I COR. 16:1-2 ; Rom. 16:24-26;


Love made a difference in the early church. they understood what love and sharing is at that time. The bible gives us their way of progress and it was found in the deep love they had among themselves.

There was a daily distribution of foods and food items in the early Church at Jerusalem. Such things do not exist not in today’s Church/s or not exactly as in the early church. Those who are practicing such things today, some have of them have gone cultic. It is now a system of drawing people into serious cult, instead of what it stood for in the early Church.


Not only that, there was sharing of amenities among them, but none of them over estimated his or her need. Those who had lands sold them and brought the money at the Apostles feet and sharing were made. This made the early Church peculiar.  Such things are not seen again today, as individuals now own Churches. But at that time the Churches were established by the Apostles who after establishing the churches would appoint Pastors to take charge at certain Churches and pastor them.  The Church of Jesus Christ has only five fold ministry namely 1. Apostles, and 2. Prophets, 3 Evangelists, 4 Pastors and 5. Teachers. This is the way it was written in the Bible. These were the offices created by Jesus.


The issue of Bishops in the Bible is a different case. The etymology of the word is the Greek “episcopos” meaning “Elder” in a local Church. Also in Latin it means “episcopus” also meaning nothing but “Elder” of a Church. Many people do not know how this office was established, including those who aspire to be ordained as Bishops and those already ordained. It was not among the five fold ministry but was founded by the Apostles. Bishops were appointed by the Apostles to Churches where there was no Pastor to Pastor the Church. For example, Paul instructed Titus his son in the Lord to look inside his Church, because Titus was the Pastor at the Cretian Church Titus 1:1-7.

He told him to checkout for men of unquestionable character in his Church and ordains them as Bishops or Elders of the Church. That’s the meaning of Bishop, just Elders.  In a Church where there was no Pastor, Bishops were ordained to oversee the affairs of the Church. Then where there is a Pastor, Bishops were still ordained, but this ordination of Bishops in a local Church was to make the work easy for Pastors. They were ordained as a group, not just one man.

They did not intend to establish a superior office above the Apostles, how much more the Pastors.   Also Pastor Timothy was given the same instructions by Paul. He said

“if anyone desires the office of a Bishop, he desired a good one, but that a Bishop must be blameless, the husband of one wife. A Bishop must be able to teach and having his children under him with all gravity” I tim.3. He said a Bishop must not be “a novice” and “Must marry one wife”. Today Rome’s Bishops do not marry and it is contrary to Biblical instructions for Bishops. In that order even the Pastors are involved in marrying one wife. And the so called Pentecostal Bishops are pursuing Rome bomber to bomber in titles, but go ahead to marry their wives.


The problem that brought Bishops to limelight above the Apostles of the Church of Christ today; is traceable to the Roman invasion of the Church and martyrdom of the early Apostles and disciples. Because of this invasion, the Bishops no longer obey the Apostles how much more the Pastors. And Apostle Peter clearly warned the Elders or the Bishops not to lord over the inheritance of God I Pt. 5:3. What is happening today, are they not called “my lord Bishop”? In this regard even the Pentecostal Bishops do not respect Apostles of the Church, like the Roman Catholic Bishops, whose office/s have their domain in the sky. No Bishop both Pentecostal and Roman Catholic has the time to listen to a Pastor at any time.

We may ask, “Does it mean that Bishops are now above the Pastors in the Church of Jesus”?  The answer is “By no means”. They are still where the Apostles kept them. They are nothing but Elders of the Church, not even Pastors. Don’t mind their ego, Pentecostal Bishops are following Rome’s setup, but they are nothing but Elders of the Church who are still under the Pastors in God’s settings. I’m talking about Pentecostal Bishops who are following the Roman’s standard, because the Bible Bishops are still Elders till tomorrow. We just want to highlight this very well. We have digressed much let’s continue with the daily distribution in the early Church.


There was serious love flowing for each other, both at the headquarters at Jerusalem and at the Gentiles Churches. Love flowed much among them contrary to what we are seeing today.  In the early Church the daily distribution however was evil spoken of by the Grecians who turned to Christ, that their women were neglected Acts. 6:1. This made the early Church to select men of unquestionable characters to manage that office, among whom was Brother and Evang. Stephen, who was martyred by the Jews Acts. 7. But his death did not stop the early church from their daily ministration, they continued. It came to the time when Paul gave his life to Christ.  He was on his way to arrest and to imprison the saints both men and women Acts. 9. But after his conversion then Apostle Paul was appointed an Apostle to the Gentiles by Jesus Rom. 11:13 etc.

