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It is good for us to talk about this issue, because a lot of people have written their minds on this topic. The Bible has this to say about this number, that it is the number of a man. Let’s read from the Bible.

“And he causes all both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or on their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that has the mark, or the name of the Beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom, let he that has understanding count the number of the Beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred, three score and six” Rev. 13:16-18.

I have read and have observed with keen interest the writings of many from all walks of life. I have also discovered that people are giving their suggestions as to what they believe is the number of his name. Many others are trying to use anything that could form the number 666 as it. But the Bible is emphatic that it is the number of a man, not any number from anywhere.

Therefore it is of great value to trace out this man’s name first before we begin to trace his number. Who is the man? What is the man’s name? From my eBook of Rapture we saw that the man in question is the Beast/Antichrist. We need to know who the man is before tracing out his name and then his number. Until we do this, we shall be rolling up and down giving suggestions whether it is in line or not. This man must be proved from his name to his number before we take it as the prophesied man whom the Bible is talking about.

We have said earlier that this man is the Beast/Antichrist, which was prophesied in the Bible that he would war against the saints, i.e in the great tribulation. We explained why he was called Beast in the book of Rapture. He has many figurative names in the Bible. He was seen as “He Goat” “Rough Goat”, Leopard” etc. Daniel gave him these names from his actions. Apostle John in his revelation supported Daniel by saying “The Beast I saw resembled a Leopard but his feet was like the feet of a Bear” Rev.13:2. Daniel had earlier seen him as Leopard Dan. 7:6 in Amp. Version.

These descriptions made our topic authentic. We must prove scripturally that this man is the one we are describing from the bible. Now to make his number to agree with the Bible, it demands for wisdom as the Bible said. Here is wisdom, let he that has understanding count his number, for it is the number of a man.

This man was seen by Daniel in so many ways. 1. He was seen in the master plan of the Beast kingdom as “the Bronze kingdom” Dan. 2:39.  The master plan was the “Human image” where Daniel explained the dream of the Babylonia king Nebuchadnezzar. His dream was the Human image which was standing from the earth to the sky Dan. 2:31-45. In that dream Daniel was able to discover four kingdoms 1. “the Gold kingdom-Babylon” 2. “the Silver kingdom of Persia” 3. “the Bronze kingdom of Greece, and 4. “the Iron kingdom of Rome”.

It was these kingdoms that formed what is called as the Antichrist/Beast. These details are in the book of Rapture. After reading this book, you will not be in doubt as to the truth of this topic. When they were coming for the joining, Daniel saw them and described this Beast as the third Beast.

And the third Beast was the Leopard, which was depicted as Alexander the Great. It is not easy to say it is this man or that man without a tangible proves.  Remember that we want to make sure whose number is 666. I read a write up where the man tries to use wherever he sees Gold in the Bible. Also wherever he sees talent of Gold like the one that came to Solomon in one year amounting to 666, he said the Beast might be Solomon. This is none sense.

I have said that Daniel described this Beast as Alexander the great of Greece Dan.7:6 Amp version. The evidence is that “He figured as Leopard” Rev. 13:2. The book of Revelation goes hand in hand with the book of Daniel to make the teaching sure from the bible.  This number 666 is his number calculated from the numerals of Rome which is under Europe.  See that God instructed to leave the stump of the tree in the earth with a Band of “Iron and Brass” Dan.4:15, which we traced out today in the master plan.

Rome in the master plan was Iron Dan.40 while Greece in the master plan was Bronze Dan.2:39. It is the union of these two kingdoms in the master plan with other nations not in the master plan that is known as Europe. You will see other members of the Beast family when you read my book of Rapture.  Rome and Greece featured in the master plan and they were handed over the program from Babylon to hold, for the final war against the Lord and his anointed, with his saints.

So the number of his name is traced through their numerical letters in accordance with their actions. Of course are you in doubt that Rome took over the church of Christ by violence? Killing all the Apostles and Disciples of Christ (Martyrs of Jesus) through their Emperors who stamped the Church down and became the first Church?

