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Do you know them and where are they now?
Rev.17:10; Job. 5:19

Who are the world powers? Are they humans or Nations? How do we know them? Are they still in existence or have they disappeared? These and more shall be treated here in this site. Read on.
When we talk of world powers, our people’s mind shall quickly run to 1.Germany, 2.Japan, 3.France, 4.China, and of course Britain and finally US. Well, the mention of US is completely correct but other ones are not included. You may ask why? The world powers I’m talking about are the ones recognized by the Bible. World powers from the Bible are known to God and they were approved by him.

You may be surprised hearing this from me. I want to say that our people are talking of world powers because these nations mentioned above are able to build one nuclear weapon or the other. They are able to build biological or chemical weapons of mass destruction, and for that they are grouped as world powers. This ability does not make all of them as world powers at all. We shall read from the Bible to buttress our argument very well. The world powers in the Bible were not called world powers but “kings of the earth” Ps.2:2-4.

They ruled as kings of the world with executive authority over all other nations of the world at their times. For example, Babylon was able to organize the world against king Jehoiakim of Judah when he rebelled against Babylon 2kgs.24:1-3. When king Jehoiakim rebelled from serving the king of Babylon as commanded by the lord from the mouth of Jeremiah, the lord used Babylon to organize the Chaldeans, the Syrians, the Moabites and Ammonites against Judah (Allied Forces).

Why were they called kings of the earth? They were the ones that have ruled the world at one time or the other, and especially handling Israel because of their transgressions against God. They are seven in number. Let’s read from the Bible. “He shall deliver thee in six troubles, yea in seven there shall no evil touch thee” Job. 5:19. “And there are seven kings, five have fallen and one is, and the other is not yet come, but when he cometh, he shall continue a short space” Rev.17:10. These two verses are the same. We shall give interpretation to these passages of the Bible and relate them to where they belong with others.

This word, Job 5:19 was a prophecy spoken to Abraham from Job, how? The book of Job was supposed to be the first book of the Bible, because Job was living in the days of Abraham. But because it did not deal with creation, or furnished us with the account of creation details, the Septuagint changed its position and put Genesis first, which gave us the account of creation. Well they were right, because we need first the account of the creation of the heavens and the earth, before we begin to say other things that God made or created. This account would also inform us about the creator himself and how he created all things.

The Hebrew book said “he that must come to God must first believe that he is” Heb. 11:6. Job said to Abraham, “that God shall deliver him in six troubles, and yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee”. This was because Abraham made a mistake by not asking from God about the first famine, whether he would go to Egypt or not, before going down to Egypt at the first ever famine that broke out in his day. You may ask. How did you know? Do you know that there’s a war going on between the kingdom of God, and the kingdom of Darkness? In Egypt his wife was snatched from him Gen. 12: 10-20. That’s part of the war. They would have messed up Sarah, had God not intervened quickly in his behalf. The kingdom of God would not be compromised to his enemies.

Let’s see no. 1 reason. The Bible recorded that “Abraham went down” Gen.12:10. He was expected to remain above only. But he went down. This went down had a spiritual connection with his lineage. When he went up it was also recorded, see Gen. 13:1. He went up and out of Egypt. The No.2 reason, God became annoyed for that journey to Egypt. And God said to him, “know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and they shall afflict them four hundred years” Gen. 15:13. It was the reason his grandson Jacob/Israel was in captivity in Egypt. His word must surely come to pass.

If you could remember, how many years did Israel stay in Egypt? Get the correct number in Ex. 12:40. Now as they went down into Egypt, they latter entered into slavery which they did not know that they would enter, and why? Initially they were happy but latter through the king that knew not Joseph, they became his servants. Now Egypt became the first world power. Are you surprised? Any of the world powers had one thing to start or the other. Civilization started in Egypt, check your records. And Israel also had something to do there wherever they go. They built their Pyramid brick houses, making Bricks with hard labour. So Egypt was the first world power which is recognized by the Bible. FIRST WORLD POWER WAS EGYPT.
Let’s continue.

