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This is a question many teachers fail to address very well. Everyone is bent on giving personal opinion to the question. No one knows the correct and real answer to it. We see many people suggesting that it might be this or that. But the Bible is here with us and so many people who are suggesting it might be this or that are not called in this field to say anything. And they would not allow the one called to show them the answer.

They also conclude that the Bible speaks in a figurative way so that people would not understand who or what it is. Well, to some extent they are right, in the sense that Daniel and especially John used figures of speech to write their books. And these two books are working together in end time events. Yet God has revealed who and what is the Antichrist to me, are you in doubt?

Let’s go to the master plan of the Beast kingdom, do you know it? Many people are reading from there and yet they do not know that it is the master plan of the Beast kingdom. That’s where I’m different from all who are reading from these passages. Let’s go to the book of Daniel and see the master plan of the Beast kingdom. But I will direct you to the book of Rapture for you to read the full details of the Beasts. I will only outline them here for the topic to continue.

Daniel’s book is the bedrock of these events, even as much as he was in Babylon during the seal one opening. Many teachers say that “Seal means the wrath of God by the Angel’s trumpets”. This is absolutely incorrect and heresy at the same time. See, I’m not among the crowed; I’m just in the minority group just like the prophets of old as far as these events are concerned, but must showcase what God asked me to say and reveal to this generation.

The seal program is where God wrote his end time events or programs which come into the world one after the other. When the first seal was opened, five (5) world conquerors appeared Rev. 6:1-2. Do you them? Follow me now and read. They were 1 Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, 2 King Cyrus of Persia, 3 Alexander the great of Greece, 4 Augustus Caesar of Rome and 5 Jesus of Nazareth. These five world conquerors operated in seal one opening. Get the full details in the book of Rapture titled “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”. Also see the law of seal one as “Conquering and to conquer” Rev. 6:1-2.

In Daniel Chapter 1 was Nebuchadnezzar’s installation as king in Babylon after his father’s death; and also where he captured Jehoiakim of Judah, see 2kgs. 24:1-3; and in Chapter 2 was where the master plan of the Beast kingdom was displayed to him in his dream. In this dream he saw the statue standing from the earth into the sky, which indicated that at the proper time, the program shall not only be against Israel but against the whole Christian world.
And he called in all his magicians and none of them could see the dream or attempted to interpret it to him. At the end he ordered that all of them should be executed and these magicians included Daniel and his brothers into it. These made Daniel and his brothers to go into prayers, and the same night God came with both the dream and its interpretation to Daniel and he interpreted it to the king in the next morning.

Daniel saw and told the king his dream and said to him, “that thou saw a statue standing from earth to heaven, and that this image’s head was “Fine gold” Dan.2:38. This was the foundation of the program, because no program starts from the bottom to the top, but from the top to the bottom. Although programs might change at some point, just as I saw it in the Ark of Noah which started from the bottom to the top.

“The chest and arms of this image was of silver”, which said that there would be an inferior government which shall come after Nebuchadnezzar Dan.2:39. And that inferior government was that of Cyrus of Persia who assassinated Nebuchadnezzar’s grandson Belshazzar in Dan. 5. “The thigh of this image was of Bronze”, and this bronze was for the kingdom of Greece through Alexander the great Dan. 2:39.

“The fourth and last part of this image was of Iron mixed with clay” Dan. 2:40. And this Iron government was Rome under Augustus Caesar. This was the order of their successive coming and reign in the world. In the first seal, it was written that they conquered each other Rev.6:1-2.
And in the same Roman kingdom was where Jesus of Nazareth appeared and conquered the world also, see Jon.16:33. Each coming king would conquer the reigning king and take over the world from him.
All these 5 world conquerors appeared in the first seal opening. This is why many people who are teaching about end times make great mistakes in knowing the foundation of this topic. Some especially “Pre Tribulation teachers and others” founded their topic from the Persian rule which is in Dan.9. But the foundation started in Babylon not Persia. With Persia the head which was Babylon was not in their plan, and it means that their teaching would not have the head of the Lion, and so they have failed to know the right one.

In Daniel 7:1-7 these Beasts were seen coming for the formation one after the other. The Bible actually called them Beasts because of their actions, but they were humans who acted like Beasts and so they were called. In the formation of this Beast of Rev.13, each Beast was seen in its true characteristics.

The first was a Lion which is king of all animals, it was Nebuchadnezzar. The second Beast was Bear, which was Cyrus of Persia. The third Beast was Bronze or Alexander the great of Greece. Then the fourth Beast was Augustus of Rome. If you think I’m wrong, read my book of Rapture and you will congratulate me later.

All these humans became Beasts because of their characters and behaviors. But they all joined together to make seven heads and ten horns. You will see how they formed in the book of Rapture. All of them joined into the third Beast which was Alexander the great of Greece who was represented as Leopard Dan.7:6 in Amp version Rev. 13:2. Every knowledge you need is in the book of Rapture, and it was explained in details, please just get this book. You will surely enjoy its mysteries.

Many teachers could not explain it this way, but they use suggestive methods which try to use anything that they see as Gold in the Bible. The Bible is specific about them with the number of the Beast. They even teach that the mark of the Beast is 666, which is a powerful wrong answer. If the mark of the Beast is 666, what is the number of his name? His number has been calculated and revealed to us by God. Read the book of Rapture.
Now the third Beast carries them all as John wrote saying, “the Beast I saw was like a Leopard” Rev. 13:2. In the Rapture book I said that these Beasts are now metaphoric in nature. That is to say, we are not going to see such a Beast with seven heads and ten horns as a single Beast, no. But all of them are in the same group.

The book of Rapture is highly loaded with these end time events. Every detail is there and explanation was made easy for the Christian Community. When you learn about it, you will become an end time teacher by force and you could ask questions which others may not answer. For example, just as we said earlier, if you ask any of them saying “What is the mark of the Beast?” their answer is nothing but 666, showing that they don’t know it. But if you read the Rapture book, you will know what the mark is and you will confidently answer any of their questions.

At the fullness of time, all of them shall come out of the fourth seal where they are now, see Rev.6:7-8. These are the passages of the fourth seal, and in the book of Rapture see the seal Remnants. I earlier told you that God wrote his end time programs in the seals. Not only that, even our Salvation is on seal Eph. 1:13; 2Cor.1:22 etc. God is not doing anything without seal. So if you couldn’t locate this topic in the seals, then try to obtain and read my book and see it live.

Apostle Paul said that God’s foundation or program is sure and founded on seal 2Tim.2:19. You will see what happened in seal 1, 2, 3 and all the seals to the sixth seal. The seventh seal program is coming in another blog in this site or in our sister site.
The sixth seal is the seal of Rapture while the seal of wrath is the seventh seal, so Rapture occurs before the wrath of God. Our teachers were deceived by John Nelson who redrafted and destroyed the Bible view. Now you have the option to know the truth from my blogs and from my book of Rapture.
God bless you.



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This is a question which should be in every body’s mind today, as far as you are a child of God, and you have the hope of making or being in heaven. Yes it should be in our minds because the things happening in the world today calls for this question, but incidentally we are all feeling complacent about it. Well, whether we are interested to know about it or not, it all concerns us and we can’t run away from it. Our Salvation is tied to it, so there’s no way out.

We have been deceived by the belief that promises to remove us in the Rapture before the coming of the Beast/Antichrist. This belief teaches us that the church of Christ will be taken in the Rapture before the coming of the Beast/antichrist. This belief therefore is erroneous and it is known and called “Pre tribulation Rapture”. It is the first to teach about “Pre tribulation theory”. It was derived from a man called “John Nelson Darby” from 1800-1882”. He was the one also developed “Dispensational Pre millennialism”.

And it is grouped alongside with “Historic Pre millennialism” which is the theme that carries other “Futurist Articles”. While “Pre tribulation Rapture is under Dispensational theory”, “Post Tribulation Rapture” is under the theme known as “Historic Pre millennialism”. All are under the school of “Futurism”.

This man John Nelson was in the Bible school from 1820 when a young unmarried Scottish lady by name “Maggrate Mc Donald” began to prophecy that Jesus told her that his people would not enter the great tribulation. And as a result of her prophecy, many people visited her, among who was John Nelson Darby.

Then reaching home John began to redraft and to write about what he heard from this lady, and he forgot about what the Bible which had already been concluded in the early Century of about AD 90-100 by the Apostles had written.

John redrafting the topic of Rapture said that the word “Pre” means “Before” and we agree with this word. Yes the word “Pre” means “before”, but there is no single scripture anywhere suggesting the word Pre in the topic of Rapture. It was from this concept that everyone is deceived today. The topic of Rapture has been redrafted in a way as to be feared, but God is still helping us to know the real truth.

We may ask “what is the Bible topic written in the scriptures by the lord Jesus Christ and his prophets and disciples, before the end of the first Century”? Answer: It was Post Tribulation view. How? We shall answer this question by bringing together all other scriptures that say the same thing. Also know that there are books that talk about this topic like Daniel and Revelation.

The book of Daniel formed the bases for knowing the truth of the topic; because he was there in Babylon when the program began. He saw the dream of the king Nebuchadnezzar as well as interpreted it to him in Dan 2. And Dan 2 is the foundation of this program. Many teachers including John Nelson had made the foundation of their teaching with Persia which is Dan. 9:24.
With Dan. 9:24-27, you cannot understand this topic or form the Bible Beast with seven heads and ten horns. Of course they have no idea how this Beast was formed, neither could they explain who or what the Beast means. But if you read my book, you will not only understand the topic but you will also see how this Best was formed to be with seven heads and ten horns. This is no joke. To get the knowledge very easy, get my book of Rapture with this keyword “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”.

Get it with a little token and download it into your device and read it to your satisfaction, and then educate others on this topic. John Nelson Darby destroyed what was in the scriptures unknowingly, but I’m correcting it now. The reason is not farfetched, he was not called to do what he did, so it was not revealed to him, but he forced himself to do it.
Now I said the scriptural topic is “Post tribulation view”. Let’s get into it now. Let’s see what Apostle Paul said about this topic and see his interpretation to it. This will help us to learn more.

Paul said to the Church at Thessaloniki in 2Thessaloniki 2:4. “Who opposes every idea about God and goes to the seat of God to sit down and claim that he is God”. Please check your Bible if these words are written there. If it is there then you are wrong but if it is not there you are right. If it is there, then Apostle Paul taught on “Post tribulation” to the Church.

Here Apostle Paul said that the Beast will oppose the knowledge and mention and or the worship of God in the Temple of Jerusalem. And that he will climb up to the seat of the most high God to seat down and claim that he is God. Now if the Antichrist enters into the Temple at Jerusalem to sit down into the Church, will the Church not see him? Read again 2Thess 2:4.

These false teachers said that the teaching of Jesus in the book of Matt. 24 was exclusively to the Jews and not to the Church. They also claim that the Jews would suffer the great tribulation alone and that there is a difference between the Jews and the church, which is not true. I’m afraid of their teaching. Apostle Paul said there is no difference between the Jews and the Greek or Gentiles Gal. 3:26:29. Now the Gentiles are creating that difference by themselves against the Jews. But Jesus said “Salvation is of the Jews” Jon. 4:22. Now do you think that the Gentiles shall take away Salvation from the Jews and cast them out before their God? No way! The question is “What is Israel’s sin?” It’s only necessary partial blindness Rom.11:25; Isa.6:9-13. What these Gentiles fail to know is that if Israel had received Christ at his first coming that the Gentiles would been lost to Hellfire forever. Apostle Paul made it clear that their rejection of Christ was for the good of the Gentiles Rom. 11:11.