Paul from that idea that happened in Acts 6 instructed the Church at Corinth to make provision for the saints at Jerusalem on the first day, so that when he came, there would be no collection again I Cor. 16:1-2. He would just collect the collections from them and move to the headquarters at Jerusalem. This is where some people are teaching that it is the reference of Sabbath change by Paul. What Paul did was in agreement with what the headquarters were doing at that time. The Sabbath day was not changed instead the first day (SUNDAY) was used for “breaking of Bread” by the early Church Acts 20:7. On this day (Sunday) was the Holy Communion taken and he was allowed to preach to them. Even at this time Paul was in his second missionary journey, so he was fully aware of what the headquarters were doing and he was doing the same.

But Paul as an Apostle could not change the Sabbath doctrine of God.   The Sabbath day worship “is a doctrine” which even Jesus did not change but amended it, how?  In the Law of Moses, there was no work done on the day of Sabbath, that’s where Jesus made an amendment. After teaching in the Temple on the Sabbath day, he worked and healed many people on the Sabbath day, which made the people to question his ministry as one who came from heaven, see Jon 5; 8; and 9. The Corinthian Church was not the only Church which Paul instructed to provide the things for the Jerusalem Church. He also instructed the Spanish Church to do the same Rom.15:24-29.

The Church at Macedonia and at Achaia desired to send their gifts to Jerusalem through Paul. This collection would be done on the first day, not on the Sabbath day.  The Sabbath day was exclusively for God’s worship. But the Apostles designated the first day for Holy Communion, but they did not change the day of Sabbath.


No is the answer. Yet I discovered that the writings of Paul have been misunderstood badly by the Christian Community. In the book of Rapture I described this misunderstanding as the “three misses” in chapter 24. This misunderstanding however was not from him, but from the interpreters of his letter. When he commanded the Corinthian Church to provide their contribution to the saints at Jerusalem on the first day, they said he has changed the Sabbath day with that first day instruction I Cor.16:2.  Paul in all his days was worshipping on the Sabbath days. From his first missionary journey with Apostle Barnabas Acts. 13:42-44 he was invited to come back on the next Sabbath to explain more of the word of God.  The tone of the invitation indicated that the day was a Sabbath day.  This was his first missionary journey.

Even the day the Holy Ghost commanded that Paul and Barnabas should be separated to do the work he had called them was on the Sabbath day Acts.13. It was the day known to every Dick, Tom and Harry in Jerusalem where the Church started. Even the day of Jesus’ resurrection was the first day and it could not cause the effect of the change of Sabbath. Even if the day was on the fourth; fifth and sixth day or the second day, Jesus would rise in it. But there was no commandment from either God; Jesus or the Apostles on that day for the change. The Apostles on their own called it “The day of the Lord” and that was correct for the rise Rev.1:10. Yes after giving him that day of his resurrection, they continued with the Sabbath commandment of God. Neither did the Holy Spirit command anywhere to change it for any reason whatsoever. And this change would not to be done with a suggestion or an assumption, but it must be a definite command from God, Jesus or his Apostles.

Paul during his first missionary journey entered into the Synagogue on the Sabbath day Acts. 13:5. Even the day the Holy Spirit commanded to separate Paul and Barnabas was a Sabbath day. In his second missionary journey, he did not deviate in any way. And during his second missionary journey the Bible said he reasoned on very Sabbath, according to Acts. 18:1-4. In fact, I can’t see where the so called Pentecostal Revds; Bishops and Drs saw the Sabbath change in the Bible. If the Apostles used the first day to honour Jesus for rising on it, does it mean a change of Sabbath? They said Paul changed it. Paul could not on his own change the Sabbath day. Do you know that Paul was even on check during his ministry to the Gentiles?  He encountered the “Judaizers” at Antioch and was sent to Jerusalem for settlement; you can read about it in Acts. 15. Why couldn’t he settle that problem on his own at the Church at Antioch?

You may be confused of the word “Judaizers”. The religion which was on even before the birth of Christ in Israel or nay with the Jews was Judaism. Jesus also met it but did not use it during his time. Of cause he started calling his own disciples one after the other. Actually he operated in the Temple but did not make use of Judaism as way of life. So at the time Paul became a Christian Apostle to the Gentiles, he met them in his ministry.

