What is Easter? Does the Bible support it? Is it a Christian festival? How does it relate to the resurrection of Jesus Christ? From the Bible record Easter is not associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, no. From the account of Jesus in the early morning resurrection, the Bible did not mention anything as Easter Jon. 20:1-10. From these passages of resurrection to the ascension which occurred after 40 days with his disciples on earth Acts. 1:3, there was nothing as Easter in connection with Christ or with our Salvation. Neither does Easter mean Salvation or in any way relate with our Salvation. Instead it was against the Christian faith, when it tried to kill Apostle Peter Acts 12. It was only on this account that Easter was heard about for the first time in the Bible.
It is an ungodly festival which was derived from the Grecian kingdom and rested on Rome. From my book of Rapture you could see that Greece ruled the world as the fifth world power, after which Rome took over. The name was “Ishtar or estorea”, but it was late renamed Easter in the hands of Rome. It was in the world before the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is not a Christian program because it dated back before the emergence of Christianity. It was in no way related to or associated with the resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ. It is very wrong for Rome to associate Easter with the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus resurrected long before the Church was established or inaugurated at Jerusalem at the upper room Acts.2.
Easter does not mean resurrection of Jesus Christ nor the Salvation of mankind. It is in no way connected with Jesus resurrection or the Church of Christ. The Church of Christ had not been born when the resurrection of Jesus Christ occurred, therefore how could anyone associate the resurrection of Jesus with Easter and the Church? Let’s go to John’s book in Chapter 20:1-10 and see the resurrection of Jesus. Here there was nothing as Easter associated with his resurrection, and the Church had not been born. The Church was born 50 days after Jesus’ resurrection by the Holy Spirit who took over from him Acts 2. This happened on the day of Pentecost, a feast in Israel and the Jews. Again Easter entered into the Bible for the first time in connection with Apostle Peter’s arrest by King Herod.
But Easter had been in the world before the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, how is it associated with his resurrection? I guess those who argue much on this never have time to study the Bible because this error is glaring. There were so many things which were taught us when we were infants, and when we grew up to study about those things we begin to laugh at such ideas. For example, a young man heard from his teacher at school “that the sticks of sugar cane are the product used in producing sugar”.
He didn’t hear very well that there are processes to go before it would form as a cube. He went home and bought the sticks to a large quantity, extracted the waters and put it into a pot and began to cook it. But before he knew what happened the waters had dried and the pot began to heat badly. So we know from here that there is one error somewhere. It was either the teacher did not communicate well or the student didn’t understand him. But whatever happened thereafter, a mistake has been made. But still sugar cane remains the correct raw material for sugar production.
Now it is very wrong for Rome which killed all the Apostles and disciples of Jesus, and closed down his Church at Jerusalem, to begin to tell us that Easter was in connection with the resurrection of our lord. And we seem to listen and also to believe and practice their fables. If you do study your Bible very well, I say very well, you must understand that Jesus resurrected on the first day of the week and did not build the Church in his lifetime, but it was inaugurated by the Holy Spirit 10 days after his ascension, according to Lev. 25:10. The Bible recorded that he was on earth after his resurrection 40 days with the disciples before his ascension Acts 1:3. Add 40 days to 10 days and see Lev.25:10 come to pass.
I recommend my book of Rapture to you, title, “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”. This eBook shall display all the world powers of the Bible to you and you will see Rome’s position at the time of Christ. Jesus was born when Rome was the sixth world power. Just as America is the seventh and last world power now. And whenever their time elapses, the eight which is the seven (Europe) comes back to power. And that would be the time the great tribulation period shall start in the whole world.
Rome was originally known with their Idol worship at that time. That was the reason the Emperors of Rome fought to destroy the Church. Have you not read about “the martyrs of Jesus”? What was the reason of the Martyrs and who martyred the Saints? The Saints or Apostles of Jesus who established the Church by the Holy Spirit were attacked by Roman soldiers, under the command of the Emperors, trying to close down the Church because in God’s program, Rome stands out as an enemy till tomorrow. Read Daniel’s account on the fourth Beast Dan. 7:7.
This passage says the terrible Beast would trample on the residue (Church) with the feet of it”. The feet of this Beast in God’s master plan is “Iron” read Dan. 2:40. Observe the master plan from the book of Rapture which I recommended for you. Let’s continue with the record from the Bible.