When they took over, they gradually rose from the Bishop of Rome to the position of Pope as the overall head of their Church. Now on the crown of Pope is the name written “Vicarius Filii Dei”. It is this name that gave us the number of a man 666. You can see “the number of his name” in the book of Rapture with the keyword “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”.

Vicarius filii Dei is the name that was translated as “Vicar of the son of God” and that’s what the Pope claims to be.  This name when translated gives you the number 666 and that’s why many people say that Pope is the Antichrist.  But in my searching through this study, the Pope is just the woman sitting on the Beast, not the Beast itself. The main Beast according my study is the third Beast or Alexander the great from Greece why? Apostle John said, “the Beast I saw resembled a Leopard, and his feet was the feet of a Bear” Rev.13:2.  This Beast had the mouth of a Lion. See “formation of the Beast” in the book of Rapture.

To be sure also see “Third Beast and the fifth world power” in the same book of Rapture, you would be sure when you are speaking about the Beast.  Since Greece and Rome were handed over the program from Babylon, they are to fulfill the rest of the programs to the end.  You could see that the program started again in Rome in 1957, now search for “The treaties of Rome” from the internet, and you would be sure what they are doing.

Now collectively Europe has reappeared again and they are standing at the corner waiting for the collapse of America. Then they will take over again or that America will still be in power but welcome the Beast which must come from Greece (Europe).

Now while Rome holds out his number through the Pope, the main Beast is Alexander the great of Greece. The number 666 has now been printed out on coins. It is being taken by people gradually in different places of the world, Beware you don’t take it unawares. I told you I was specially called and appointed to reveal the secrets of these end time events, so follow my write-ups wherever you could see my site.

The book of Revelation says “Here is wisdom let he that has understanding of these things count the number, for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred, three score and six” which is 666. So we don’t begin to count his number through suggestions or wherever we see gold in the Bible, no.  We go first to the master plan of the end time program to trace it out and count it from there, you get it.

In the book of Rapture I said whenever the great tribulation starts, everyone who is a child of God should leave the township where you are living and go home to your village, why? It is not to say the program will not reach your village, no. If you are in the town, and you refuse to take any of the Beast’s options, i.e the mark of the Beast, the number of his name which is 666, or the name of the Beast which is the Vicar of the son of God, you will not buy and sell. Then how would you live on?

Again when the Landlord of your house comes for his money or his agent at the end of the month and demands for the rent, since you refuse to take any of these options because you are a child of God, what would you do?  Remember that if you make any noise, the landlord will call for the security operatives who would be searching for the saints at that time to deal with them because of their refusal.

What we shall be eating at that time only God knows.  You have no job opportunity, and even if you are employed anywhere, you will lose it for your inability to update your card with any of those options. You won’t enter taxi or purchase anything, and even purchasing anything would be buying products coded with either 666 or other options. So know it that the program of the great tribulation will not be against the people of the world but only against the saints of God. That’s why the true knowledge of this program is very important to every child of God.

Today the world is going cashless. It is advancing the program gradually to the position where they will be using cards for all purchases. And at a time these cards would be required to be updated with one of those options and failure would amount to danger for you as a child of God.


My advice for all the saints of God wherever you are in the world is, let’s start farming now. Let’s get a place of our own in the village or home town. Make sure you start educating your children to know Jesus as their personal Lord and savior. This is God’s program and it must surely come to pass. Jesus said “For then there shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world till that time, no nor ever shall be” Matt. 24:21.

If Jesus ever said this, there’s no way out. Only prepare yourself ahead of time because he has revealed these things for us before they begin to appear in the world. Don’t follow deceivers who teach that they would go in the rapture before Antichrist comes. Yet they are still here in the world and using the cards of all classes.

You have learned about the number of his name in the right perspective, and I expect you to join my site’s membership by registering in one of the levels in other to enjoy the full contents in the site. And I want to say thank you for coming.