When he was at Antioch, those people who formally worshipped that religion of Judaism left it and joined the Church. And they still held that concept and they were called Judaizers. They repented and joined the Church at Jerusalem and they came on a visit to Antioch, and taught the people in the presence of Paul and Barnabas saying “except they go through the Law of Moses, that they could not be saved” Acts. 15. On hearing this kind of teaching from those who were supposed to teach the truth, Paul and his companion Barnabas opposed that teaching immediately and there was much disputations or argument in the Church. And because of this argument, the Church sent Paul to the headquarters in Jerusalem for clearance and settlement. The Jerusalem Church therefore organized the Church council for this question, and after much deliberations by the Church council, the Pastor at that time ruled and said “My sentence is” Acts. 15. 19-22. It is important that we cite these passages for you to read.

Paul was there when the overall Pastor (James) ruled over the issue and he was satisfied. Even all the Apostles including Peter, and the rest of the Church council and elders were present.  Do these people who preach and believe that Paul changed the Sabbath read the Bible at all? How could Paul who was sent to the Gentiles change what the headquarters were doing? If he had done so, they would have called him to order, and we shall see the records today in the Bible. He was subject to authorities even though he was an Apostle.

He was not standing alone and couldn’t give any negative commandment to the Church. Of course Jesus was with him and he always received instructions from him.  On his arrest and persecution, he was going to Rome to defend himself and Jesus appeared to him and encouraged him, saying “as you have testified about me at Jerusalem, so shall you testify about me at Rome” Acts. 23:11. So Paul was very careful in his days.

What Paul commanded the Church to do at Corinth was to collect their gifts on the first day, so that when he comes, there would be no more collections on his presence. He was desirous to minister to the poor saints at Jerusalem; so he liked to go with the collections from the Gentile Churches, which in turn opened their way back home and prospered them.  This is why we ask you to always come to this blog site where the truth is displayed for all to read.  And we can tell you that up till now the Sabbath day has not been changed. But Daniel prophesied that “the horn shall think to change times and law” Dan. 7:25. The horn is the same as the Beast or the Antichrist, which must come from Europe.  And they have done according to the prophecy. They have changed the Sabbath day to Sun-day.


Everyone have been following Rome and their programs believing that they are the people which God had ordained to lead the Church, but we tell you that it is not true.  Some people have come to this knowledge but they ask “where are we going to start from to change it again”?  Well, the answer is “do your own work or what you are supposed to do and leave the rest to God”.   Since it was under prophecy, it is not by power nor by might. You can do nothing to change it but you could teach to sensitize the Church on the truth and God would cause your work to germinate and increase. We are assuring you that the Sabbath change has not been commanded by God and would not be commanded even in the future. Do you want to know why we say this? Read on

Jesus was teaching his disciples about his second coming and he said “But pray ye that your flight be not on the winter, neither on the Sabbath day” Matt. 24:20.  What does this statement mean? It means 1. That the Sabbath day has not been changed and that it would be on till the day of our flight.   What does the day of our flight mean? 2.  It means the day the Antichrist will command to kill all Christians from Israel to the whole world, just for failure to worship him Rev. 13:15. 3. Jesus said we should pray that this day should not be on the winter, why?

If we should run into the bush on the winter, cold would take hold on us badly and it may cause some people to denounce their faith in Christ.  This goes ahead to tell us that God has not changed the Sabbath day till tomorrow.  If there has been any change, the scriptures would tell us and not hide it. So Sabbath day has not been changed and Paul did not use I Cor. 16:2 to change the Sabbath day. It remains on the same seventh day.

So the assumption that Apostle Paul used his instruction to the Corinthian Church to change the Sabbath day is erroneous and not the truth in any way. These people that say these things are not teachable. If you confront them this way, they change to the other way.

When I confronted one about this question and when he could not defend himself further, do you know what he said? He said “Paul as an Apostle was sent to the Gentle world, not to Israel, so he was not taking instructions from Jerusalem”. You see it?

But did you see what at Antioch, a Gentle Church? How the Church sent Paul to Jerusalem for settlement?  That problem and question was settled there at Jerusalem and the Church at Antioch was at rest. But because these people have no idea on what happened to the Sabbath day, they teach like Rome from where most of them came from. But we have the whole idea and what the prophecy is. Rome has actually fulfilled what the Bible said concerning her. She has changed the Sabbath as Daniel prophesied in Dan. 7:25.

Yet God, Jesus and his Apostles have not changed the Sabbath before, today and even till tomorrow. The daily ministration in the early Church was not used to change the seventh day.

God bless.