I have already said that Ishtar as an ungodly festival was in the world before the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When Jesus made mention of building his Church in Math 16:18, there was no Church in existence before then. He was the first to mention Church, as we know “the law of first mention”. This means whoever first says a thing or whoever creates a thing or a product will be referenced by others who may build on that product or may produce its kind later. Jesus as “the first and the last” Rev. 1:17, Isa.41:4 had to start the mention of Church in the world. He said he would build his Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it Math. 16:18.
Therefore Rome’s claim to be the first Church in the world is not inaccurate but a fallacy. How could Rome start Jesus Church when he in his life time trained his Apostles and Disciples and called them all from Israel?
At that time he didn’t come to Rome, neither did he come to Rome after his resurrection; no, no such record exists. They now claimed that it was Apostle Peter who established the Church at Rome. The question is “did he establish that Church at Rome before they crucified him upside down or after his death”? One could laugh at this claim because it could not be substantiated at all.

Jesus in that prophecy foresaw Rome killing the saints and trying to close down his Church and he prophesied about it. Many people do not know what is or what the gates of Hell were. If you ask many people about the gates of hell, they refer you to “spirits or demons”. Were the demons the ones who martyred the Church? Or were the saints martyred by the Roman Emperors through their soldiers? You do not understand this because you were not the one martyred, otherwise you would have known it by force. Not only that, you have believed them as the Church of Christ because you do not know anything about Church.
It may interest you to know that Rome after closing down the Church by killing the Saint tried and assumed the first Church. This claim is what every Roman Catholic knows and says till tomorrow. They were earlier barred from reading the Bible, so that the Holy Spirit would not open their eyes as they read the Bible. They were taught that the Bible is so big that its volume could make one mad, so it was only their priests that are qualified to touch it because they are holy.
They have many assumptions which they assume, among them was that Easter means resurrection of Jesus Christ. If they claim such assumption because they are blind to the Scriptures, are you also blind? If they are asked not to read the Bible, who is there to stop you from reading and studying it? If I’m reading and studying the Bible and nothing has happened to me, what will then happen to you?
But I have some tips for you. Do you know that they are opposed to all of God’s programs? Okay, where do they keep the second commandment in Ex. 20:4-6? It is none existent in their Catechism.
What of when God through Paul gave us his word “that every man aspiring to lead the Church as a Pastor, Bishop or teacher (must) be the husband of one wife” I Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:4-7? Do they obey it? All their Priests are unmarried from the least to the greatest. Not one is married among them but they are using women here and there, and have left even their Rev sisters provided for them and entered the society.
They have blinded the eyes of their people with assumptions that they no longer reason well again. Those who study the Bible and come to this knowledge were attacked with treat against their lives. Many of their priests today have seen the green light from God but they are dying in silence because they have taken that oath unknowingly, and they do not know what to do. But I have a tip for some who may care, Jesus said “if you are ashamed of me in this sinful and adulterous generation, of you shall I be ashamed when I shall appear in glory with the holy Angels” Mk.8:38. So risk your life for Christ and die as a martyr today, you would have made heaven direct.
What do I mean? Give your life to Christ and resign your appointment as a priest under them because of the light now in you and then get married to whomsoever you love to marry. The next thing they will do is to attack you up and down. You can run to any Country of the world for protection, and they will claim to follow you anywhere in the world. This will open your eyes the more because that’s how occults do when a member decamps from their midst. Having seen the truth now you can also decide to die, instead of losing your Salvation.
The Church at Jerusalem lived above 300 years before the enthronement of Emperor Constantine the great, who when he mounted the throne ordered that no killing of the saints should continue. You can browse the net and get more information on “The Martyrs of Jesus”. Constantine the great stopped the killing of the saints but inflicted a more severe injury on the church.
He stopped the killing of the saints but ordered that “Anyone who does not worship God on the first day should be killed”. He was instrumental to the changing of the Sabbath day to “the day of the sun”, otherwise known as “Sun-day or sun-god”. This was the day they worship the sun. Now this day is reorganized as Sunday and no longer as “the day of the sun”. This sun was their male god while their female god was the moon. So they cunningly changed “the moon day” to “Monday”. They removed one o in order to remove the understanding from those who might argue it, or try to educate others on the issue.
What we are using in the whole world except Israel is the Roman calendar. Every day is associated with a god. Thus they have fulfilled Daniel’s prophecy that says “And they shall think to change times and law” Dan. 7:25. They have done it. The Sabbath day is now on Sunday while the days go after their gods. But do you know that God has not changed the Sabbath day and will not change it? If you say anything to open the eyes of your own people, your own people will attack you first before they come, especially their members.
Help us O God!