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What do we mean by the word “Biblical formula” for the second coming of Christ? It means the way the second coming of Christ will be and how it is given in the Bible. Daniel was one prophet who wrote extensively about the end times and his writings were no push over. From seeing the dreams of the king to interpreting those dreams before him were excellent and direct to the points.
The dreams of Nebuchadnezzar formed the bedrock of the end time events, and if anyone misses it, he will not understand the events properly. Daniel was chosen and set as a vessel in the kingdom of Babylon because he was more favored than all others who went into captivity with him.
As far as the end time events are concerned, Daniel’s book must be your first port of call why? It was because he saw all the things which were shown to the king and was able to interpret it to him. The interpretations he gave to those things were their real meanings. He was precise and direct to the events.
Again when you want to know the truth, there are prophets you must ask from, who have been proved with the truth on certain events. And other people who are called to see and to say the truth. Definitely you will not get the truth of scripture from everyone who holds the Bible, no. Also there are sites you must visit if you need the truth from the Bible, and this site is one of them, just bookmark it.
Daniel saw it because he was appointed to see it from the onset in the kingdom of Babylon. He was there and was an eye witness account to the beginning of end time events. He was able to see and to explain it well to Nebuchadnezzar who wanted to exterminate his magicians for their inability to see his dreams which he forgot. Of course how could a magician/s see what God is doing or saying? It’s not possible sh a a.
Those magicians said “As far as Daniel was chosen above them with his brothers, they must follow in their execution”. So they included Daniel and his brothers into their execution, because he was appointed as the Chief of them all. So when Daniel came to the knowledge of it he went to God with his three other brothers 1. Hananiah 2. Mishiel 3. Azariah Dan. 1:7, which they changed their names to “Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego”.
God in the night came with the dream of the king and its explanation and revealed it to Daniel. And in the morning Daniel was brought in and he said to the king “king live forever” what you asked for was a difficult thing which no human being could know, see or explain. But there’s God in heaven who reveals every secret and the intents of your heart to you. And as for me, it was given to me so that you might know the intents of your heart when you were upon your bed”.
“You saw an image which was excellent and standing as a human being. This image stood on the ground and reached or entered into the sky, which means (it’s a world event, and it’s on the way to be performed by you with three others). The head of this image was of gold and “thou art” or “you are” the gold Dan.2:38.
The chest and arms of this image was silver, which means after you come a kingdom of silver which is inferior to gold Dan.2:39. After this second kingdom comes another kingdom of Brass or Bronze which shall also rule the world Dan. 2:39? And again there shall be the fourth kingdom of Iron. This kingdom shall stamp on the residue or “God’s people” with the feet it as Iron breaks all things in pieces” Dan. 2:40. THESE EXPLANATIONS ABOVE WERE THEN VIEWED AS “THE MASTER PLAN OF THE BEAST KINGDOM”. THESE FOUR KINGDOMS WERE THE MAIN CHARACTERS WHICH FORMED THE BEAST KNOWN AS ANTICHRIST.

The master plan of the Beast kingdom is made up of 1.Gold kingdom of Babylon, 2.Silver kingdom of Persia, 3.Bronze or Brass kingdom of Greece and 4. Iron kingdom of Rome. Each of these kingdoms ruled the world and Israel at their times. It was the union of these kingdoms that formed the Antichrist or the Beast with seven heads and ten horns. Get it from my eBook of Rapture and see how that Beast was formed when you read the book.
In my eBook of Rapture titled Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in Future you will see these things clearly, even with all the world powers of the Bible.
This introduction has to start with Prophet Daniel who wrote extensively about what he saw in Babylon where the program began in the days of king Nebuchadnezzar, and king Jehoiakim of Judah 2kgs.24:1-3.. Daniel was emphatic in his explanation about this event. He was not suggesting on it, neither letting people to contribute their contributions to it, but he gave us what God had in mind about the second coming of Christ. And Jesus in his lifetime and ministry made a reference to Daniel’s prophecy, indicating that he was right Matt. 24:15. Jesus said “when you see the abomination of desolation prophesied by Daniel, the Bible reader should know that time is no more in our favor”. This means that the Church shall see the appearance of the Beast, and it signifies the end of the church age, not end of the world. So after the Rapture the world will still continue.
Ask Daniel who saw all the events and he has this to say about the image and the stone which was cut out without hands.
“Thou O king saw and behold a great image. This great image whose brightness was excellent stood before thee. And the form thereof was terrible. This image’s head was of fine gold, his chest and arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of Brass, his legs of Iron, his feet part of clay, and part of Iron. Thou saw till that a stone was cut out of the mountains without hands which smote the image upon his feet that was of Iron, and clay and brake them to Pieces. Then was the Iron, the clay, the brass, the silver and the gold was broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer Threshing floors, and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them. And the stone that smote them became a great mountain and filled the whole earth” Dan.2:31-34.
