, in fact all the apostles never come to the full understanding of the setup of God’s programs. Even up till now we have not grasped the full knowledge. This is why some say “the Church would not see the great tribulation” and while others say “we shall see it”. The inability to see or observe these programs is the major reason of the confusion in Christendom. Yet another problem is “Who is qualified and who is not”.  “Who is called and who is not”. “Who has the knowledge and who has not”. Those who are not called in specific areas like “teaching about end time events” are confusing others on this subject. Again those who are called in these areas might not have the popularity.

So we are faced with so many problems and only God can help us out of this mess. I was saying it somewhere sometime, that Peter and John made a mistake at that early time, when they left the Holy Ghost at the Upper room and went to the Temple to pray, and somebody attacked me, and said it is not true. The problem in Christendom is the inability to see what another man is seeing.

When you as a person could not see what the Spirit of God revealed to or is revealing to someone, you will be in doubt of what he or she is saying.  Especially when there is little record that show what you are saying, or there is no clear example of what he/she is saying. But we are taught not to doubt or argue the Spirit of God in his revelations. He might chose to reveal something unknown to us at any time and to any person of his choice.

What I’m saying about Peter and John’s mistake, was not something someone will argue upon. Neither did I study about it from the Bible. No it was a revelation from the Spirit of God. This happened on a day a man of God was preaching about “the Resurrection and healing power in the name of Jesus”. As I was listening, the Spirit of God began to talk to me about the real cause of that miracle.

In fact, I was in that meeting but I was not hearing the man of God who was shouting with microphone. I was hearing another message from the Spirit of God. He asked me saying “Do you know what really happened in that place at that time”? I said no in my heart because the man of God was shouting with the microphone. So I said no lord and I began to listen to him. And he began to say

“In God’s structure which is given to you, go and see how it is. How and where the Father started his own job and where he stopped. Also see where Jesus started and where he stopped when he finished his own work and declared it finished. Now where Peter and John was operating in Acts.3 belong to me.  Of course you know the Church was inaugurated by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost Acts. 2.  I said yes Lord and he continued by saying

“Could you reason why Jesus after his resurrection, he was on earth for forty days (40) Acts. 1:3, and he didn’t enter the Temple again, no, not for one day until he ascended back to heaven”? Why? Before the cross he took his disciples to the upper room to celebrate the Passover Mark 14. That Passover was not only the usual ceremony but it also meant that the next coming program of God will Passover to the upper room, where it would continue. Jesus had earlier prophesied about the destruction of the Temple, so he took his ministry to the upper room before his death Mk. 14.

But the Apostles Peter and John did not understand this at that time and they went back to pray at the Temple at the time of prayer. The question is “what kind of prayer would they pray in the Temple, seeing that the Holy Spirit had given them utterance to speak with tongues when he descended on the day of Pentecost”? The Spirit continued, “I was expecting them at the upper room, but suddenly Peter and John decided to go to the Temple to pray.

Then I said it appears that these men did not understand the programs of God. Then I said okay, let me follow them to the Temple. Reaching at the beautiful gate of the Temple, I magnified their eyes on the cripple that was laid at the beautiful gate. Who was begging for arms from those entering into the Temple.  And I prompted Peter and John and they said to the cripple “Look on us, silver and gold have we non, but such as we have give we unto thee.  At the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk”. And they lifted up the crippled man and I healed him immediately Acts. 3:3-7.

Now this goes ahead to agree with Paul’s word to the Romans which says “All things work together for good to them that love God” Rom. 8:28. The Spirit said, “I converted the mistake of Peter and John into giving glory to the name of Jesus Christ from the Temple”. This was the true reason of that miracle at the beautiful gate.

Peter and John were key officers among the Apostles of Jesus, how would they not understand the program, but at that time they did not understand it earlier. On the day that I said this is what the Spirit made me to know, someone argued it out with me.

He said my record is not true, because the Apostles were mandated to go and preach the Gospel to every creature, and that at that time God was with them.

The question is not whether God was with them or not but that they did not understand that the next program was coming from the Holy Spirit. Or that the Spirit would completely take over from Jesus to continue the programs of God to the end of the world. The Bible is divided into three major parts which shall be manned by the three personalities of God, according to I Jon. 5:7.

The first part of the Bible is where the father worked and where he stopped. You can read about it in the other post caled “The mystery behind Noah’s Ark” from the other post in this site. Or you can also read about it from our sister site The second part is where Jesus stated his own work and where he also stopped.

The third part of the Bible is the last and where the Holy Spirit started and where he will also end the world. This is going to the end of the world. All these things you will read from my blog posts. So the Apostles John and Peter were not supposed to enter the Temple because the work of the Holy Spirit would start from the upper room, not from the Temple. Jesus extended the law Mat 5:17 and also finished it.

It was the reason he did not enter into the Temple again after his resurrection, while he stayed on earth for forty days with his disciples Acts.1:3, check your records. If you do not know about this truth why do you argue blindly?  Honestly what Peter and john did was a big mistake which was converted by the Holy Spirit.  But of course we have earlier said they were ignorant of the program of God at that time.

Yet even now a lot of Christian believers do not know that the Apostles made that mistake. It was one of the reasons Paul said “All things work together for good to them that love God”.  Having said this I want to congratulate my visitors for coming and updating their knowledge. Keep coming we have what you need and even if you fail to see what you are searching for, kindly contact us through the contact page and ask us anything from the Bible. Thank you so much.