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When we talk about the millennium or the millennial, we mean the Government of Jesus Christ, the son of the living God. Many people have written about it the way they like. But it is a literal Government which shall be seen here on earth. The millennial reign shall be governed by the Lord with his saints only. Many people have said that there shall be no literal Government of God on earth. They do not see the one thousand year reign of Jesus on earth in Rev.20. It’s the reason we are making sure that such people go through these write ups to read and educate themselves properly before these events begins to unfold to their surprise.

Rapture takes place first. This Government shall begin when the lord comes first and takes his saints from the world in the Rapture. Then he will take us up and after our sealing in the air, Rev. 7:1-3, he comes down immediately and fights the war of Armageddon, see war or Armageddon in, where he will destroy the plans of Satan, capture the Antichrist/Beast and throws him into the lake of fire with the false prophets Rev.19:19-20.

When the beast is captured with the false prophets and thrown into the lake of fire, then his soldiers shall be killed at the mountains of Israel. The people of Israel which were not of Israel Rom.9:6b shall go out to bury those soldiers who shall liter at the mountains for seven years and seven months Ezk.38-39. Here prophet Ezekiel was of the view that the Beast shall gather all the soldiers of the world (for world war 3) at the mountains of Israel, and there they shall try to stop Israel from escaping to the Rapture. Jesus had instructed that when abomination is fulfilled, those in Judea should flee to the mountains for safety, but the Beast shall send his there to stop them Luke 21:20-22; Matt. 24:15-18.

The war of Armageddon shall be fought at the mountains of Israel and the lord shall destroy all his soldiers there. All weapons and ammunitions shall scatter at the mountains of Israel. It may also surprise you to know that the war of Armageddon shall take place at the same day of Rapture. That’s the day known and called the day of the lord. It is a great day because about three powerful events are slated to take place on the same day. You may ask how? The first is the Rapture of the Church. Then the sealing of the church on air and the third event is the war of Armageddon. You can trust the lord, for they are no match for him.

When we asked other prophets they agreed that it shall be so. Or let’s ask prophet Isaiah about it and let’s hear what he has to say
“Behold the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate and he shall destroy the sinners out of it. For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their lights. The sun shall be darkened in his going forth and the moon shall not cause her light to shine. And I will punish the world for their evil and the wicked for their iniquity. And I will cause the arrogance of the proud to cease and I will lay low haughtiness of the terrible” Isaiah. 13:9-11.

Now let’s pick some points from what Isaiah said here. 1. The day of the lord shall be cruel both with wrath. 2.He shall lay the land low and destroy sinners out of it. 3.The sun and the moon shall not give their lights even with the constellations thereof. 4. Darkness shall be on the land on that day. 5. He will punish the world for their evil and the wicked for their iniquity.
If you look further you will discover another one but let’s go on with these. We have evidence/s with Isaiah’s words about the day of the Lord on the day of Rapture. That it will be with Darkness as Apostle Mathew agreed or recorded with him Matt. 24:29. Mathew not only agreed with him concerning darkness on the day of the lord, but also agreed with him on the issue of the mountains matt.24:15-16.

Jesus had instructed the Jews that when abomination is fulfilled in the Temple, i.e (abomination is when the Antichrist enters into the temple of God in Jerusalem) those in Judea should flee to the mountains. And there the soldiers of the beast shall surround them on the mountains causing no way of escape for them. And they shall be there when the lord comes for the Rapture. After the trumpet that sounds for Rapture, it has the ability to cease and shall cease the soldiers there for evidence to Jesus and he shall destroy those sinners out of it. This was what Isaiah was saying during his lifetime prophecy.

Time may fell me to totally explain in details what should be done there. All the weapons of the soldiers shall be scattered on the mountains with the dead bodies of the soldiers. And it will take Israel seven years and seven months to bury the dead bodies with the weapons, the war tanks, the hand graneds and ammunitions. In fact, they shall hire the professionals to help them, i.e the scientists, who shall manufacture the instruments which shall be used in picking the human bodies from the ground.

At this time if the bone of the dead or any weapon shall touch any man on his body, such one shall die immediately on the spot. Yes, because the Angels shall pour out dangerous chemicals from heaven against the soldiers, which shall pill out their bodies while standing with their guns.

When we are taken up in the Rapture, I said there shall be sealing of the saints on air. How? In Rev.7:1-3, the record says there four Angels who were given to watch the four corners of the earth to keep watch in the east where the Garden of Eden was located. And immediately following the Rapture, people coming from the east would have been destroyed by these four Angels. But an ascending Angel hasted with urgency and cried out with a loud voice to the four in charge of the east saying “Hurt not the trees nor the earth till have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads” Rev.7:1-3. This is one of the events of the day of the lord. And if this Angel had not been very fast, the four Angels would have destroyed people coming from the east in the Rapture. This Angel cried with a loud voice to stop those four from harming the saints. And after these things the saints were sealed and we follow Jesus upon white horses immediately and come down for the war of Armageddon.