This was the account of the Biblical formula for the second coming of Christ from the one who saw it all. Now observe some points from Daniel. This image was standing as a human being, because the Bible gave us this format. Note: this image’s head, the arms and chest, the belly and the thighs with the legs and feet suggest to us it was a human image that the king saw.
Again, this image was standing on the earth as a complete image before a stone was cut out of the mountains and smote the image upon his feet that was of Iron, then rolling to the clay feet. From there it moved to the thighs and the silver and finally crushed the golden head, and all together was smote like the threshing floors which the wind carried away.
This was the complete formula. This image did not stand when the stone was fallen, no. But it was standing on his feet on earth before the stone was cut out from the mountains to smite it on its feet of Iron.
From here you will know the true Rapture teaching. The teachers of Pre tribulation theory say “the stone failed upon the earth before the image would stand on its feet”. This was not what Daniel wrote in the Bible. This interprets that the Rapture shall occur before the Antichrist appears. That’s why this view is the erroneous view about Rapture.
But “Post tribulation teaches that the image was standing on its feet on earth before the stone was cut out from the ,mountains without hands to smite the image upon his Iron feet, then rolling it to the brass thighs, to the belly, and to the arms of silver, then finally to the olden head of the image.
This interprets that the image which is the antichrist shall be on earth before the coming of Christ to destroy him in his second coming. It is also saying that the church shall be here to see the Beast/Antichrist before Christ comes for the Rapture Matt.24:15, 29-31; Dan.7:21-22. Jesus taught his disciples saying, “When you see the abomination of desolation spoken by Daniel the prophet, standing in the Holy place (Temple) then you who is a child of God should understand that time is no more in your favor here” Matt.24:15.
Jesus’ teaching indicates that the Church shall see and experience the great tribulation proper. When you see, when you see what? When you see the abomination of desolation, which means, when you see the Beast/man of sin or the antichrist into the Temple, let the reader of the Bible flee into the mountains if you are in Judea. But if you are in other Countries of the world, hide yourself wherever you can.
The reason is because for sure Israel will not worship the Beast or his image. Therefore he is to command his soldiers to kill at random all who have no mark, name or number on their hand or at their forehead. So those people will run or flee to safety. This is the formula for the second coming of Christ. If you don’t like my teaching, hold on to the lies they taught you till then.
No man knows this event better than the author and the owner of the programs in the Bible. Jesus taught us this same thing. Daniel said he beheld the same horn (Antichrist) making war against the saints (Christians) and prevailing or killing them, until the ancient of days (Jesus) came for (Rapture) Dan.7:21-22. If you don’t believe the report of the Lord, leave him alone.
The image Daniel explained represents the Antichrist. It was standing on earth before the stone rolled out from the mountains and smote it. So the Beast or Antichrist shall be in the world before Jesus comes for Rapture, and from there he destroys the man of sin.
This is the truth and nothing but the truth. We have said it earlier that wherever the scripture contradicts itself, the teacher is wrong. There’s no passage that says’ “immediately before the tribulation of those days” to suggest that Rapture shall occur before tribulation. But men use their own mind in support to John Nelson Darby who redrafted the Bible topic which was taught by Daniel, Jesus, Apostles Paul, John etc.
The topic of P{re tribulation which says the Church shall be removed before the appearance of the Antichrist has been proved wrong scripturally by the book titled “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”.
How to prove them wrong:
Tell them to help you calculate or show you how the seven heads and ten horns of the beast were made up. You would have completely disarmed them. What you will hear from them is that the beast doesn’t concern them. If it doesn’t concern the Church, what’s the need teaching the Church about it? If the Church shall be removed before the great tribulation, is the teaching relevant for us to know? The teaching is for us (Christians) to prepare ourselves very well should in case the program starts in our own generation. Then we might stand up against every cunning plan of the wicked.
For example, do you not have the ATM, the Master Cards, the Credit Cards etc? What’s their use? You will say “for all business transactions”, fine. Do you update them? Yes, Why?. A time comes when they will ask you to take one of these options 1. The Mark of the Beast, 2. The name of the Beast, and 3. The number of his name which is 666 for you to update any of these options. Some people have already been marked with these options as at now. Are you not seeing them?
When they ask you to take one of these options and you reject it, you will lose your money in the Bank for the Antichrist with the world. If you like say “it’s not my portion”. But I have given you what I received from the Lord. That’s why I refer you to the book of Rapture for you to know the details of these things, if you love yourself, see “Window old and new” in the book of Rapture.
Now since you don’t like my message, and you believe that you will be removed before Antichrist comes out. But you are still here, what are you waiting for? Some of the materials of the Beast are already out and you are using them, do you still know what you are doing? Why are you using the ATM, the Credit Cards etc? What’s the relevance of window? In who’s time is it in the world now? Who’s the last king according Rev. 17:10?
Do yourself a favor, obtain my eBook of Rapture. It’s there for you. Google it and follow their instructions to obtain . Ask for Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future.
Thank you very much.