Yet the whole world goes to Jerusalem for Pilgrimage, why? It appears they don’t understand what they are saying at all. If Paul had ever written that the Beast shall enter into the temple to sit down and claim that he is God, then this is “Post trib” and it means he taught the Church that we must see the Antichrist. Again see agreement between Jesus in the book of Mathew 24:15 with Paul to the Church 2Thess. 2:4 “when you shall see the abomination of desolation written by Daniel the prophet, let he that reads understand” Matt. 24:15.

It is 1.The entrance of the Beast/antichrist into the Temple of God is an abomination. 2. To sit down on God’s seat is an abomination. 3. To claim that he is God is also an abomination. All these shall take place at the Temple of Jerusalem, and it was the reason Paul told the church to watch out for these events in the Temple. Prophet Ezekiel also agreed that it was so Ezk. 28:2.
Whenever these things takes place in the Temple at Jerusalem, then Jesus’ prophecy from Daniel will be fulfilled Dan.12:11. Daniel counted from the time the Antichrist shall take away the daily service from the Temple or oppose the Church in the temple. This was the reference Jesus made in the book of Mathew 24:15 and Paul referenced it to the Church in 2Thess. 2:4. After studying these references, you will agree that these false teachers never understand what they are teaching at all.

Remember that I told you earlier that Daniel’s book formed the bases for this topic. You can now see agreement in interpretation. Now do you see that when the Beast enters into the Temple of God which is yet to be built at Jerusalem, the Church in the Gentile world shall still be here and shall see these things come to pass.

You may ask why? It is because Apostle Paul informed us to watch out for these events in the Temple. The news shall carry it out to us who are in the Gentile world, and we shall read it from papers and hear it from Radios. Even the appointment of the Beast by the world body “The United Nations” shall not be secret. Although they shall not call him antichrist, but a name that shows that he is the solution the world’s trouble.

But it is important we know what’s obtainable at that time so as to stay up to date and not be deceived. Now I might not have all the time to explain all things in details here, you will have them explained well in the book of Rapture, please get it for it has all these things in details.
There you will see how the Bible Beast with seven heads and ten horns was formed. You will also know the world powers from 1-7, who or what they are and even beyond the seven. Who shall be the eight world powers? And what gave birth to the Beast. You will know if we shall see the beast as an animal or as a human being, get this from the book.

The teachers of the other views have no knowledge of these things. If you ask them how the Beast with seven heads and ten horns were formed, try it out and hear them “it doesn’t concern me, because I will be gone before his appearance”. This is all they can say because they have no knowledge of the topic of Rapture, because they have been deceived with wrong belief or view.
Ask them “What is the mark of the Beast” hear them again “666” Wow! very wrong. But see where they make argument, you would not say one and they say all. You ask for the mark of the Beast and they give you “the number of his name” Rev. 13:17-18. Please could one help them to read my book and stop claiming to know what they don’t know?

The teachers of the wrong view which is Pre tribulation Rapture teaching say that they are waiting for the Rapture of the Church to occur. This is not true. According to the program of God’s Calendar, we are awaiting for the appearance of the Antichrist not Rapture. The appearance of the Antichrist shall precede Rapture. It’s not that I’m an agent of Satan or that I hate the Church no, but according to the word of God, it is so.

Jesus said he is coming “Immediately after the tribulation of those days” Matt.24:29-31, immediately after not before the tribulation, does he not love his Church? It is better to say what Jesus said. It is better to say what Daniel said and it is better to say what Paul, John and the rest of God’s Giants have said, than to think that you can love the Church more than Jesus by removing his Church in the Rapture without him doing it.

Since he is not coming before the tribulation, all the souls that have trusted the Pre tribulation Rapture shall surely be disappointed in that period. REASON: Paul said “they received not the loved of the truth of the word that they might be saved” 2Thess.2:10. These people cannot change their belief no matter how you try to say the truth. They are stuck with error.
If you could get my book, then look at the master plan of the Beast kingdom as well as the seal Remnant, and see the program. The Beast must appear before the Temple of Jerusalem is built, and in fact, it is the man of sin who shall give the command to build the Temple because he has an ambition to fulfill at the Temple when completed. He will enter it and sit on God’s seat and claim that he is God 2Thess. 2:4.

Again Israel shall begin officially to hear their Gospel at the time when Antichrist is in the world. This period is called “the time of Jacob’s trouble” Jer.30:7. Not that there’s no Gospel in Israel now, but the majority of people have not received the Gospel, only few people have it. At that time the witnesses shall come to preach to them. The prophet they love, the man who struck Egypt with blood Moses, and the man of fire Elijah Rev.11:6 shall come with the gospel, surprised? Read it in the book of Rapture.

See, that period shall witness war in different ways. Wars which shall not be fought with weapons. Moses and his brother Elijah shall be termed as “Terrorists” by the armies of the Beast, why? Because when they try to shoot at them, they shall command fire from heaven and consume the soldiers instead. This shall go on until they finish their Job; this is what the Bible said.
But after completing their job, then the Antichrist shall now kill them, and leave their bodies to the open sun till three days, no burial. When they are killed, people shall give gifts to one another because these men had been killed Rev. 11:10. After three days they rise up from the dead causing fear again.

What is the possible reason for the exchange of gifts to one and to another? I said there shall be wars of different kinds. They shall stop us from buying and selling of basic food, and we shall stop heaven from Rain upon the earth, and strike every sea, river and spring with blood. Read about this event in the book of Rapture; see “Moses instructs Israel”. This topic is interpreted in its real meaning because I’m appointed to reveal this end time message to the world.
Therefore it is your duty to read it from me and get the real message of the end. There are many write-ups out there and everyone is entitled to his own opinion. You may say “they are all the same” but I say no to it. Get my book and see the difference between all. I’m writing as it is revealed to me, even though everyone is saying the same thing. But my book shall show you the program of events. It is from these programs that I’m writing all these things.

When you see how the Bible Beast with seven heads and ten horns was formed, you will be sure to get the others also. King Nebuchadnezzar told the magicians of Babylon saying “If you can call back my dream, then I know that you can interpret it”. Having seen the master plan, and formed the Beast, showcase the seven world powers from the beginning to the end; you are therefore blessed to read the truth and shall escape from the deceit of the enemy. So after seeing the Beast/Antichrist what’s the next?

No one shall bring down Jesus before the great tribulation for Rapture, but immediately after tribulation, you will see the son of man coming with power and great glory Matt. 24:30-31. He knows it better than any so called Bishop, Pastor or Revd, whether Right or Left Revd. Everyone should take our lord’s words very serious. Take it or leave it.

See the book of Rapture and see the program outlined one after the order. All who have read it are now sure about the topic for which many have prophesied and failed. Many have entered into the office of the false prophet for prophesying lies in the name of end of the world.
God bless ;



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It is important that we highlight well why moses the servant of God died in the wilderness and did not enter into the land of promise. And that’s why we ask why did Moses die?
Moses the servant of God and leader of Israel from the land of Egypt to the wilderness has been wrongly treated and misinterpreted as to why he died in the wilderness. Many people adduce reasons why he died. Some said he died because of the fact that “he claimed that he was the one bringing the water to his people and not God”.
They said because he said, “must we fetch you water out of this rock you rebels” Num. 20:8. Others said “he claimed equality with God” by so saying. Yet another group is of the view that “he took God for granted”, that he at a time thought that God was his mate etc. There are so many reasons given by men about his death, and none of these assertions are true.
As for me, none of these reasons seemed worthy of note to me. I have a different view of why he died. If you ask me I will say the death of Moses was a genetic one. Nobody tries to go through his lineage to find out something, but almost all preachers are giving what I call “spiritual interpretation” to the death of Moses. Yet there is nothing as “spiritual interpretation” in the course “Hermeneutics”. And this is the course that governs the art of Biblical interpretation. But people are giving spiritual interpretation to the death of Moses. This is entirely wrong.
Moses was from the tribe of Levi Ex.2, who was the third son of Leah and Jacob. And along the line as Jacob with his two wives, Leah and Rachael left the house of Laban the Syrian; they came into the wilderness of Canaan and dwelled there. One day Dinah the daughter of Jacob who was a sister to Levi and Simeon decided to go and view the land and see how the people were living.
She came near a man’s house that was called Schechem and this man brought her in and defiled her. And she was going from there, there was blood on her legs and her people saw it and enquired of the incident. They knew that something wrong had happened to her. When they enquired from her, she reported it was done by Shechem, an uncircumcised man, something which ought not to be done. And here they were strangers in the land.
They kept quiet until the man came to them with the intention to marry the girl. Dinah’s brothers Levi and Simeon were instrumental that unless they become like themselves, they would not marry their sister. And these people agreed to be circumcised like the Hebrews. They did not know that Levi and Simeon had deceived them in the act of circumcision. They said to Schechem and his people that with this act, they could marry from them and also give them their daughter in marriage, and this seemed to be good to them Gen.34.
When these people had submitted themselves and were circumcised by the family of Jacob, they allowed three days to pass and on the fourth day, Simeon and Levi descended on the whole community and slew them, leaving only children and their wives. Also they collected even their wives and children spoils.
When Jacob heard it he lamented on this and after sometime God asked him to leave the land Gen.35. Then Jacob kept this in his mind and waited the day of his blessing, he couched it out. Now hear him.
“Simeon and Levi are brethren; instruments of cruelty are in their habitations. Oh my soul, come not thou into their secret: unto their assembly. Mine honor, be not thou united, for in their anger, they slew a man and in their self will, they diged down a wall. Cursed be their anger for it was fierce and their wrath for it was cruel”.
Jacob had considered the actions of his children as grievous. His pronouncements here indicated that he didn’t welcome the way they responded against the man.
Jacob had expected the man Schechem to marry Dinah since he had defiled her and was willing to marry her. He even went further to the extent of bringing his father and the whole family and community for this exercise. But the action of Levi and his senior brother Simeon were so cruel. They slew this community for a case not too seniors for such massacre.
These were the words that trailed Moses. Here Jacob cursed the anger of both Simeon and his brother Levi, from where Moses came. Now God upheld the words of Jacob. And on the day of Jacob’s blessing before his death, he remembered all their actions and cursed it. He also demanded that his soul and honor should not be united with their action. Of course are you in doubt that he was the man named Israel by God himself?
When you talk of Israel, you are talking of Jacob with his children, and that’s all. When he cursed the anger of Levi and Simeon, it was cursed. Moses therefore died from this curse because the “excessive anger” of his great grandfather Levi reappeared in him. Now consider that this incident happened in the wilderness near the promise land and God remembered the demand of Jacob and stopped Moses.
Now let’s evaluate what God said to Moses and what he did that brought about his death and see which one agrees with the word of God. Open your Bible to Num.20:1-12.
The children of Israel were murmuring at all times as they moved from one place to the other in the wilderness. The miracles that followed them were not regarded and in the least provocation, they murmured against the Lord and against Moses. You could see them murmuring before they crossed the Red Sea Ex. 14. In Ex. 16 they murmured and so forth.
In num. 20, they murmured again and as usual Moses and Aaron went up to the Lord to receive instructions on how to provide them with waters this time, the Lord told them to “Speak to the Rock” Num.20:8. He informed Moses and Aaron to gather the people before the Rock that was following them in the wilderness Rom. 10:4. God said Moses should raise up his rod in his hand and Speak to the Rock before their eyes, because this Rock hears and he should command this Rock to give them water.
And as they were watching, this Rock would open up and give them water before their eyes to rebuke their murmurings, unbelief and stubbornness. Now instead of Speaking to the Rock struck the Rock twice before their eyes Num.20:11. Moses through excessive anger forgot what God said was what he ought to do, and hit the Rock twice. From this action God was angry with Moses.
Hear what God said “because you failed to sanctify me before the eyes of the children of Israel, you will not enter the land which I swore to your fathers to give them. You shall be gathered with your fathers” Num. 20:12.
This statement does not indicate Moses’ equality with God. God said he failed to carry out his instruction as it was given to him. He told him to speak to the Rock that was following them through the wilderness, but instead Moses struck the Rock twice. Speaking to the Rock and striking at the Rock are not the same.
God’s intention was to rebuke their unbelief and faithlessness, when they see water rushing out from the Rock at the command of Moses. The children of Israel had demonstrated lack of faith in a most annoying way all through the wilderness. At any moment they murmur instead of asking God to give them water in a normal way, they murmur about it.
God had at an early stage told Moses to strike the Rock in the presence of the elders of the people, and with your rod, with which you smote the Red Sea and bring out water at another place, here Moses struck it as expected and they drank water Ex. 17:3-6. For Moses to ask saying “must we fetch you water out of this Rock you rebels did not amount to equality, neither did it mean that Moses claimed to be the one bringing the water.
God would have loved to hear that statement from him if he said it not through anger. He is the God that performs the words of his servants, that’s what these people forget. If you believe that God was annoyed because of that statement, it is not true. Elijah told Ahab that there would be no rain or dew all these years but according to his word” not according to the word of God I kgs.17:1.
Did God perform it or not? Immediately Elijah made the statement, God told him to hide so that his word would begin to be effective and it was so. God did not say to Elijah, “what you said to Ahab was your own mind and not my word”. How do our people interpret the Bible? it makes me feel bad.
When you are a servant of God, especially as a standing prophet of God like Moses, who spoke to God mouth to mouth, your word is always performed by God whenever you pronounce it out. Standing prophets of God like Moses, Elijah and Elisha etc, could open their mouth in the name of the lord and say something and God would do it.
For example, see the case of Naaman the Syrian with Elisha the prophet in Israel. The king of Syria had send his servant to the king of Israel to recover him of his leprosy. And the king of Israel tore his clothes when he heard of the message, saying “see how the king of Syria seeks a quarrel with me, am I God who could recover his servant of his leprosy”? Then one told Elisha that the king of Israel had torn his clothes because of Naaman.
Hear what Elisha said, “Why did you tear your clothes? Send him to me and he shall know that there is a prophet in Israel” 2kgs. 5:8. Elisha did not say “he shall know that there is God in Israel”, no but a prophet in Israel. Did God not perform what Elisha said? Again see how Elisha treated Naaman. He did not even come out to meet him, he only a message through his servant to tell Naaman to go and wash himself seven times in River Jordan.
At this message Naaman was wroth with Elisha. He said “he should have come out and at least strike his hands at the place and call upon his God and recover the leper”. But what Elisha said was performed when Naaman later obeyed when he was persuaded by his servant. He would have lost the miracle if his servant had not asked him a question, if he had asked you to do something greater, wouldn’t you do it, how much more to go and wash in the water? Elisha said it and God performed, so it was totally wrong to say that Moses died out of equality with God. Or that he died because he claimed to be the one bringing the water, instead of saying it was God. All these assertions are totally wrong. These declarations are heresies.
When Moses angrily hit the Rock twice instead of speaking to the Rock, God remembered the demand of Jacob who said, “Oh my soul, come not into union with their anger, my honor, be not thou in their assembly, cursed be their anger” Gen.49:5-7.
It was this statement that trailed Moses when he flew into excessive anger and forgot God’s word and did his own. Then God called to mind that they had come near the land and such cursed anger would not enter the land to defile it. Others said “Moses represented the law and law would not enter the land”. What a heresy?
The question is where was the practiced? They said Joshua who represented Grace brought it in. Grace and law were different dispensations which took places at their various times and none is working against the other. The name Moses meant “Drawn out from water” not drawn out from the law, therefore that interpretation is wrong. There was nothing as law at the time of his birth. This name was given him by the daughter of Pharaoh who adopted him when male children of the people of Israel were being slain by the Egyptians. For Moses to have received such favor from God at that time, he should have been called “God’s favor”, had it been that the one who adopted him knew God.
The cause of Moses’ death was nothing but “excessive anger” which was a genetic one from his grandfathers, which was cursed by Israel/Jacob. When Apostle Paul studied this case, he wrote to the Church at Colosie saying “Be angry and sin not, let your anger not go beyond the sunset”. This was because Levi and Simeon carried their anger for many days before they did the worst.
These actions found itself back into Moses when he came near the land of promise. When God stopped him, it did not mean that he was lost, no. Moses appeared with Elijah at the transfiguration of the Lord in Math. 17. So Moses was not lost, so be careful in what you say concerning the word of God.
God bless.