These things might not take two hours to be over since the lord is involved. After destroying the sinners out of the mountains, he takes us up to heaven to entertain us in heaven for more than seven years before the land is cleansed from the rubbish on the mountains. Then after over seven years we then come down to take up offices and rule in the millennial government of our God here on earth.

But do not forget that within the seven years in heaven with the lord, he shall judge us there in the judgment seat of Christ. This judgment seat is not a fearful one, but of receiving of rewards on whatever or however you have done your work here on earth. Of course you know that whatever you have done for him you shall be paid. No one shall labour in vain I Cor.15:58.

After the judgment seat of Christ, then we shall be his Ambassadors 2 Cor.5:20 in the Millennial Government. No ungodly shall be appointed to any position in that Government, no. But they shall be governed and they shall see how a good Government is administered. They shall behold righteousness in action. They shall see a Government devoid of corruption. They shall see that no one shall have a hidden agenda, from the head to the toe. This type of government shall be seen as Iron Government. But the Bible said “He shall rule them with the Rod of Iron. Iron in the sense that “Man know man” shall not be observed. Whatever you merit shall be given to you free of charge, contrary to what the world is doing in their system. There shall be no rubbing of Peter to pay Paul, maybe because he is my man, or my relation, no way.

Every one shall perform his duty as expected. There shall be no need to expect a saint to take bribe in any way and for anything. Yet work shall be done and of course the saints shall have no need for money at this time because we are now spirits. All the locations of duty in the world shall be manned by the saints. Everyone shall be reporting to the headquarters in Jerusalem with true report of his location. There shall be uses of vehicles for work, just as it is done here, even though we are spirits.

Those faithful saints who did not make use of vehicles while alive in the earth shall use quality vehicles this time in their work. No one shall molest a saint on duty for anything. Of course you know by this time the Devil/Satan has been cast into the Bottomless Pit Rev.20:1-3, so everywhere shall be very calm and no one helps them with evil thought. Also the Beast/Antichrist already captured in the war of Armageddon and cast into the Lake of fire with the false prophets. So no one deceives them again.

Before the Rapture, i.e during the great tribulation, the people of the world shall ask a question saying “Who is like the Beast and who shall be able to make war with him”? Rev.13:4. They never remember or regard the lord in any way. At the war proper, the lord will take the Beast with ease and cast him into the Lake of fire Rev.19:19-20, while an Angel just takes the Devil/Satan and seal him up in the Bottom Pit, until after the thousand years. What a great power?

These shall be done before the lord sets out to begin his millennia rule, and he shall reign on the earth for a thousand years with his saints. You have been acquainted with the true knowledge of how these things shall be done, so you are not confused by those whose mouth are very sweet but have no truth in their tongues. Some of them are saying there is nothing as Rapture in the future to take place. Don’t mind them. Jesus cannot be telling lies or any of his Apostles or disciples deceiving us in any way, no.

Peace shall be seen all through the world for the first time. Forget about what the United Nations is doing now, shouting peace, peace everywhere. Have they achieved one percent of peace? No! Yet the peace they are seeking for is destructive peace I Thess.5:3. Jesus said “My Peace give I unto you, not as the world giveth” Jon.14:27. You can see two kinds of peace here. Choose the one you want, either from the Lord or from the world.

Make sure that you will partake in the Rapture, so you will be an Ambassador in the Lord’s Government of righteousness on earth, and finally in the New Jerusalem that shall come afterwards. What else do you want from the lord? He has promised you eternity with him forever. We shall reign with him forever. We shall be uploading the wrath of God in our sister site very soon. Keep watch for it, for it shall be explosive.

We have been appointed to reveal or to teach about end time events in the last days. And that’s why you see us upload many of them in all our sites. We try to make sure that people are properly educated on these things. So you have an obligation to be coming or visiting all our sites for these updates. We have no other place to upload them than in all our sites. You know them, from, to, or You can also visit and see Joseph Azubuike’s blog.

My prayer is that you will be found in the millennial reign of the lord in the name of Jesus. It’s not your portion to be found in the wrath of God in Jesus name, Amen and Amen.
If you have any comment or question please feel free to ask or comment through our contact form in the contact page, or use our email address at the top of each page to contact us, and we shall be glad to help or explain further. You can also call us with this number below. Thank you and God bless.