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This is a question many teachers fail to address very well. Everyone is bent on giving personal opinion to the question. No one knows the correct and real answer to it. We see many people suggesting that it might be this or that. But the Bible is here with us and so many people who are suggesting it might be this or that are not called in this field to say anything. And they would not allow the one called to show them the answer.

They also conclude that the Bible speaks in a figurative way so that people would not understand who or what it is. Well, to some extent they are right, in the sense that Daniel and especially John used figures of speech to write their books. And these two books are working together in end time events. Yet God has revealed who and what is the Antichrist to me, are you in doubt?

Let’s go to the master plan of the Beast kingdom, do you know it? Many people are reading from there and yet they do not know that it is the master plan of the Beast kingdom. That’s where I’m different from all who are reading from these passages. Let’s go to the book of Daniel and see the master plan of the Beast kingdom. But I will direct you to the book of Rapture for you to read the full details of the Beasts. I will only outline them here for the topic to continue.

Daniel’s book is the bedrock of these events, even as much as he was in Babylon during the seal one opening. Many teachers say that “Seal means the wrath of God by the Angel’s trumpets”. This is absolutely incorrect and heresy at the same time. See, I’m not among the crowed; I’m just in the minority group just like the prophets of old as far as these events are concerned, but must showcase what God asked me to say and reveal to this generation.

The seal program is where God wrote his end time events or programs which come into the world one after the other. When the first seal was opened, five (5) world conquerors appeared Rev. 6:1-2. Do you them? Follow me now and read. They were 1 Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, 2 King Cyrus of Persia, 3 Alexander the great of Greece, 4 Augustus Caesar of Rome and 5 Jesus of Nazareth. These five world conquerors operated in seal one opening. Get the full details in the book of Rapture titled “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”. Also see the law of seal one as “Conquering and to conquer” Rev. 6:1-2.

In Daniel Chapter 1 was Nebuchadnezzar’s installation as king in Babylon after his father’s death; and also where he captured Jehoiakim of Judah, see 2kgs. 24:1-3; and in Chapter 2 was where the master plan of the Beast kingdom was displayed to him in his dream. In this dream he saw the statue standing from the earth into the sky, which indicated that at the proper time, the program shall not only be against Israel but against the whole Christian world.
And he called in all his magicians and none of them could see the dream or attempted to interpret it to him. At the end he ordered that all of them should be executed and these magicians included Daniel and his brothers into it. These made Daniel and his brothers to go into prayers, and the same night God came with both the dream and its interpretation to Daniel and he interpreted it to the king in the next morning.

Daniel saw and told the king his dream and said to him, “that thou saw a statue standing from earth to heaven, and that this image’s head was “Fine gold” Dan.2:38. This was the foundation of the program, because no program starts from the bottom to the top, but from the top to the bottom. Although programs might change at some point, just as I saw it in the Ark of Noah which started from the bottom to the top.

“The chest and arms of this image was of silver”, which said that there would be an inferior government which shall come after Nebuchadnezzar Dan.2:39. And that inferior government was that of Cyrus of Persia who assassinated Nebuchadnezzar’s grandson Belshazzar in Dan. 5. “The thigh of this image was of Bronze”, and this bronze was for the kingdom of Greece through Alexander the great Dan. 2:39.

“The fourth and last part of this image was of Iron mixed with clay” Dan. 2:40. And this Iron government was Rome under Augustus Caesar. This was the order of their successive coming and reign in the world. In the first seal, it was written that they conquered each other Rev.6:1-2.
And in the same Roman kingdom was where Jesus of Nazareth appeared and conquered the world also, see Jon.16:33. Each coming king would conquer the reigning king and take over the world from him.
All these 5 world conquerors appeared in the first seal opening. This is why many people who are teaching about end times make great mistakes in knowing the foundation of this topic. Some especially “Pre Tribulation teachers and others” founded their topic from the Persian rule which is in Dan.9. But the foundation started in Babylon not Persia. With Persia the head which was Babylon was not in their plan, and it means that their teaching would not have the head of the Lion, and so they have failed to know the right one.

In Daniel 7:1-7 these Beasts were seen coming for the formation one after the other. The Bible actually called them Beasts because of their actions, but they were humans who acted like Beasts and so they were called. In the formation of this Beast of Rev.13, each Beast was seen in its true characteristics.

The first was a Lion which is king of all animals, it was Nebuchadnezzar. The second Beast was Bear, which was Cyrus of Persia. The third Beast was Bronze or Alexander the great of Greece. Then the fourth Beast was Augustus of Rome. If you think I’m wrong, read my book of Rapture and you will congratulate me later.

All these humans became Beasts because of their characters and behaviors. But they all joined together to make seven heads and ten horns. You will see how they formed in the book of Rapture. All of them joined into the third Beast which was Alexander the great of Greece who was represented as Leopard Dan.7:6 in Amp version Rev. 13:2. Every knowledge you need is in the book of Rapture, and it was explained in details, please just get this book. You will surely enjoy its mysteries.

Many teachers could not explain it this way, but they use suggestive methods which try to use anything that they see as Gold in the Bible. The Bible is specific about them with the number of the Beast. They even teach that the mark of the Beast is 666, which is a powerful wrong answer. If the mark of the Beast is 666, what is the number of his name? His number has been calculated and revealed to us by God. Read the book of Rapture.
Now the third Beast carries them all as John wrote saying, “the Beast I saw was like a Leopard” Rev. 13:2. In the Rapture book I said that these Beasts are now metaphoric in nature. That is to say, we are not going to see such a Beast with seven heads and ten horns as a single Beast, no. But all of them are in the same group.

The book of Rapture is highly loaded with these end time events. Every detail is there and explanation was made easy for the Christian Community. When you learn about it, you will become an end time teacher by force and you could ask questions which others may not answer. For example, just as we said earlier, if you ask any of them saying “What is the mark of the Beast?” their answer is nothing but 666, showing that they don’t know it. But if you read the Rapture book, you will know what the mark is and you will confidently answer any of their questions.

At the fullness of time, all of them shall come out of the fourth seal where they are now, see Rev.6:7-8. These are the passages of the fourth seal, and in the book of Rapture see the seal Remnants. I earlier told you that God wrote his end time programs in the seals. Not only that, even our Salvation is on seal Eph. 1:13; 2Cor.1:22 etc. God is not doing anything without seal. So if you couldn’t locate this topic in the seals, then try to obtain and read my book and see it live.

Apostle Paul said that God’s foundation or program is sure and founded on seal 2Tim.2:19. You will see what happened in seal 1, 2, 3 and all the seals to the sixth seal. The seventh seal program is coming in another blog in this site or in our sister site.
The sixth seal is the seal of Rapture while the seal of wrath is the seventh seal, so Rapture occurs before the wrath of God. Our teachers were deceived by John Nelson who redrafted and destroyed the Bible view. Now you have the option to know the truth from my blogs and from my book of Rapture.
God bless you.