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Who caused mistakes here and there? Or whose mistakes caused the troubles of the world? Could you guess to know whom we are talking about? Well do you know the friend of God? If you are a student of the Bible then definitely you know him. But in case you don’t him, we are talking about Abraham, the friend of God.
He is the one we are accusing to have made mistakes here and there. By the time you follow us along in the topic, you would agree that he caused mistakes here and there. Now let’s delve into his first mistake which gave birth to the other. You may ask “what’s his first mistake”? Answer. There was a time the first famine in world history took place within his days, see Gen. 12:10.
This friend of God did not ask from his friend what was happening. He did not commune with his friend whether to stay or leave the land of Canaan where he was leaving at that time. Instead he informed his wife at that time how to tell lies that she was his sister, when they eventually arrive in Egypt. And his wife did appropriately what her husband said to her, and that resulted in snatching her from him by Pharaoh’s servants in Egypt Gen.12:10-20. Of course by this time Egypt had developed mightily in crime and civilization to a point that was known to the whole world then. You read or studied that civilization started in Egypt, that’s true.
So as Sarai was snatched from Abram, these were their names before they entered into God’s covenant afterwards. God had to intervene in his behalf and he struck Pharaoh with such plague that restrained him from defiling her carnally. God therefore warned Pharaoh about Sarai, because she was a man’s wife.
Not only was Pharaoh stricken with plagues but all his servants were equally stricken with plagues at the same time. So he sent back Sarai to Abram after asking him, “did I not ask from you about her and you said she was your sister, then I took her to wife”? Abram’s answer was that he was afraid that they had no fear of God with them. So he told her to lie so that he might be saved.
That’s a great mistake by God’s friend Abram. If he had asked from his friend God, before going into Egypt, I believe that God would have told him not to go there. Of course you should know that there’s a war going on between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness which Egypt was representing at that time. Read it from my book of Rapture with this keyword “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”. Just type this keyword into Google and see it displayed to you. Obtain it and see mysteries explained.
Now the going of Abram into Egypt was described by the Bible as “went down”. The Bible said “Abram went down” Gen.12 10. He was expected “to remain above only”. But he went down into Egypt. This going down was spiritual in nature. And it affected all his seed after him. Now God’s intervention saved him as well as stayed God’s seed and program from being defiled by the kingdom of darkness.
Don’t forget that God had earlier promised Abram to bless him and to bless the world through him Gen.12:3. If God had not intervened quickly and promptly, Sarai would have been defiled and seduced. And it would have been a shame and a disappointment to Abram, also and subsequent hinder God from using Abram again.
You can now see how God’s intervention made him to go up as expected. When Pharaoh asked him why he told him a about Sarai, he subsequently told Abram to leave his Country, and we see that he was deported from Egypt. And the Bible reported again that “he went up” Gen. 13:1. Do you see now what we are saying?
Actually God’s intervention showed that Abram was his friend indeed. And as he was coming out of Egypt he made the second mistake again. You might ask, what was his second mistake? He bought a slave from the slave market in Egypt in the person of Hagar.
Abram bought a slave girl as he was coming out from Egypt. His buying of this girl was another serious mistake. Now when Sarai his wife saw herself not giving birth to Abram that she suggested to him to use her slave girl and give her birth through Hagar. And Abram agreed again to this suggestion. Immediately that relationship was done, the young girl conceived and began immediately to molest her mistress Sarai.
Sarai then saw Abram as one who did not want to give her children. Yes because once Abram had that affair with his slave girl, she conceived immediately. And afterwards Sarai thought it was done by her husband. The slave girl was sacked for insulting her mistress, who wanted to install her as a benefit to her in the family.
Hagar became stubborn and she was sacked, but already she was pregnant for Abram. And as soon as she delivered, it was a baby boy Ishmael. Hagar’s insult made Sarai to insist on sacking Hagar from the family. The thing displeased Abram and he asked God to bless Ishmael.
God told him that he had heard his request but he should listen to his wife’s demand. So from here Hagar was finally blessed and sacked from the family. And appropriately God blessed Ishmael and gave him 12 Dukes as he promised. But God told Abram that he had done his request but that his covenant will be with his seed from Sarai. And at the fullness of time God to him for the covenant and their names were changed.
The Bible reported that when Abram was exactly 99 years, he had a covenant with God Gen. 17:1. In verses 5-16, God’s covenant was perfected with a sign of circumcision as a seal. Then Abraham requested that God would bless Ishmael as well, and it was done.
But when Abraham had done the circumcision and within a little time later, he saw three men walking towards him and he recognized it was the lord coming to him and he rushed to him Gen.18. Even though Abraham saw three persons coming, he never called them lords because they were three, no. He didn’t make this mistake here.
In his sight plural failed and he saw the three as one person, that’s the lord God. That’s one the reasons we say that Jesus is God. The three personalities of God came to Abraham at once, what a mystery? On this day the lord after Abraham’s entertainment gave his friend the time of his promise would be fulfilled.
The lord said, “according to the time of life, I shall visit thee and Sarah your wife shall bear a son” Gen.18:10. And that’s how Isaac was born in accordance to his word.
God later informed his friend that even though that he intervened in his behalf in Egypt, and saved him with his wife from pollution from their enemies, judgment is coming to his seed for that failure. Hear you the word of God.
“Know of a surety that your seed shall go to a foreign Country which is not theirs, and they shall afflict them for four hundred years” Gen. 15:13. I said Abraham’s going down into Egypt was a mistake and someone asked, how sure are you to say it was that which made God to say that”. Or how sure are you to say that Abraham made a mistake because the Bible did not tell us that it was a mistake?
Then I answered and asked like Jesus, “why must that foreign Country which God made mention of be the same Egypt”? again why should their stay amount up to up to the same four hundred years before they were delivered from Egypt. Then my man closed up his mouth. Sometimes God speaks figuratively and sometimes he speaks plainly to certain people. Any type he chose to use he will use. No man tells him how to or to who to use. He is all knowing, Omnipotent and Omniscient God.
In fact he knows the ability of the one he is speaking to at anytime. The understanding that it was that going down to Egypt had made him to pronounce that word to his friend, was made clear to me and that was the reason I said it that way. If you check his statement and how it tallied to the same Egypt, you will know it was not a coincident but a deliberate word which was fulfilled.
It may not have been laid or opened to anyone like this before, and no one could order him to stop using the one he approves to reveal his word. Prophet Isaiah said “he is doing what pleases him” and that’s correct Isa. 46:9-10. Who then could stop him or instruct him well? He said “my counsel shall stand and he’s doing all his pleasures.
God informed his friend that he had blessed his son Ishmael as demanded by Abraham, but that the hand of this his son shall be against everyone and they shall be against him also Gen.16:11-12. Today check if the children of Ishmael are not against every man who is not a muslim, and even against other muslims. And are all who are not muslims not also against him? “God said he is a wild man”, look at that. Wildness belongs to animals without thinking faculty and without human feelings. Animals kill both other animals and humans alike.
I have already said that everything happening in the world today is the programs of God. Nothing happens by chance, no. From Genesis to Revelation are the programs of God written and Satan doesn’t have a program in the Bible, though he is assigned to fulfill some part of it. Are you surprised about this? Yes he is assigned to fulfill the negative side of the Bible, as an evil worker. The Bible is a two edged sword, with a negative and positive sides at the same time.
Today check about all the troubles of the world and see is at the center of them all. It is the muslim world everywhere. Just name a Country of the world in which there is no trouble, and I will tell you that, that Country does not exist in this world. Today they are planning to take over the world, by reason of establishing themselves in all Countries of the world, and going with this mindset.
Help us Oh God.


