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This is a question which should be in every body’s mind today, as far as you are a child of God, and you have the hope of making or being in heaven. Yes it should be in our minds because the things happening in the world today calls for this question, but incidentally we are all feeling complacent about it. Well, whether we are interested to know about it or not, it all concerns us and we can’t run away from it. Our Salvation is tied to it, so there’s no way out.

We have been deceived by the belief that promises to remove us in the Rapture before the coming of the Beast/Antichrist. This belief teaches us that the church of Christ will be taken in the Rapture before the coming of the Beast/antichrist. This belief therefore is erroneous and it is known and called “Pre tribulation Rapture”. It is the first to teach about “Pre tribulation theory”. It was derived from a man called “John Nelson Darby” from 1800-1882”. He was the one also developed “Dispensational Pre millennialism”.

And it is grouped alongside with “Historic Pre millennialism” which is the theme that carries other “Futurist Articles”. While “Pre tribulation Rapture is under Dispensational theory”, “Post Tribulation Rapture” is under the theme known as “Historic Pre millennialism”. All are under the school of “Futurism”.

This man John Nelson was in the Bible school from 1820 when a young unmarried Scottish lady by name “Maggrate Mc Donald” began to prophecy that Jesus told her that his people would not enter the great tribulation. And as a result of her prophecy, many people visited her, among who was John Nelson Darby.

Then reaching home John began to redraft and to write about what he heard from this lady, and he forgot about what the Bible which had already been concluded in the early Century of about AD 90-100 by the Apostles had written.

John redrafting the topic of Rapture said that the word “Pre” means “Before” and we agree with this word. Yes the word “Pre” means “before”, but there is no single scripture anywhere suggesting the word Pre in the topic of Rapture. It was from this concept that everyone is deceived today. The topic of Rapture has been redrafted in a way as to be feared, but God is still helping us to know the real truth.

We may ask “what is the Bible topic written in the scriptures by the lord Jesus Christ and his prophets and disciples, before the end of the first Century”? Answer: It was Post Tribulation view. How? We shall answer this question by bringing together all other scriptures that say the same thing. Also know that there are books that talk about this topic like Daniel and Revelation.

The book of Daniel formed the bases for knowing the truth of the topic; because he was there in Babylon when the program began. He saw the dream of the king Nebuchadnezzar as well as interpreted it to him in Dan 2. And Dan 2 is the foundation of this program. Many teachers including John Nelson had made the foundation of their teaching with Persia which is Dan. 9:24.
With Dan. 9:24-27, you cannot understand this topic or form the Bible Beast with seven heads and ten horns. Of course they have no idea how this Beast was formed, neither could they explain who or what the Beast means. But if you read my book, you will not only understand the topic but you will also see how this Best was formed to be with seven heads and ten horns. This is no joke. To get the knowledge very easy, get my book of Rapture with this keyword “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”.

Get it with a little token and download it into your device and read it to your satisfaction, and then educate others on this topic. John Nelson Darby destroyed what was in the scriptures unknowingly, but I’m correcting it now. The reason is not farfetched, he was not called to do what he did, so it was not revealed to him, but he forced himself to do it.
Now I said the scriptural topic is “Post tribulation view”. Let’s get into it now. Let’s see what Apostle Paul said about this topic and see his interpretation to it. This will help us to learn more.

Paul said to the Church at Thessaloniki in 2Thessaloniki 2:4. “Who opposes every idea about God and goes to the seat of God to sit down and claim that he is God”. Please check your Bible if these words are written there. If it is there then you are wrong but if it is not there you are right. If it is there, then Apostle Paul taught on “Post tribulation” to the Church.

Here Apostle Paul said that the Beast will oppose the knowledge and mention and or the worship of God in the Temple of Jerusalem. And that he will climb up to the seat of the most high God to seat down and claim that he is God. Now if the Antichrist enters into the Temple at Jerusalem to sit down into the Church, will the Church not see him? Read again 2Thess 2:4.

