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What is fact and what is truth? The answers will appear in different ways. We are going to use a case from the Bible to buttress this topic very well. And I believe you know it or you will know it very well. Yes I promised to use a case from the Bible for this topic. We are going to use the case of Joseph the son of Jacob with Potiphar’s wife in Egypt.

Joseph was sold by his brother’s for envy into the hands of the Ish-maelites for twenty pieces of silver. He was sold into the hands of Portiphar, an Egyptian officer with Pharaoh. When Joseph landed into the house of this man, the Bible said the Lord began to bless Potiphar in and out because of Joseph in his house Gen. 39:1-23. Do you want to continue reading? Enter your email, subscribe to my blog.

The fact is that Joseph was in the house of Portipar as a slave boy sold by his brothers. He was sold for envy into the hands of the Ish-maelites which did not know what Joseph did to his brothers to deserve such treatment. Of course even if they knew it, their business was human trafficking as at that time. So they could still buy him as a trade.

Joseph did no other thing than showing his brothers the dreams God was showing to him in his dreams. That was a big offence to his brothers. But God chose Joseph for the display of certain programs in the world, starting with Egypt as the first world power. But someone should start it in Egypt which would eventually bring in Jacob himself into Egypt. All these happened so that God’s programs could move on.

Now when Joseph arrived into Egypt through the Ish-maelites, he was sold to a very big man in the land of Egypt. Portiphar after buying him and knowing he was a Hebrew boy, knew also that as a goodly person he would be vibrant in all things including wisdom for many things. He therefore employed him into his house to serve him personally. From there he discovered that not only that he was goodly in person but that God was with him. He therefore extended his duties to the field.
And God was with him also in the field and Portiphar observed this himself. He therefore handed over all his possessions to Joseph. This made him to begin to prosper greatly within the few time of Joseph’s arrival into his house. Then he relaxed and left all things to him. And the Bible said “he knew not all that he had save the food that he ate”.

His house was prospering and progressing at the same time. But one thing which nobody told Portiphar was that his wife was daily intimating Joseph to have her in his absence. And Joseph was secretly and politely refusing the offer from Portiphar’s wife. This went on day after day. It could be that either that Potiphar couldn’t satisfy his wife or that his wife was one of those women who run after some men in the absence of their husbands.

Or it could still be that they had no child and the women was still observing her menstrual period month after month without any success, so she decided within herself to try and see whether Joseph could imp regnant her through that means. Of course the Bible did not record any child in the house of Portiphar.

All these were facts as we see and read from the Bible. Then a particular day when Portiphar was usually out on his duty, his wife decided that Joseph must do this thing today, whether he likes it or not.

She either sent all other servants out or there were no other person/s remaining in the house. She went into the room where Joseph was and was performing his duty. She held him and was pulling his clothe from him so that she could have her wish. Joseph helped her and pulled out his garment and quickly ran out of the room in haste. When she saw that she was disappointed, she cried out in despair and her voice was heard of the servants out there.

Then she quickly covered herself from such embarrassment that cry would cost her, by going to inform the guards that the Hebrew boy brought in by her husband was trying to mock and to force her through rape. Of course that was and is still a big offence anywhere in the world up till now. Then the securities had apprehended Joseph upon hearing the woman’s cry out. And Joseph was locked by the security till Portiphar came back.

These were the facts surrounding the case of Joseph and the wife of Portiphar. These things were used to judge Joseph and his subsequent imprisonment.

The truth is one thing that is relative to the fact but they are never the same. We always say “the fact is” or “the truth is this or that”. But those who use the truth is, are mostly those who know and use the bible in their daily lives. If you read about the fact, it would be used as the truth by many people. Yet the truth of the matter was that the other side of this case called the truth was only recorded by God himself, and no other person knew it.

Now we could not say that Portiphar was wrong in his judgment since no one else knew exactly what happened between his wife and Joseph. And Joseph was not allowed to make a defense for himself, yes this was not recorded. His wife after speaking and may be the security was the next that gave evidence of how they apprehended Joseph when madam was crying.

And after these two witnesses Portiphar concluded that Joseph should be imprisoned into the highest prison in Egypt, Pharaoh’s prison. Yet even if Joseph had been allowed to make a defense of himself, he would say that it was Portipar’s wife who wanted him to lie with her. And that she pulled his garment in the room for him to start the affair, and that he rejected it and fled from her and she cried out. Who would believe it? The truth here would be rejected and the fact looked more evident.

Yes, because 1. Joseph’s garment was in the hands of the woman. Even though it was possible to go inside his room and pick his garment. 2. When the woman was crying, Joseph was seen running and the securities arrested him.

This truth would even generate more punishment when said. They would say if it was the woman who initiated it, would he not have done it with her, since no one was in the house which would inform her husband? Do you see how truth suffers in the hands of the world? The truth also remains that God was using both fact and truth to advance his programs in the world.

The Bible says “All things work together for good, to them that love God” Rom. 8:28. Of course Joseph loved God. He told this woman “that her husband left all things in the house into his hands except her” Gen.39:9. That was a great respect for her but she cast that respect to the gutter. If Joseph had fulfilled her wish, she would even become pregnant from him and make her husband to cover it unawares, and become the owner of the pregnancy in disguise. Who would tell Portiphar that the servant he bought into his house was the one doing the job for him? And Joseph would have been loved above Portiphar in the eyes of his wife without his knowledge.

Thus in some cases the wife could even poison her husband for the man to take his position. But this is truth unknown to many people. So when Portiphar came back his wife presented her own version and Joseph was not allowed to make a defense, and it landed him into Pharaoh’s prison. Today some women are going after some young boys and some men going after some young girls. This is the truth.

In the case of Joseph he had no evidence even if he was allowed to defend himself at that time. This is the truth but Portiphar’s wife had his garment in her hands as evidence no 1. But when Joseph was thrown into the Prison, it was a source in progressing the word of God. It was from there that Joseph was taken to Pharaoh and the program of God advanced further.

This is why we say that Joseph was a type of Christ. Because he was despising the shame from being sold and not getting offended altogether with his brothers and with God. He also forgave his brethren and knew that God sent him to Egypt ahead of time in order to save his family. God knew the whole exercise was to protect Jacob’s family who would have felt the famine severely in the land of Canaan.

AFTER THAT EPISODE: After that episode Joseph overtook his master Portiphar. He was now the prime minister above Portiphar courtesy of his interpretation to Pharaoh Dream. But only God knew that Joseph did not attempt to rape Portiphar’s wife. Instead the woman wanted to corner the boy to her privacy. Had she succeeded, the plan of God would have been aborted until a change is made. Here we have been able to disclose how truth differs from fact. Though they are relative but they are not the same.
God bless