What is open heaven? Is it possible that heaven do open? How does heaven open? Could a human being see when heaven opens? Does it open spiritually or literally? Does heaven still open today? Or was it a thing of the past? All these questions we will try to answer in this topic, so relax as you read on.
We will define open heaven as a direct revelation of heaven to a person. It is also a unique show of heaven or about the Glory of God to someone. To better understand it, we use the case of Evang. Stephen as a case study Acts. 7. Stephen saw heaven opened to him and he saw the son of man who Jesus Christ is standing up to welcome him when he was being stoned by his own people for rebuking their stony hearth and unbelief.
Open heaven has to do with God’s goodness to an individual who has proved him/herself to him. No one makes it possible by him or herself, no, it is done by God himself.
When we say or talk about open heaven, it does not mean that heaven is opened for every individual to see, no, it is opened to a specific person whose love for God has been proved by God.
When Evang. Stephen saw the open heaven, he said it saying, “I see heaven opened and the Son of man standing at the right hand of majesty on high”, and those who were stoning him heard it from him but they did not see the open heaven.
This is a powerful mystery. How heaven will be opened to someone among the crowed, and this crowed would gaze into heaven at the same time to see it, but it would be closed to them while the other is seeing it open. When this crowed fail to see the heaven opened, they would immediately conclude that this individual is mad. Even at the same time that Stephen was saying that he saw heaven opened, and the crowed could not see the open heaven, the Bible said “they closed their ears”.
Heaven opened for a General of the kingdom of heaven coming home. Heaven opened to a champion of the kingdom coming home. God saw everything by himself, and he didn’t stop those stoning him, instead he opened heaven to welcome him home.
And again to free himself and those who were stoning him, he charged God not to count this sin on them. Stephen did as Christ did, saying “father forgive them, for they know not what they were doing”. We as Christians today are required to forgive our arch enemies even at the point of death, or else, you may not make it straight to the kingdom of heaven.
Heaven has a standard which everyone aspiring to enter must fulfill or follow. Unforgiving spirit does not go to anywhere called heaven. This spirit belongs to the kingdom of Darkness, so if there is anyone you refuse to forgive, then you are heading towards Hellfire straight. If you are opportune to read this post, you are highly privileged; you can now make amends here on earth before it is late.
Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people. Those who are not prepared do not go heaven to prepare, for every preparation is done on earth. A popular secular musician in Nigeria, though dead said “They do not know the way to the kingdom of heaven”. Now nobody will show him the way from the dead, he will know it by himself; but here in Nigeria also we are preparing people for the same kingdom of heaven. We are creating serious awareness about the kingdom of heaven and the second coming of Christ. If anyone doesn’t know it, or doesn’t hear it, then he is to blame.
If you refuse to heed the warnings of God through his servants the prophets who are here on earth, when you die nobody will show you the way you rejected, but you will locate it and begin to go there alone. If it leads you to Hellfire fine, if it leads you to heaven better. Your spirit will be going alone with no guide.
Although with Lazarus and the rich man, we do not say that Lazarus saw open heaven, no, instead he was translated into heaven when he died. He prepared himself well here for heaven and when he died, he was taken to heaven because no man goes there by him/herself. It is God’s prerogative to take someone to heaven or to hellfire.
But if one prepares himself very well here on earth, he or she would be taken to heaven at the time of death, very sure about that. God is not one that disappoints his own people or anyone at all. Open heaven therefore is for God’s generals and champions who excelled in their lives here on earth.
You too can be god’s general and champion, if you allow the Holy Spirit who is here in the world today to help you, teach you and inspire you about the things of heaven. He is also Lord because he is the Spirit of the Lord 2Cor:3:17. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus.
In his lifetime when he came out from the water of river Jordan after his baptism by John, Jesus saw open heaven. As he was coming out the waters heaven open on him with a voice of his father acknowledging him Matt.3:16. Yes it’s not because he is the son of God but because he was mindful of what he came for. He prepared himself very well before coming, if not he would have missed the way because of the heaviness of our sins.
On another occasion heaven opened also and the voice of his father was heard again. This time the father said “This is my well beloved son in whom I’m well pleased, hear you him”. So anyone who pleases the father will see open heaven, because it is not peculiar to some people, no. The father is generous and does not discriminate at all.
He doesn’t have racial preference, nor cultural choice. Instead he gives us his own culture, and everyone must cue to it from all angles. The Bible didn’t tell us which nation was where Lazarus or the rich came from. But they found themselves one in hellfire and the other in heaven or Abraham’s bosom.
Abraham’s bosom could be said to be heaven. Yes we are sure that all children of God shall find themselves there where Abraham was for long. Some people might not agree with me here. Well whether it’s in heaven or elsewhere, we will be where Abraham is. Do you believe this? Or do you believe that Abraham is where as at now?, since he was a friend of God according to the bible.
In the case of Abraham he was the father of all nations according to God’s promise to him Gen.12:3. When he died, he was taken to his own bosom in the kingdom of God. This is what we believe and this kingdom is no other than heaven. It was promised to him that all the earth shall be blessed through him. Therefore those gave their lives to Christ today have become Abraham’s Children by faith, i.e who will come to Christ. But we say that open heaven even appeared to Abraham when he was here on earth. He heard from God on many occasions, even when God instructed him to leave his father’s house and the time God told him to use his only son Isaac for sacrifice. These were open heavens to him.
Open heaven can take place in many ways and in divers forms. Even when God speaks to an individual or prophet and what God says comes to pass, such could be called open heaven. Yes we believe it because no one can mechanize it by himself and it comes to pass.
So it was not only Stephen and Jesus that saw open heaven, a lot of God’s people had seen it including my humble self. Therefore strive to see it because it makes you God’s own. When you live a worthy life which is well pleasing to him, you will see an open heaven.
God bless.


What is Easter? Does the Bible support it? Is it a Christian festival? How does it relate to the resurrection of Jesus Christ? From the Bible record Easter is not associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, no. From the account of Jesus in the early morning resurrection, the Bible did not mention anything as Easter Jon. 20:1-10. From these passages of resurrection to the ascension which occurred after 40 days with his disciples on earth Acts. 1:3, there was nothing as Easter in connection with Christ or with our Salvation. Neither does Easter mean Salvation or in any way relate with our Salvation. Instead it was against the Christian faith, when it tried to kill Apostle Peter Acts 12. It was only on this account that Easter was heard about for the first time in the Bible.
It is an ungodly festival which was derived from the Grecian kingdom and rested on Rome. From my book of Rapture you could see that Greece ruled the world as the fifth world power, after which Rome took over. The name was “Ishtar or estorea”, but it was late renamed Easter in the hands of Rome. It was in the world before the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is not a Christian program because it dated back before the emergence of Christianity. It was in no way related to or associated with the resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ. It is very wrong for Rome to associate Easter with the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus resurrected long before the Church was established or inaugurated at Jerusalem at the upper room Acts.2.
Easter does not mean resurrection of Jesus Christ nor the Salvation of mankind. It is in no way connected with Jesus resurrection or the Church of Christ. The Church of Christ had not been born when the resurrection of Jesus Christ occurred, therefore how could anyone associate the resurrection of Jesus with Easter and the Church? Let’s go to John’s book in Chapter 20:1-10 and see the resurrection of Jesus. Here there was nothing as Easter associated with his resurrection, and the Church had not been born. The Church was born 50 days after Jesus’ resurrection by the Holy Spirit who took over from him Acts 2. This happened on the day of Pentecost, a feast in Israel and the Jews. Again Easter entered into the Bible for the first time in connection with Apostle Peter’s arrest by King Herod.
But Easter had been in the world before the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, how is it associated with his resurrection? I guess those who argue much on this never have time to study the Bible because this error is glaring. There were so many things which were taught us when we were infants, and when we grew up to study about those things we begin to laugh at such ideas. For example, a young man heard from his teacher at school “that the sticks of sugar cane are the product used in producing sugar”.
He didn’t hear very well that there are processes to go before it would form as a cube. He went home and bought the sticks to a large quantity, extracted the waters and put it into a pot and began to cook it. But before he knew what happened the waters had dried and the pot began to heat badly. So we know from here that there is one error somewhere. It was either the teacher did not communicate well or the student didn’t understand him. But whatever happened thereafter, a mistake has been made. But still sugar cane remains the correct raw material for sugar production.
Now it is very wrong for Rome which killed all the Apostles and disciples of Jesus, and closed down his Church at Jerusalem, to begin to tell us that Easter was in connection with the resurrection of our lord. And we seem to listen and also to believe and practice their fables. If you do study your Bible very well, I say very well, you must understand that Jesus resurrected on the first day of the week and did not build the Church in his lifetime, but it was inaugurated by the Holy Spirit 10 days after his ascension, according to Lev. 25:10. The Bible recorded that he was on earth after his resurrection 40 days with the disciples before his ascension Acts 1:3. Add 40 days to 10 days and see Lev.25:10 come to pass.
I recommend my book of Rapture to you, title, “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”. This eBook shall display all the world powers of the Bible to you and you will see Rome’s position at the time of Christ. Jesus was born when Rome was the sixth world power. Just as America is the seventh and last world power now. And whenever their time elapses, the eight which is the seven (Europe) comes back to power. And that would be the time the great tribulation period shall start in the whole world.
Rome was originally known with their Idol worship at that time. That was the reason the Emperors of Rome fought to destroy the Church. Have you not read about “the martyrs of Jesus”? What was the reason of the Martyrs and who martyred the Saints? The Saints or Apostles of Jesus who established the Church by the Holy Spirit were attacked by Roman soldiers, under the command of the Emperors, trying to close down the Church because in God’s program, Rome stands out as an enemy till tomorrow. Read Daniel’s account on the fourth Beast Dan. 7:7.
This passage says the terrible Beast would trample on the residue (Church) with the feet of it”. The feet of this Beast in God’s master plan is “Iron” read Dan. 2:40. Observe the master plan from the book of Rapture which I recommended for you. Let’s continue with the record from the Bible.
I have already said that Ishtar as an ungodly festival was in the world before the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. When Jesus made mention of building his Church in Math 16:18, there was no Church in existence before then. He was the first to mention Church, as we know “the law of first mention”. This means whoever first says a thing or whoever creates a thing or a product will be referenced by others who may build on that product or may produce its kind later. Jesus as “the first and the last” Rev. 1:17, Isa.41:4 had to start the mention of Church in the world. He said he would build his Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it Math. 16:18.
Therefore Rome’s claim to be the first Church in the world is not inaccurate but a fallacy. How could Rome start Jesus Church when he in his life time trained his Apostles and Disciples and called them all from Israel?
At that time he didn’t come to Rome, neither did he come to Rome after his resurrection; no, no such record exists. They now claimed that it was Apostle Peter who established the Church at Rome. The question is “did he establish that Church at Rome before they crucified him upside down or after his death”? One could laugh at this claim because it could not be substantiated at all.