These false teachers said that the teaching of Jesus in the book of Matt. 24 was exclusively to the Jews and not to the Church. They also claim that the Jews would suffer the great tribulation alone and that there is a difference between the Jews and the church, which is not true. I’m afraid of their teaching. Apostle Paul said there is no difference between the Jews and the Greek or Gentiles Gal. 3:26:29. Now the Gentiles are creating that difference by themselves against the Jews. But Jesus said “Salvation is of the Jews” Jon. 4:22. Now do you think that the Gentiles shall take away Salvation from the Jews and cast them out before their God? No way! The question is “What is Israel’s sin?” It’s only necessary partial blindness Rom.11:25; Isa.6:9-13. What these Gentiles fail to know is that if Israel had received Christ at his first coming that the Gentiles would been lost to Hellfire forever. Apostle Paul made it clear that their rejection of Christ was for the good of the Gentiles Rom. 11:11.

Yet the whole world goes to Jerusalem for Pilgrimage, why? It appears they don’t understand what they are saying at all. If Paul had ever written that the Beast shall enter into the temple to sit down and claim that he is God, then this is “Post trib” and it means he taught the Church that we must see the Antichrist. Again see agreement between Jesus in the book of Mathew 24:15 with Paul to the Church 2Thess. 2:4 “when you shall see the abomination of desolation written by Daniel the prophet, let he that reads understand” Matt. 24:15.

It is 1.The entrance of the Beast/antichrist into the Temple of God is an abomination. 2. To sit down on God’s seat is an abomination. 3. To claim that he is God is also an abomination. All these shall take place at the Temple of Jerusalem, and it was the reason Paul told the church to watch out for these events in the Temple. Prophet Ezekiel also agreed that it was so Ezk. 28:2.
Whenever these things takes place in the Temple at Jerusalem, then Jesus’ prophecy from Daniel will be fulfilled Dan.12:11. Daniel counted from the time the Antichrist shall take away the daily service from the Temple or oppose the Church in the temple. This was the reference Jesus made in the book of Mathew 24:15 and Paul referenced it to the Church in 2Thess. 2:4. After studying these references, you will agree that these false teachers never understand what they are teaching at all.

Remember that I told you earlier that Daniel’s book formed the bases for this topic. You can now see agreement in interpretation. Now do you see that when the Beast enters into the Temple of God which is yet to be built at Jerusalem, the Church in the Gentile world shall still be here and shall see these things come to pass.

You may ask why? It is because Apostle Paul informed us to watch out for these events in the Temple. The news shall carry it out to us who are in the Gentile world, and we shall read it from papers and hear it from Radios. Even the appointment of the Beast by the world body “The United Nations” shall not be secret. Although they shall not call him antichrist, but a name that shows that he is the solution the world’s trouble.

But it is important we know what’s obtainable at that time so as to stay up to date and not be deceived. Now I might not have all the time to explain all things in details here, you will have them explained well in the book of Rapture, please get it for it has all these things in details.
There you will see how the Bible Beast with seven heads and ten horns was formed. You will also know the world powers from 1-7, who or what they are and even beyond the seven. Who shall be the eight world powers? And what gave birth to the Beast. You will know if we shall see the beast as an animal or as a human being, get this from the book.

The teachers of the other views have no knowledge of these things. If you ask them how the Beast with seven heads and ten horns were formed, try it out and hear them “it doesn’t concern me, because I will be gone before his appearance”. This is all they can say because they have no knowledge of the topic of Rapture, because they have been deceived with wrong belief or view.
Ask them “What is the mark of the Beast” hear them again “666” Wow! very wrong. But see where they make argument, you would not say one and they say all. You ask for the mark of the Beast and they give you “the number of his name” Rev. 13:17-18. Please could one help them to read my book and stop claiming to know what they don’t know?