I’m not going to talk about how Israel left Egypt because you know it very well. And I’m not going to say about the man who brought them out of Egypt because you also know him. Still I’m not talking about the miracles that followed them along the way because you have heard of them. But we are going to continue to trace the next world power.

When Israel left Egypt, they entered into the wilderness and from there they came to the promise land and settled. Many years passed with them in the promise land. Of course you know that Moses saw it only but did not enter into it. After a time in the days of Samuel the prophet, the people of Israel demanded for a king. They said they wanted a king which they could see, like other nations of the world to rule them, instead of the king which they could not see.
This demand displeased both Samuel and God himself. However, Saul the son of Kish was approved for them by God. And time without number king Saul since he was not God’s choice would not hearken to the instructions of God through Samuel. At the end God rejected him and chose a man of his own heart and that was David, the son of Jesse.

After the reign of David it was his son Solomon. After Solomon it was his son Rehoboam I kgs. 12. Then the sins of his father Solomon made God to divide Israel into two. One part went to the servant of Solomon that went into exile, which was Jeroboam. Then the two tribes were left for the son of Solomon Rehoboam.

As soon as the ten tribes of Israel were delivered into the hands of Jeroboam, he left the house of David, and with the ten tribes he began to worship idols. After building his first capital in Peneul, the latter moved it to Samaria. Israel was then divided into two. The one part i.e the ten tribes began to take the name Israel, the two remaining tribes took the name of “the Jews”. The two tribes were Judah and Benjamin.

But from the hands of Jeroboam Israel was led to sin I kgs. 12:30. And they never returned again or had anything to do with the Jews. After many years God sent the Northern Israel, ie the ten tribes into the second captivity to Assyria. There they suffered in the hands of many Assyrian kings, including Shalmanezzer, Pul, Tigleth Pilesar, Sennecherib etc. You can see this record in I Chron. 5:25-26.

Do not forget the prophecy of Job to Abraham. He said “He or God shall deliver thee in six troubles, yea in seven there shall no evil touch thee” Job. 5:19. Here Israel had seen two troubles, 1.trouble from Egypt and 1 from Assyria. It’s remaining four troubles, let’s continue.
As the trouble of the Northern Israel continued, the sins of Southern Israel which is the Jews began to appreciate tremendously. One of her kings Amaziah went to war. He defeated them and carried their gods which could neither deliver himself, nor his people and began to worship it. And God warned him through a prophet and he could not hear 2Chron.25:14-16. That was why they were punished there.
Israel suffered in the hands of Sennecherib greatly, because they put a heavy burden of paying taxes upon them. And Israel was also building sculptural idols of all sorts for them, since they love to serve and worship it. In those days God sent Jeremiah the prophet to begin his job. He began as a small boy, may be around 17-18 years of age. And God told Jeremiah what to say and when he said it, the big prophets who had been rejected by God engineered the people and they rejected his word. A son of a Priest even slapped him for this prophecy Jer. 28:1-4.

And when Jeremiah looked at their big tummies and their big necks, he came back to God confessing that he was a child Jer. 1:5-7. And God rebuked again saying “don’t look at their faces, do not say I’m a child. Before you entered your mother’s womb I knew you, and before you came forth out of the womb I ordained thee a prophet to the nations” Jer.1.

From here Jeremiah mustered courage and began to do his prophesies. One of his outstanding prophesies was the one that took both the Northern Israel and the Southern side to their next captivity. He said “And this whole land (Israel and the Jews) shall be desolation and astonishment. And these nations (the whole world) shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years. From here the second world power was almost ready to go. So ASSYRIA WAS THE SECOND WORLD POWER.
Now I’m not talking of the way they handed over themselves or how they overthrew one another, instead, I’m showing them to you so you can know them. But if you want to know how they operated and took over from each other, go to the book of Rapture written by me and study it there. Title: “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”.