Jesus in that prophecy foresaw Rome killing the saints and trying to close down his Church and he prophesied about it. Many people do not know what is or what the gates of Hell were. If you ask many people about the gates of hell, they refer you to “spirits or demons”. Were the demons the ones who martyred the Church? Or were the saints martyred by the Roman Emperors through their soldiers? You do not understand this because you were not the one martyred, otherwise you would have known it by force. Not only that, you have believed them as the Church of Christ because you do not know anything about Church.
It may interest you to know that Rome after closing down the Church by killing the Saint tried and assumed the first Church. This claim is what every Roman Catholic knows and says till tomorrow. They were earlier barred from reading the Bible, so that the Holy Spirit would not open their eyes as they read the Bible. They were taught that the Bible is so big that its volume could make one mad, so it was only their priests that are qualified to touch it because they are holy.
They have many assumptions which they assume, among them was that Easter means resurrection of Jesus Christ. If they claim such assumption because they are blind to the Scriptures, are you also blind? If they are asked not to read the Bible, who is there to stop you from reading and studying it? If I’m reading and studying the Bible and nothing has happened to me, what will then happen to you?
But I have some tips for you. Do you know that they are opposed to all of God’s programs? Okay, where do they keep the second commandment in Ex. 20:4-6? It is none existent in their Catechism.
What of when God through Paul gave us his word “that every man aspiring to lead the Church as a Pastor, Bishop or teacher (must) be the husband of one wife” I Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:4-7? Do they obey it? All their Priests are unmarried from the least to the greatest. Not one is married among them but they are using women here and there, and have left even their Rev sisters provided for them and entered the society.
They have blinded the eyes of their people with assumptions that they no longer reason well again. Those who study the Bible and come to this knowledge were attacked with treat against their lives. Many of their priests today have seen the green light from God but they are dying in silence because they have taken that oath unknowingly, and they do not know what to do. But I have a tip for some who may care, Jesus said “if you are ashamed of me in this sinful and adulterous generation, of you shall I be ashamed when I shall appear in glory with the holy Angels” Mk.8:38. So risk your life for Christ and die as a martyr today, you would have made heaven direct.
What do I mean? Give your life to Christ and resign your appointment as a priest under them because of the light now in you and then get married to whomsoever you love to marry. The next thing they will do is to attack you up and down. You can run to any Country of the world for protection, and they will claim to follow you anywhere in the world. This will open your eyes the more because that’s how occults do when a member decamps from their midst. Having seen the truth now you can also decide to die, instead of losing your Salvation.
The Church at Jerusalem lived above 300 years before the enthronement of Emperor Constantine the great, who when he mounted the throne ordered that no killing of the saints should continue. You can browse the net and get more information on “The Martyrs of Jesus”. Constantine the great stopped the killing of the saints but inflicted a more severe injury on the church.
He stopped the killing of the saints but ordered that “Anyone who does not worship God on the first day should be killed”. He was instrumental to the changing of the Sabbath day to “the day of the sun”, otherwise known as “Sun-day or sun-god”. This was the day they worship the sun. Now this day is reorganized as Sunday and no longer as “the day of the sun”. This sun was their male god while their female god was the moon. So they cunningly changed “the moon day” to “Monday”. They removed one o in order to remove the understanding from those who might argue it, or try to educate others on the issue.
What we are using in the whole world except Israel is the Roman calendar. Every day is associated with a god. Thus they have fulfilled Daniel’s prophecy that says “And they shall think to change times and law” Dan. 7:25. They have done it. The Sabbath day is now on Sunday while the days go after their gods. But do you know that God has not changed the Sabbath day and will not change it? If you say anything to open the eyes of your own people, your own people will attack you first before they come, especially their members.
Help us O God!



I COR. 16:1-2 ; Rom. 16:24-26;


Love made a difference in the early church. They understood what love and sharing was at that time. The Bible today gives us their way of progress and it was found in the deep love they had among themselves.

There was a daily distribution of foods and food items in the early Church at Jerusalem. Such things do not exist again, yea not in today’s Church/s or not exactly as it was in the early church.  For those who are practicing such things today, some have of them have gone Cultic in their practices. It is now a system of drawing people into serious cult, instead of what it stood for in the early Church.



Not only that, there was sharing of amenities among them, but none of them over estimated his or her need. Those who had lands sold them and brought the money at the Apostles feet and sharing were made. This made the early Church peculiar.  Such things are not seen again today, as individuals now own Churches and do as they wills.

But at that time the Churches were established by the Apostles who after establishing the churches would appoint Pastors to take charge at certain Churches and pastor them.  The Church of Jesus Christ has only five fold ministry namely 1. Apostles, and 2. Prophets, 3 Evangelists, 4 Pastors and 5. Teachers. This is the way it was written in the Bible. These were the offices created by Jesus. The Bible said “when he ascended up he gave gifts to men and he gave some to be Apostles, and secondarily Prophets” etc Eph.4:8-11.


The issue of Bishops in the Bible is a different case. The etymology of the word Bishop is the Greek “episcopos” meaning “Elder” in a local Church. Also in Latin it means “episcopus” also meaning nothing but “Elder” of a Church. Many people do not know how this office was established, including those who aspire to be ordained as Bishops and those already ordained.

It was not among the five fold ministry but was founded by the Apostles. Bishops were appointed by the Apostles to Churches where there was no Pastor to Pastor the Church. For example, Paul instructed Titus his son in the Lord to look inside his Church and discover men of unquestionable characters and ordain them as Bishops or Elders, just to help him, because Titus was the Pastor at the Cretian Church Titus 1:1-7.

He told him to checkout for men of unquestionable character in his Church and ordains them as Bishops or Elders of the Church. That’s the meaning of Bishop, just Elders.  In a Church where there was no Pastor, Bishops or Elders were ordained to oversee the affairs of that Church. And they were ordained in groups, not one Bishop for a local Church, no. Then where there is a Pastor, Bishops were still ordained, but this ordination of Bishops in a local Church was to make the work easy for Pastors.

They did not intend to establish a superior office above the Pastors, how much more the Apostles.   Also Pastor Timothy who was the Pastor of the Church in Ephesus,  was given the same instructions by Paul. He said

“if anyone desires the office of a Bishop, he desired a good one, but that a Bishop must be blameless, the husband of one wife. A Bishop must be able to teach and having his children under him with all gravity” I tim.3.  He said a Bishop must not be “a novice” and “Must marry one wife”. Today Rome’s Bishops do not marry and it is contrary to Biblical instructions for Bishops. In that order even the Pastors are involved in marrying one wife. And today the so called Pentecostal Bishops are pursuing Rome’s pattern on  bomber to bomber in titles, yet they go ahead to marry their own wives.


The problem that brought Bishops to limelight above the Apostles of the Church of Christ today; is traceable to the Roman invasion of the Church and martyrdom of the early Apostles and disciples. Because of this invasion, the Bishops no longer obey the Apostles how much more the Pastors.

And Apostle Peter clearly warned the Elders or the Bishops not to lord over the inheritance of God I Pt. 5:3. What is happening today, are they not called “my lord Bishop”? In this regard even the Pentecostal Bishops do not respect Apostles of the Church, like the Roman Catholic Bishops, whose office/s have their domain in the sky. No Bishop both Pentecostal and Roman Catholic has the time to listen to a Pastor at any time.

We may ask, “Does it mean that Bishops are now above the Pastors in the Church of Jesus”?  The answer is “By no means”. They are still where the Apostles kept them. They are nothing but Elders of the Church, not even Pastors. Don’t mind their ego, Pentecostal Bishops are following Rome’s setup, but they are nothing but Elders of the Church who are still under the Pastors in God’s settings. I’m talking about Pentecostal Bishops who are following the Roman’s standard, because the Bible Bishops are still Elders till tomorrow. We just want to highlight this very well. We have digressed much let’s continue with the daily distribution in the early Church.


There was serious love flowing for each other, both at the headquarters at Jerusalem and at the Gentiles Churches. Love flowed much among them contrary to what we are seeing today.  In the early Church the daily distribution however was evil spoken of by the Grecians who turned to Christ, that their women were neglected Acts. 6:1. This made the early Church to select men of unquestionable characters to manage that office, among whom was Brother and Evang. Stephen, who was martyred by the Jews Acts. 7. But his death did not stop the early church from their daily ministration, they continued. It came to the time when Paul gave his life to Christ.  He was on his way to arrest and to imprison the saints both men and women Acts. 9. But after his conversion then Apostle Paul was appointed an Apostle to the Gentiles by Jesus Rom. 11:13 etc.

Paul from that idea that happened in Acts 6 instructed the Church at Corinth to make provision for the saints at Jerusalem on the first day, so that when he came, there would be no collection again I Cor. 16:1-2. He would just collect the collections from them and move to the headquarters at Jerusalem. This is where some people are teaching that it is the reference of Sabbath change by Paul. What Paul did was in agreement with what the headquarters were doing at that time. The Sabbath day was not changed instead the first day (SUNDAY) was used for “breaking of Bread” by the early Church Acts 20:7. On this day (Sunday) was the Holy Communion taken and he was allowed to preach to them. Even at this time Paul was in his second missionary journey, so he was fully aware of what the headquarters were doing and he was doing the same.

But Paul as an Apostle could not change the Sabbath doctrine of God.   The Sabbath day worship “is a doctrine” which even Jesus did not change but amended it, how?  In the Law of Moses, there was no work done on the day of Sabbath, that’s where Jesus made an amendment. After teaching in the Temple on the Sabbath day, he worked and healed many people on the Sabbath day, which made the people to question his ministry as one who came from heaven, see Jon 5; 8; and 9. The Corinthian Church was not the only Church which Paul instructed to provide the things for the Jerusalem Church. He also instructed the Spanish Church to do the same Rom.15:24-29.

The Church at Macedonia and at Achaia desired to send their gifts to Jerusalem through Paul. This collection would be done on the first day, not on the Sabbath day.  The Sabbath day was exclusively for God’s worship. But the Apostles designated the first day for Holy Communion, but they did not change the day of Sabbath.


No is the answer. Yet I discovered that the writings of Paul have been misunderstood badly by the Christian Community. In the book of Rapture I described this misunderstanding as the “three misses” in chapter 24. This misunderstanding however was not from him, but from the interpreters of his letter. When he commanded the Corinthian Church to provide their contribution to the saints at Jerusalem on the first day, they said he has changed the Sabbath day with that first day instruction I Cor.16:2.  Paul in all his days was worshipping on the Sabbath days. From his first missionary journey with Apostle Barnabas Acts. 13:42-44 he was invited to come back on the next Sabbath to explain more of the word of God.  The tone of the invitation indicated that the day was a Sabbath day.  This was his first missionary journey.

Even the day the Holy Ghost commanded that Paul and Barnabas should be separated to do the work he had called them was on the Sabbath day Acts.13. It was the day known to every Dick, Tom and Harry in Jerusalem where the Church started. Even the day of Jesus’ resurrection was the first day and it could not cause the effect of the change of Sabbath. Even if the day was on the fourth; fifth and sixth day or the second day, Jesus would rise in it. But there was no commandment from either God; Jesus or the Apostles on that day for the change. The Apostles on their own called it “The day of the Lord” and that was correct for the rise Rev.1:10. Yes after giving him that day of his resurrection, they continued with the Sabbath commandment of God. Neither did the Holy Spirit command anywhere to change it for any reason whatsoever. And this change would not to be done with a suggestion or an assumption, but it must be a definite command from God, Jesus or his Apostles.