The teachers of the wrong view which is Pre tribulation Rapture teaching say that they are waiting for the Rapture of the Church to occur. This is not true. According to the program of God’s Calendar, we are awaiting for the appearance of the Antichrist not Rapture. The appearance of the Antichrist shall precede Rapture. It’s not that I’m an agent of Satan or that I hate the Church no, but according to the word of God, it is so.

Jesus said he is coming “Immediately after the tribulation of those days” Matt.24:29-31, immediately after not before the tribulation, does he not love his Church? It is better to say what Jesus said. It is better to say what Daniel said and it is better to say what Paul, John and the rest of God’s Giants have said, than to think that you can love the Church more than Jesus by removing his Church in the Rapture without him doing it.

Since he is not coming before the tribulation, all the souls that have trusted the Pre tribulation Rapture shall surely be disappointed in that period. REASON: Paul said “they received not the loved of the truth of the word that they might be saved” 2Thess.2:10. These people cannot change their belief no matter how you try to say the truth. They are stuck with error.
If you could get my book, then look at the master plan of the Beast kingdom as well as the seal Remnant, and see the program. The Beast must appear before the Temple of Jerusalem is built, and in fact, it is the man of sin who shall give the command to build the Temple because he has an ambition to fulfill at the Temple when completed. He will enter it and sit on God’s seat and claim that he is God 2Thess. 2:4.

Again Israel shall begin officially to hear their Gospel at the time when Antichrist is in the world. This period is called “the time of Jacob’s trouble” Jer.30:7. Not that there’s no Gospel in Israel now, but the majority of people have not received the Gospel, only few people have it. At that time the witnesses shall come to preach to them. The prophet they love, the man who struck Egypt with blood Moses, and the man of fire Elijah Rev.11:6 shall come with the gospel, surprised? Read it in the book of Rapture.

See, that period shall witness war in different ways. Wars which shall not be fought with weapons. Moses and his brother Elijah shall be termed as “Terrorists” by the armies of the Beast, why? Because when they try to shoot at them, they shall command fire from heaven and consume the soldiers instead. This shall go on until they finish their Job; this is what the Bible said.
But after completing their job, then the Antichrist shall now kill them, and leave their bodies to the open sun till three days, no burial. When they are killed, people shall give gifts to one another because these men had been killed Rev. 11:10. After three days they rise up from the dead causing fear again.

What is the possible reason for the exchange of gifts to one and to another? I said there shall be wars of different kinds. They shall stop us from buying and selling of basic food, and we shall stop heaven from Rain upon the earth, and strike every sea, river and spring with blood. Read about this event in the book of Rapture; see “Moses instructs Israel”. This topic is interpreted in its real meaning because I’m appointed to reveal this end time message to the world.
Therefore it is your duty to read it from me and get the real message of the end. There are many write-ups out there and everyone is entitled to his own opinion. You may say “they are all the same” but I say no to it. Get my book and see the difference between all. I’m writing as it is revealed to me, even though everyone is saying the same thing. But my book shall show you the program of events. It is from these programs that I’m writing all these things.

When you see how the Bible Beast with seven heads and ten horns was formed, you will be sure to get the others also. King Nebuchadnezzar told the magicians of Babylon saying “If you can call back my dream, then I know that you can interpret it”. Having seen the master plan, and formed the Beast, showcase the seven world powers from the beginning to the end; you are therefore blessed to read the truth and shall escape from the deceit of the enemy. So after seeing the Beast/Antichrist what’s the next?

No one shall bring down Jesus before the great tribulation for Rapture, but immediately after tribulation, you will see the son of man coming with power and great glory Matt. 24:30-31. He knows it better than any so called Bishop, Pastor or Revd, whether Right or Left Revd. Everyone should take our lord’s words very serious. Take it or leave it.

See the book of Rapture and see the program outlined one after the order. All who have read it are now sure about the topic for which many have prophesied and failed. Many have entered into the office of the false prophet for prophesying lies in the name of end of the world.
God bless
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