Only the Northern Israel was in Assyria, the Jews were not there. But the Northern side represented them all. Yet as the sins of the northern side continued to scarlet, Judah began to admire and to worship idols. Then Jeremiah’s prophecy of seventy years in Babylon Jer. 25:11-12 would include Judah. That is to say the third captivity of Israel would include the Southern side Judah. Jeremiah prophesied it.

As the big prophets argued and argued Jeremiah, and before their eyes the king of Babylon warred against Judah and took the king Jehoiakim captive, who wanted to kill Jeremiah because of the writings and prophecy Jer.36, 2kgs. 24.1:1-3. The Northern Israel was already in Babylon before Judah joined them there. Nebuchadnezzar had defeated Assyria and took Israel from them. This is the way it’s going to be, because many people believe the known Bishops, the very Revds, the right Revds and the Rev. Drs as the only people with good messages or end time messages. But the truth was not with those big prophets.

I’m assuring you that God might go for the less to reveal his programs while people go to the known ones to confuse themselves. Babylon was the place where the Northern Israel and the Southern side joined up again, but they were still in captivity. When they joined again in Babylon, they built the famous “Hanging Gardens” in Babylon. And so Babylon was the “Third world power after Assyria. THIRD WORLD POWER WAS BABYLON
You may wonder how these nations are called world powers. These nations were world powers because they held God’s nation Israel captive at one time or the other. No one could hold Israel captive except God grants it to those people. Just follow this write up.

When the time for Babylon expired, they handed over to Cyrus the king for the fourth world power Persia. Go to the book of Rapture to see how they handed over to each other. Do not forget about the prophecy of Job to Abraham, that “He or God shall deliver thee in six troubles, and yea in seven, there shall no evil touch thee” Job. 5:19. We have seen four troubles with Persia. There remain three troubles to come. FOURTH WORLD POWER WAS PERSIA. Let’s see the next world power. We shall make sure they are complete.

When Israel came out from Persia, they entered into another world power. This time it was the Bronze kingdom in the master plan of the Beast kingdom. In the master plan, Greece was the Bronze kingdom Dan.2:39. People talk of world power because those people are able to build one nuclear weapon or the other. These things do not make a nation a world power. But those who have no time for the Bible are the ones that call those nations as world powers. Instead God made these nations recognized by the Bible as world powers and put Israel there and punished them with those nations, check your records.

To begin the Grecian kingdom, the Romans had to assassinate the king of Greece, Philip of Macedon, the father of Alexander the great. This assassination forced out Alexander the great to start his operation in the world. Thus when he came, he conquered the world and built Alexandria in Egypt as his first capital, but when he reached Susa in Babylon, he decided to use Susa as capital. He died in Babylon and his four Generals shared his kingdom. All of these you will read in the book of Rapture. So GREECE WAS THE FIFTH WORLD POWER.

I’m tracing them through the Bible and applying it on how they handled the people of Israel. Now let’s continue to the next world power after Greece. In the master plan it was Iron kingdom Dan.2:40.

The sixth world power was the fourth member in the Beast’s family. You will read their full details in the book of Rapture with the keyword “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”. This book is extra ordinarily loaded. It’s only those who have bought this book that shall know all I’m saying about the world powers and the Beast’s kingdom. Here ROME WAS THE

When Rome was in power in the world, that was the time the next world conqueror was born. Who is the next world conqueror? Jesus was the next world conqueror who conquered the world Jon. 16:33. Again that was the time king Herod commanded to kill all children from two years and downwards Matt.2. That was because he heard from the wise men that another king had been born in his domain. Reading from our blog sites will enlighten your understanding and empower you spiritually to stand out for God.

From Rome we are moving to the next world power which would be the last and seventh in the number. For the Bible said “And there are seven kings, five have fallen and one is, and the other is not yet come, but when he comes, he shall continue a short space” Rev.17:10. We have seen the sixth world power and who is the seventh, which has not yet come? Rome continued until the appearance in 1945 of America.