Paul during his first missionary journey entered into the Synagogue on the Sabbath day Acts. 13:5. Even the day the Holy Spirit commanded to separate Paul and Barnabas was a Sabbath day. In his second missionary journey, he did not deviate in any way. And during his second missionary journey the Bible said he reasoned on very Sabbath, according to Acts. 18:1-4. In fact, I can’t see where the so called Pentecostal Revds; Bishops and Drs saw the Sabbath change in the Bible. If the Apostles used the first day to honour Jesus for rising on it, does it mean a change of Sabbath? They said Paul changed it. Paul could not on his own change the Sabbath day. Do you know that Paul was even on check during his ministry to the Gentiles?  He encountered the “Judaizers” at Antioch and was sent to Jerusalem for settlement; you can read about it in Acts. 15. Why couldn’t he settle that problem on his own at the Church at Antioch?

You may be confused of the word “Judaizers”. The religion which was on even before the birth of Christ in Israel or nay with the Jews was Judaism. Jesus also met it but did not use it during his time. Of cause he started calling his own disciples one after the other. Actually he operated in the Temple but did not make use of Judaism as way of life. So at the time Paul became a Christian Apostle to the Gentiles, he met them in his ministry.

When he was at Antioch, those people who formally worshipped that religion of Judaism left it and joined the Church. And they still held that concept and they were called Judaizers. They repented and joined the Church at Jerusalem and they came on a visit to Antioch, and taught the people in the presence of Paul and Barnabas saying “except they go through the Law of Moses, that they could not be saved” Acts. 15. On hearing this kind of teaching from those who were supposed to teach the truth, Paul and his companion Barnabas opposed that teaching immediately and there was much disputations or argument in the Church. And because of this argument, the Church sent Paul to the headquarters in Jerusalem for clearance and settlement. The Jerusalem Church therefore organized the Church council for this question, and after much deliberations by the Church council, the Pastor at that time ruled and said “My sentence is” Acts. 15. 19-22. It is important that we cite these passages for you to read.

Paul was there when the overall Pastor (James) ruled over the issue and he was satisfied. Even all the Apostles including Peter, and the rest of the Church council and elders were present.  Do these people who preach and believe that Paul changed the Sabbath read the Bible at all? How could Paul who was sent to the Gentiles change what the headquarters were doing? If he had done so, they would have called him to order, and we shall see the records today in the Bible. He was subject to authorities even though he was an Apostle.

He was not standing alone and couldn’t give any negative commandment to the Church. Of course Jesus was with him and he always received instructions from him.  On his arrest and persecution, he was going to Rome to defend himself and Jesus appeared to him and encouraged him, saying “as you have testified about me at Jerusalem, so shall you testify about me at Rome” Acts. 23:11. So Paul was very careful in his days.

What Paul commanded the Church to do at Corinth was to collect their gifts on the first day, so that when he comes, there would be no more collections on his presence. He was desirous to minister to the poor saints at Jerusalem; so he liked to go with the collections from the Gentile Churches, which in turn opened their way back home and prospered them.  This is why we ask you to always come to this blog site where the truth is displayed for all to read.  And we can tell you that up till now the Sabbath day has not been changed. But Daniel prophesied that “the horn shall think to change times and law” Dan. 7:25. The horn is the same as the Beast or the Antichrist, which must come from Europe.  And they have done according to the prophecy. They have changed the Sabbath day to Sun-day.


Everyone have been following Rome and their programs believing that they are the people which God had ordained to lead the Church, but we tell you that it is not true.  Some people have come to this knowledge but they ask “where are we going to start from to change it again”?  Well, the answer is “do your own work or what you are supposed to do and leave the rest to God”.   Since it was under prophecy, it is not by power nor by might. You can do nothing to change it but you could teach to sensitize the Church on the truth and God would cause your work to germinate and increase. We are assuring you that the Sabbath change has not been commanded by God and would not be commanded even in the future. Do you want to know why we say this? Read on

Jesus was teaching his disciples about his second coming and he said “But pray ye that your flight be not on the winter, neither on the Sabbath day” Matt. 24:20.  What does this statement mean? It means 1. That the Sabbath day has not been changed and that it would be on till the day of our flight.   What does the day of our flight mean? 2.  It means the day the Antichrist will command to kill all Christians from Israel to the whole world, just for failure to worship him Rev. 13:15. 3. Jesus said we should pray that this day should not be on the winter, why?

If we should run into the bush on the winter, cold would take hold on us badly and it may cause some people to denounce their faith in Christ.  This goes ahead to tell us that God has not changed the Sabbath day till tomorrow.  If there has been any change, the scriptures would tell us and not hide it. So Sabbath day has not been changed and Paul did not use I Cor. 16:2 to change the Sabbath day. It remains on the same seventh day.

So the assumption that Apostle Paul used his instruction to the Corinthian Church to change the Sabbath day is erroneous and not the truth in any way. These people that say these things are not teachable. If you confront them this way, they change to the other way.

When I confronted one about this question and when he could not defend himself further, do you know what he said? He said “Paul as an Apostle was sent to the Gentle world, not to Israel, so he was not taking instructions from Jerusalem”. You see it?

But did you see what at Antioch, a Gentle Church? How the Church sent Paul to Jerusalem for settlement?  That problem and question was settled there at Jerusalem and the Church at Antioch was at rest. But because these people have no idea on what happened to the Sabbath day, they teach like Rome from where most of them came from. But we have the whole idea and what the prophecy is. Rome has actually fulfilled what the Bible said concerning her. She has changed the Sabbath as Daniel prophesied in Dan. 7:25.

Yet God, Jesus and his Apostles have not changed the Sabbath before, today and even till tomorrow. The daily ministration in the early Church was not used to change the seventh day.

God bless.




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When we talk about the millennium or the millennial, we mean the Government of Jesus Christ, the son of the living God. Many people have written about it the way they like. But it is a literal Government which shall be seen here on earth. The millennial reign shall be governed by the Lord with his saints only. Many people have said that there shall be no literal Government of God on earth. They do not see the one thousand year reign of Jesus on earth in Rev.20. It’s the reason we are making sure that such people go through these write ups to read and educate themselves properly before these events begins to unfold to their surprise.

Rapture takes place first. This Government shall begin when the lord comes first and takes his saints from the world in the Rapture. Then he will take us up and after our sealing in the air, Rev. 7:1-3, he comes down immediately and fights the war of Armageddon, see war or Armageddon in, where he will destroy the plans of Satan, capture the Antichrist/Beast and throws him into the lake of fire with the false prophets Rev.19:19-20.

When the beast is captured with the false prophets and thrown into the lake of fire, then his soldiers shall be killed at the mountains of Israel. The people of Israel which were not of Israel Rom.9:6b shall go out to bury those soldiers who shall liter at the mountains for seven years and seven months Ezk.38-39. Here prophet Ezekiel was of the view that the Beast shall gather all the soldiers of the world (for world war 3) at the mountains of Israel, and there they shall try to stop Israel from escaping to the Rapture. Jesus had instructed that when abomination is fulfilled, those in Judea should flee to the mountains for safety, but the Beast shall send his there to stop them Luke 21:20-22; Matt. 24:15-18.

The war of Armageddon shall be fought at the mountains of Israel and the lord shall destroy all his soldiers there. All weapons and ammunitions shall scatter at the mountains of Israel. It may also surprise you to know that the war of Armageddon shall take place at the same day of Rapture. That’s the day known and called the day of the lord. It is a great day because about three powerful events are slated to take place on the same day. You may ask how? The first is the Rapture of the Church. Then the sealing of the church on air and the third event is the war of Armageddon. You can trust the lord, for they are no match for him.

When we asked other prophets they agreed that it shall be so. Or let’s ask prophet Isaiah about it and let’s hear what he has to say
“Behold the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate and he shall destroy the sinners out of it. For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their lights. The sun shall be darkened in his going forth and the moon shall not cause her light to shine. And I will punish the world for their evil and the wicked for their iniquity. And I will cause the arrogance of the proud to cease and I will lay low haughtiness of the terrible” Isaiah. 13:9-11.

Now let’s pick some points from what Isaiah said here. 1. The day of the lord shall be cruel both with wrath. 2.He shall lay the land low and destroy sinners out of it. 3.The sun and the moon shall not give their lights even with the constellations thereof. 4. Darkness shall be on the land on that day. 5. He will punish the world for their evil and the wicked for their iniquity.
If you look further you will discover another one but let’s go on with these. We have evidence/s with Isaiah’s words about the day of the Lord on the day of Rapture. That it will be with Darkness as Apostle Mathew agreed or recorded with him Matt. 24:29. Mathew not only agreed with him concerning darkness on the day of the lord, but also agreed with him on the issue of the mountains matt.24:15-16.

Jesus had instructed the Jews that when abomination is fulfilled in the Temple, i.e (abomination is when the Antichrist enters into the temple of God in Jerusalem) those in Judea should flee to the mountains. And there the soldiers of the beast shall surround them on the mountains causing no way of escape for them. And they shall be there when the lord comes for the Rapture. After the trumpet that sounds for Rapture, it has the ability to cease and shall cease the soldiers there for evidence to Jesus and he shall destroy those sinners out of it. This was what Isaiah was saying during his lifetime prophecy.

Time may fell me to totally explain in details what should be done there. All the weapons of the soldiers shall be scattered on the mountains with the dead bodies of the soldiers. And it will take Israel seven years and seven months to bury the dead bodies with the weapons, the war tanks, the hand graneds and ammunitions. In fact, they shall hire the professionals to help them, i.e the scientists, who shall manufacture the instruments which shall be used in picking the human bodies from the ground.

At this time if the bone of the dead or any weapon shall touch any man on his body, such one shall die immediately on the spot. Yes, because the Angels shall pour out dangerous chemicals from heaven against the soldiers, which shall pill out their bodies while standing with their guns.

When we are taken up in the Rapture, I said there shall be sealing of the saints on air. How? In Rev.7:1-3, the record says there four Angels who were given to watch the four corners of the earth to keep watch in the east where the Garden of Eden was located. And immediately following the Rapture, people coming from the east would have been destroyed by these four Angels. But an ascending Angel hasted with urgency and cried out with a loud voice to the four in charge of the east saying “Hurt not the trees nor the earth till have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads” Rev.7:1-3. This is one of the events of the day of the lord. And if this Angel had not been very fast, the four Angels would have destroyed people coming from the east in the Rapture. This Angel cried with a loud voice to stop those four from harming the saints. And after these things the saints were sealed and we follow Jesus upon white horses immediately and come down for the war of Armageddon.

These things might not take two hours to be over since the lord is involved. After destroying the sinners out of the mountains, he takes us up to heaven to entertain us in heaven for more than seven years before the land is cleansed from the rubbish on the mountains. Then after over seven years we then come down to take up offices and rule in the millennial government of our God here on earth.

But do not forget that within the seven years in heaven with the lord, he shall judge us there in the judgment seat of Christ. This judgment seat is not a fearful one, but of receiving of rewards on whatever or however you have done your work here on earth. Of course you know that whatever you have done for him you shall be paid. No one shall labour in vain I Cor.15:58.

After the judgment seat of Christ, then we shall be his Ambassadors 2 Cor.5:20 in the Millennial Government. No ungodly shall be appointed to any position in that Government, no. But they shall be governed and they shall see how a good Government is administered. They shall behold righteousness in action. They shall see a Government devoid of corruption. They shall see that no one shall have a hidden agenda, from the head to the toe. This type of government shall be seen as Iron Government. But the Bible said “He shall rule them with the Rod of Iron. Iron in the sense that “Man know man” shall not be observed. Whatever you merit shall be given to you free of charge, contrary to what the world is doing in their system. There shall be no rubbing of Peter to pay Paul, maybe because he is my man, or my relation, no way.