That are you saying? Are you saying that America is the last world power? YES! Is there any prove? You can go back and check the ones we have already mentioned earlier if there was an error anywhere.

In the book of Rapture I said America was in prophecy in Rev. 17:10 as the last and seventh one which is not yet come. More prove please. The Bible said this about the seventh king which is not yet come, that he shall stay a short space. But it said five of the earlier ones had fallen and one is. Now the five fallen ones are 1.Egypt the first world power, 2.Assyria the second world power, 3.Babylon the third world power, 4. Persia the fourth world power, and 5.Greece the fifth world power.

These kingdoms ruled the world and fell, but one is at the time of writing the book of Revelation which was ROME. That was the reason Rome was the sixth existing king during this time. Again at the same time it was said that the seventh king has not yet come. By this time there was nothing as America. It was a verse land uninhabited. The land of America was then forestry. But the eye of prophecy caught her at that distance and booked her. Today America is ruling the world. World powers rule the world 1. Politically,2. Economically, 3. Educationally, and even 4 socially. In these areas America is in the lead in the world. This is the seventh and the last world power. THE SEVENTH AND LAST WORLD POWER IS AMERICA.

Job told Abraham saying “He shall deliver thee in six troubles, yea in seven, there shall no evil touch thee”. The seventh trouble or evil against Israel would have been Israel in bondage or Captivity to America. Now watch for yourself if Israel is in bondage to America. The answer is no. So that’s what Job meant. Instead, Israel is in an agreement with America known as “AICE”. This means “America, Israeli Cooperative Enterprise”. Now you can agree with me that we are just at the corner of seeing these things come to pass. Give your life to Christ now before you cry “Had I known”. I told you to make this site your spiritual Cafeteria.

No one cares to ask God what will happen when America falls out as the last and seventh world power. No nation among all the world powers had extended her time to a minute unless approved by God Almighty. For example, when the time of Babylon ended, and Belshazzar was strong on the throne, he was disjointed and was assassinated the same day after the interpretation of the handwriting on the wall Dan. 5:1-30. So America shall surely fell when her time expires and possibly Europe shall mount back again.

All prophesies about world powers have fulfilled just as prophesied. But sharply the Bible declares that “the eight is of the seven” Rev.17:11. The question is “Is there an eight world power”? No!

Then what does the Bible mean by saying “the eight is of the seven”? It means that the Union of Brass and Iron which was Rome and Greece in the master plan (see book Rapture) was among the seven world powers. And now the union is already in place waiting for the fall of America. This means the appearance of Antichrist is just around the corner. We know that God does not have an eight number. He rested on the seventh day.

Europe is ready and they are waiting for their master the Beast/Antichrist to appear. Of course all equipments and instruments for his use have been put into place. You might doubt it. But the Bible is not talking in vain. THE ATM, THE CREDIT CARDS, THE MASTER CARDS and all CASH CARDS etc are all his instruments. When the time comes, these cards will be in use, even as they are already in use now. You may be asked to update your card with any of the options of the Beast’s systems. Updating your card with any of these options means to be marked with the Beast’s identification, which makes you his candidate forever. Then you could be able to buy and sell Rev.13:16-17. Study these things in the book of Rapture. Please get this book.

For the Bible said “That no one might buy or sell save he that has the mark, or the name of the Beast or the number of his name. And here is wisdom, let he that has understanding count the number of his name, for it is the number of a man. And his number is six hundred, three score and six” Rev.13:16-18. We have counted this number from the man’s name. Get knowledge of who the man is, and then his number.

We have uploaded this number earlier in the site as “His number is 666”. You can update your knowledge here or at any of our sites, because we are appointed to talk about end times. That’s why we always talk about end times in all our sites. Now you can compare the things you read from here with what you read elsewhere, you are the judge.

Don’t relent in reading end time messages from all our sites. At least you know the world powers and their number, with their relevant interpretations.
Thank you and God bless