Every one shall perform his duty as expected. There shall be no need to expect a saint to take bribe in any way and for anything. Yet work shall be done and of course the saints shall have no need for money at this time because we are now spirits. All the locations of duty in the world shall be manned by the saints. Everyone shall be reporting to the headquarters in Jerusalem with true report of his location. There shall be uses of vehicles for work, just as it is done here, even though we are spirits.

Those faithful saints who did not make use of vehicles while alive in the earth shall use quality vehicles this time in their work. No one shall molest a saint on duty for anything. Of course you know by this time the Devil/Satan has been cast into the Bottomless Pit Rev.20:1-3, so everywhere shall be very calm and no one helps them with evil thought. Also the Beast/Antichrist already captured in the war of Armageddon and cast into the Lake of fire with the false prophets. So no one deceives them again.

Before the Rapture, i.e during the great tribulation, the people of the world shall ask a question saying “Who is like the Beast and who shall be able to make war with him”? Rev.13:4. They never remember or regard the lord in any way. At the war proper, the lord will take the Beast with ease and cast him into the Lake of fire Rev.19:19-20, while an Angel just takes the Devil/Satan and seal him up in the Bottom Pit, until after the thousand years. What a great power?

These shall be done before the lord sets out to begin his millennia rule, and he shall reign on the earth for a thousand years with his saints. You have been acquainted with the true knowledge of how these things shall be done, so you are not confused by those whose mouth are very sweet but have no truth in their tongues. Some of them are saying there is nothing as Rapture in the future to take place. Don’t mind them. Jesus cannot be telling lies or any of his Apostles or disciples deceiving us in any way, no.

Peace shall be seen all through the world for the first time. Forget about what the United Nations is doing now, shouting peace, peace everywhere. Have they achieved one percent of peace? No! Yet the peace they are seeking for is destructive peace I Thess.5:3. Jesus said “My Peace give I unto you, not as the world giveth” Jon.14:27. You can see two kinds of peace here. Choose the one you want, either from the Lord or from the world.

Make sure that you will partake in the Rapture, so you will be an Ambassador in the Lord’s Government of righteousness on earth, and finally in the New Jerusalem that shall come afterwards. What else do you want from the lord? He has promised you eternity with him forever. We shall reign with him forever. We shall be uploading the wrath of God in our sister site very soon. Keep watch for it, for it shall be explosive.

We have been appointed to reveal or to teach about end time events in the last days. And that’s why you see us upload many of them in all our sites. We try to make sure that people are properly educated on these things. So you have an obligation to be coming or visiting all our sites for these updates. We have no other place to upload them than in all our sites. You know them, from, to, or You can also visit and see Joseph Azubuike’s blog.

My prayer is that you will be found in the millennial reign of the lord in the name of Jesus. It’s not your portion to be found in the wrath of God in Jesus name, Amen and Amen.
If you have any comment or question please feel free to ask or comment through our contact form in the contact page, or use our email address at the top of each page to contact us, and we shall be glad to help or explain further. You can also call us with this number below. Thank you and God bless.


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Do you know them and where are they now?
Rev.17:10; Job. 5:19

Who are the world powers? Are they humans or Nations? How do we know them? Are they still in existence or have they disappeared? These and more shall be treated here in this site. Read on.
When we talk of world powers, our people’s mind shall quickly run to 1.Germany, 2.Japan, 3.France, 4.China, and of course Britain and finally US. Well, the mention of US is completely correct but other ones are not included. You may ask why? The world powers I’m talking about are the ones recognized by the Bible. World powers from the Bible are known to God and they were approved by him.

You may be surprised hearing this from me. I want to say that our people are talking of world powers because these nations mentioned above are able to build one nuclear weapon or the other. They are able to build biological or chemical weapons of mass destruction, and for that they are grouped as world powers. This ability does not make all of them as world powers at all. We shall read from the Bible to buttress our argument very well. The world powers in the Bible were not called world powers but “kings of the earth” Ps.2:2-4.

They ruled as kings of the world with executive authority over all other nations of the world at their times. For example, Babylon was able to organize the world against king Jehoiakim of Judah when he rebelled against Babylon 2kgs.24:1-3. When king Jehoiakim rebelled from serving the king of Babylon as commanded by the lord from the mouth of Jeremiah, the lord used Babylon to organize the Chaldeans, the Syrians, the Moabites and Ammonites against Judah (Allied Forces).

Why were they called kings of the earth? They were the ones that have ruled the world at one time or the other, and especially handling Israel because of their transgressions against God. They are seven in number. Let’s read from the Bible. “He shall deliver thee in six troubles, yea in seven there shall no evil touch thee” Job. 5:19. “And there are seven kings, five have fallen and one is, and the other is not yet come, but when he cometh, he shall continue a short space” Rev.17:10. These two verses are the same. We shall give interpretation to these passages of the Bible and relate them to where they belong with others.

This word, Job 5:19 was a prophecy spoken to Abraham from Job, how? The book of Job was supposed to be the first book of the Bible, because Job was living in the days of Abraham. But because it did not deal with creation, or furnished us with the account of creation details, the Septuagint changed its position and put Genesis first, which gave us the account of creation. Well they were right, because we need first the account of the creation of the heavens and the earth, before we begin to say other things that God made or created. This account would also inform us about the creator himself and how he created all things.

The Hebrew book said “he that must come to God must first believe that he is” Heb. 11:6. Job said to Abraham, “that God shall deliver him in six troubles, and yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee”. This was because Abraham made a mistake by not asking from God about the first famine, whether he would go to Egypt or not, before going down to Egypt at the first ever famine that broke out in his day. You may ask. How did you know? Do you know that there’s a war going on between the kingdom of God, and the kingdom of Darkness? In Egypt his wife was snatched from him Gen. 12: 10-20. That’s part of the war. They would have messed up Sarah, had God not intervened quickly in his behalf. The kingdom of God would not be compromised to his enemies.

Let’s see no. 1 reason. The Bible recorded that “Abraham went down” Gen.12:10. He was expected to remain above only. But he went down. This went down had a spiritual connection with his lineage. When he went up it was also recorded, see Gen. 13:1. He went up and out of Egypt. The No.2 reason, God became annoyed for that journey to Egypt. And God said to him, “know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and they shall afflict them four hundred years” Gen. 15:13. It was the reason his grandson Jacob/Israel was in captivity in Egypt. His word must surely come to pass.

If you could remember, how many years did Israel stay in Egypt? Get the correct number in Ex. 12:40. Now as they went down into Egypt, they latter entered into slavery which they did not know that they would enter, and why? Initially they were happy but latter through the king that knew not Joseph, they became his servants. Now Egypt became the first world power. Are you surprised? Any of the world powers had one thing to start or the other. Civilization started in Egypt, check your records. And Israel also had something to do there wherever they go. They built their Pyramid brick houses, making Bricks with hard labour. So Egypt was the first world power which is recognized by the Bible. FIRST WORLD POWER WAS EGYPT.
Let’s continue.

I’m not going to talk about how Israel left Egypt because you know it very well. And I’m not going to say about the man who brought them out of Egypt because you also know him. Still I’m not talking about the miracles that followed them along the way because you have heard of them. But we are going to continue to trace the next world power.

When Israel left Egypt, they entered into the wilderness and from there they came to the promise land and settled. Many years passed with them in the promise land. Of course you know that Moses saw it only but did not enter into it. After a time in the days of Samuel the prophet, the people of Israel demanded for a king. They said they wanted a king which they could see, like other nations of the world to rule them, instead of the king which they could not see.
This demand displeased both Samuel and God himself. However, Saul the son of Kish was approved for them by God. And time without number king Saul since he was not God’s choice would not hearken to the instructions of God through Samuel. At the end God rejected him and chose a man of his own heart and that was David, the son of Jesse.

After the reign of David it was his son Solomon. After Solomon it was his son Rehoboam I kgs. 12. Then the sins of his father Solomon made God to divide Israel into two. One part went to the servant of Solomon that went into exile, which was Jeroboam. Then the two tribes were left for the son of Solomon Rehoboam.

As soon as the ten tribes of Israel were delivered into the hands of Jeroboam, he left the house of David, and with the ten tribes he began to worship idols. After building his first capital in Peneul, the latter moved it to Samaria. Israel was then divided into two. The one part i.e the ten tribes began to take the name Israel, the two remaining tribes took the name of “the Jews”. The two tribes were Judah and Benjamin.

But from the hands of Jeroboam Israel was led to sin I kgs. 12:30. And they never returned again or had anything to do with the Jews. After many years God sent the Northern Israel, ie the ten tribes into the second captivity to Assyria. There they suffered in the hands of many Assyrian kings, including Shalmanezzer, Pul, Tigleth Pilesar, Sennecherib etc. You can see this record in I Chron. 5:25-26.

Do not forget the prophecy of Job to Abraham. He said “He or God shall deliver thee in six troubles, yea in seven there shall no evil touch thee” Job. 5:19. Here Israel had seen two troubles, 1.trouble from Egypt and 1 from Assyria. It’s remaining four troubles, let’s continue.
As the trouble of the Northern Israel continued, the sins of Southern Israel which is the Jews began to appreciate tremendously. One of her kings Amaziah went to war. He defeated them and carried their gods which could neither deliver himself, nor his people and began to worship it. And God warned him through a prophet and he could not hear 2Chron.25:14-16. That was why they were punished there.
Israel suffered in the hands of Sennecherib greatly, because they put a heavy burden of paying taxes upon them. And Israel was also building sculptural idols of all sorts for them, since they love to serve and worship it. In those days God sent Jeremiah the prophet to begin his job. He began as a small boy, may be around 17-18 years of age. And God told Jeremiah what to say and when he said it, the big prophets who had been rejected by God engineered the people and they rejected his word. A son of a Priest even slapped him for this prophecy Jer. 28:1-4.

And when Jeremiah looked at their big tummies and their big necks, he came back to God confessing that he was a child Jer. 1:5-7. And God rebuked again saying “don’t look at their faces, do not say I’m a child. Before you entered your mother’s womb I knew you, and before you came forth out of the womb I ordained thee a prophet to the nations” Jer.1.

From here Jeremiah mustered courage and began to do his prophesies. One of his outstanding prophesies was the one that took both the Northern Israel and the Southern side to their next captivity. He said “And this whole land (Israel and the Jews) shall be desolation and astonishment. And these nations (the whole world) shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years. From here the second world power was almost ready to go. So ASSYRIA WAS THE SECOND WORLD POWER.
Now I’m not talking of the way they handed over themselves or how they overthrew one another, instead, I’m showing them to you so you can know them. But if you want to know how they operated and took over from each other, go to the book of Rapture written by me and study it there. Title: “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”.

Only the Northern Israel was in Assyria, the Jews were not there. But the Northern side represented them all. Yet as the sins of the northern side continued to scarlet, Judah began to admire and to worship idols. Then Jeremiah’s prophecy of seventy years in Babylon Jer. 25:11-12 would include Judah. That is to say the third captivity of Israel would include the Southern side Judah. Jeremiah prophesied it.

As the big prophets argued and argued Jeremiah, and before their eyes the king of Babylon warred against Judah and took the king Jehoiakim captive, who wanted to kill Jeremiah because of the writings and prophecy Jer.36, 2kgs. 24.1:1-3. The Northern Israel was already in Babylon before Judah joined them there. Nebuchadnezzar had defeated Assyria and took Israel from them. This is the way it’s going to be, because many people believe the known Bishops, the very Revds, the right Revds and the Rev. Drs as the only people with good messages or end time messages. But the truth was not with those big prophets.

I’m assuring you that God might go for the less to reveal his programs while people go to the known ones to confuse themselves. Babylon was the place where the Northern Israel and the Southern side joined up again, but they were still in captivity. When they joined again in Babylon, they built the famous “Hanging Gardens” in Babylon. And so Babylon was the “Third world power after Assyria. THIRD WORLD POWER WAS BABYLON
You may wonder how these nations are called world powers. These nations were world powers because they held God’s nation Israel captive at one time or the other. No one could hold Israel captive except God grants it to those people. Just follow this write up.

When the time for Babylon expired, they handed over to Cyrus the king for the fourth world power Persia. Go to the book of Rapture to see how they handed over to each other. Do not forget about the prophecy of Job to Abraham, that “He or God shall deliver thee in six troubles, and yea in seven, there shall no evil touch thee” Job. 5:19. We have seen four troubles with Persia. There remain three troubles to come. FOURTH WORLD POWER WAS PERSIA. Let’s see the next world power. We shall make sure they are complete.

When Israel came out from Persia, they entered into another world power. This time it was the Bronze kingdom in the master plan of the Beast kingdom. In the master plan, Greece was the Bronze kingdom Dan.2:39. People talk of world power because those people are able to build one nuclear weapon or the other. These things do not make a nation a world power. But those who have no time for the Bible are the ones that call those nations as world powers. Instead God made these nations recognized by the Bible as world powers and put Israel there and punished them with those nations, check your records.

To begin the Grecian kingdom, the Romans had to assassinate the king of Greece, Philip of Macedon, the father of Alexander the great. This assassination forced out Alexander the great to start his operation in the world. Thus when he came, he conquered the world and built Alexandria in Egypt as his first capital, but when he reached Susa in Babylon, he decided to use Susa as capital. He died in Babylon and his four Generals shared his kingdom. All of these you will read in the book of Rapture. So GREECE WAS THE FIFTH WORLD POWER.

I’m tracing them through the Bible and applying it on how they handled the people of Israel. Now let’s continue to the next world power after Greece. In the master plan it was Iron kingdom Dan.2:40.

The sixth world power was the fourth member in the Beast’s family. You will read their full details in the book of Rapture with the keyword “Rapture: the Past, Present and What to Expect in the Future”. This book is extra ordinarily loaded. It’s only those who have bought this book that shall know all I’m saying about the world powers and the Beast’s kingdom. Here ROME WAS THE

When Rome was in power in the world, that was the time the next world conqueror was born. Who is the next world conqueror? Jesus was the next world conqueror who conquered the world Jon. 16:33. Again that was the time king Herod commanded to kill all children from two years and downwards Matt.2. That was because he heard from the wise men that another king had been born in his domain. Reading from our blog sites will enlighten your understanding and empower you spiritually to stand out for God.

From Rome we are moving to the next world power which would be the last and seventh in the number. For the Bible said “And there are seven kings, five have fallen and one is, and the other is not yet come, but when he comes, he shall continue a short space” Rev.17:10. We have seen the sixth world power and who is the seventh, which has not yet come? Rome continued until the appearance in 1945 of America.

That are you saying? Are you saying that America is the last world power? YES! Is there any prove? You can go back and check the ones we have already mentioned earlier if there was an error anywhere.

In the book of Rapture I said America was in prophecy in Rev. 17:10 as the last and seventh one which is not yet come. More prove please. The Bible said this about the seventh king which is not yet come, that he shall stay a short space. But it said five of the earlier ones had fallen and one is. Now the five fallen ones are 1.Egypt the first world power, 2.Assyria the second world power, 3.Babylon the third world power, 4. Persia the fourth world power, and 5.Greece the fifth world power.

These kingdoms ruled the world and fell, but one is at the time of writing the book of Revelation which was ROME. That was the reason Rome was the sixth existing king during this time. Again at the same time it was said that the seventh king has not yet come. By this time there was nothing as America. It was a verse land uninhabited. The land of America was then forestry. But the eye of prophecy caught her at that distance and booked her. Today America is ruling the world. World powers rule the world 1. Politically,2. Economically, 3. Educationally, and even 4 socially. In these areas America is in the lead in the world. This is the seventh and the last world power. THE SEVENTH AND LAST WORLD POWER IS AMERICA.

Job told Abraham saying “He shall deliver thee in six troubles, yea in seven, there shall no evil touch thee”. The seventh trouble or evil against Israel would have been Israel in bondage or Captivity to America. Now watch for yourself if Israel is in bondage to America. The answer is no. So that’s what Job meant. Instead, Israel is in an agreement with America known as “AICE”. This means “America, Israeli Cooperative Enterprise”. Now you can agree with me that we are just at the corner of seeing these things come to pass. Give your life to Christ now before you cry “Had I known”. I told you to make this site your spiritual Cafeteria.

No one cares to ask God what will happen when America falls out as the last and seventh world power. No nation among all the world powers had extended her time to a minute unless approved by God Almighty. For example, when the time of Babylon ended, and Belshazzar was strong on the throne, he was disjointed and was assassinated the same day after the interpretation of the handwriting on the wall Dan. 5:1-30. So America shall surely fell when her time expires and possibly Europe shall mount back again.

All prophesies about world powers have fulfilled just as prophesied. But sharply the Bible declares that “the eight is of the seven” Rev.17:11. The question is “Is there an eight world power”? No!

Then what does the Bible mean by saying “the eight is of the seven”? It means that the Union of Brass and Iron which was Rome and Greece in the master plan (see book Rapture) was among the seven world powers. And now the union is already in place waiting for the fall of America. This means the appearance of Antichrist is just around the corner. We know that God does not have an eight number. He rested on the seventh day.

Europe is ready and they are waiting for their master the Beast/Antichrist to appear. Of course all equipments and instruments for his use have been put into place. You might doubt it. But the Bible is not talking in vain. THE ATM, THE CREDIT CARDS, THE MASTER CARDS and all CASH CARDS etc are all his instruments. When the time comes, these cards will be in use, even as they are already in use now. You may be asked to update your card with any of the options of the Beast’s systems. Updating your card with any of these options means to be marked with the Beast’s identification, which makes you his candidate forever. Then you could be able to buy and sell Rev.13:16-17. Study these things in the book of Rapture. Please get this book.

For the Bible said “That no one might buy or sell save he that has the mark, or the name of the Beast or the number of his name. And here is wisdom, let he that has understanding count the number of his name, for it is the number of a man. And his number is six hundred, three score and six” Rev.13:16-18. We have counted this number from the man’s name. Get knowledge of who the man is, and then his number.

We have uploaded this number earlier in the site as “His number is 666”. You can update your knowledge here or at any of our sites, because we are appointed to talk about end times. That’s why we always talk about end times in all our sites. Now you can compare the things you read from here with what you read elsewhere, you are the judge.

Don’t relent in reading end time messages from all our sites. At least you know the world powers and their number, with their relevant interpretations.
Thank you and God bless


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What is fact and what is truth? The answers will appear in different ways. We are going to use a case from the Bible to buttress this topic very well. And I believe you know it or you will know it very well. Yes I promised to use a case from the Bible for this topic. We are going to use the case of Joseph the son of Jacob with Potiphar’s wife in Egypt.

Joseph was sold by his brother’s for envy into the hands of the Ish-maelites for twenty pieces of silver. He was sold into the hands of Portiphar, an Egyptian officer with Pharaoh. When Joseph landed into the house of this man, the Bible said the Lord began to bless Potiphar in and out because of Joseph in his house Gen. 39:1-23. Do you want to continue reading? Enter your email, subscribe to my blog.

The fact is that Joseph was in the house of Portipar as a slave boy sold by his brothers. He was sold for envy into the hands of the Ish-maelites which did not know what Joseph did to his brothers to deserve such treatment. Of course even if they knew it, their business was human trafficking as at that time. So they could still buy him as a trade.

Joseph did no other thing than showing his brothers the dreams God was showing to him in his dreams. That was a big offence to his brothers. But God chose Joseph for the display of certain programs in the world, starting with Egypt as the first world power. But someone should start it in Egypt which would eventually bring in Jacob himself into Egypt. All these happened so that God’s programs could move on.

Now when Joseph arrived into Egypt through the Ish-maelites, he was sold to a very big man in the land of Egypt. Portiphar after buying him and knowing he was a Hebrew boy, knew also that as a goodly person he would be vibrant in all things including wisdom for many things. He therefore employed him into his house to serve him personally. From there he discovered that not only that he was goodly in person but that God was with him. He therefore extended his duties to the field.
And God was with him also in the field and Portiphar observed this himself. He therefore handed over all his possessions to Joseph. This made him to begin to prosper greatly within the few time of Joseph’s arrival into his house. Then he relaxed and left all things to him. And the Bible said “he knew not all that he had save the food that he ate”.

His house was prospering and progressing at the same time. But one thing which nobody told Portiphar was that his wife was daily intimating Joseph to have her in his absence. And Joseph was secretly and politely refusing the offer from Portiphar’s wife. This went on day after day. It could be that either that Potiphar couldn’t satisfy his wife or that his wife was one of those women who run after some men in the absence of their husbands.

Or it could still be that they had no child and the women was still observing her menstrual period month after month without any success, so she decided within herself to try and see whether Joseph could imp regnant her through that means. Of course the Bible did not record any child in the house of Portiphar.

All these were facts as we see and read from the Bible. Then a particular day when Portiphar was usually out on his duty, his wife decided that Joseph must do this thing today, whether he likes it or not.

She either sent all other servants out or there were no other person/s remaining in the house. She went into the room where Joseph was and was performing his duty. She held him and was pulling his clothe from him so that she could have her wish. Joseph helped her and pulled out his garment and quickly ran out of the room in haste. When she saw that she was disappointed, she cried out in despair and her voice was heard of the servants out there.

Then she quickly covered herself from such embarrassment that cry would cost her, by going to inform the guards that the Hebrew boy brought in by her husband was trying to mock and to force her through rape. Of course that was and is still a big offence anywhere in the world up till now. Then the securities had apprehended Joseph upon hearing the woman’s cry out. And Joseph was locked by the security till Portiphar came back.

These were the facts surrounding the case of Joseph and the wife of Portiphar. These things were used to judge Joseph and his subsequent imprisonment.

The truth is one thing that is relative to the fact but they are never the same. We always say “the fact is” or “the truth is this or that”. But those who use the truth is, are mostly those who know and use the bible in their daily lives. If you read about the fact, it would be used as the truth by many people. Yet the truth of the matter was that the other side of this case called the truth was only recorded by God himself, and no other person knew it.

Now we could not say that Portiphar was wrong in his judgment since no one else knew exactly what happened between his wife and Joseph. And Joseph was not allowed to make a defense for himself, yes this was not recorded. His wife after speaking and may be the security was the next that gave evidence of how they apprehended Joseph when madam was crying.

And after these two witnesses Portiphar concluded that Joseph should be imprisoned into the highest prison in Egypt, Pharaoh’s prison. Yet even if Joseph had been allowed to make a defense of himself, he would say that it was Portipar’s wife who wanted him to lie with her. And that she pulled his garment in the room for him to start the affair, and that he rejected it and fled from her and she cried out. Who would believe it? The truth here would be rejected and the fact looked more evident.

Yes, because 1. Joseph’s garment was in the hands of the woman. Even though it was possible to go inside his room and pick his garment. 2. When the woman was crying, Joseph was seen running and the securities arrested him.

This truth would even generate more punishment when said. They would say if it was the woman who initiated it, would he not have done it with her, since no one was in the house which would inform her husband? Do you see how truth suffers in the hands of the world? The truth also remains that God was using both fact and truth to advance his programs in the world.

The Bible says “All things work together for good, to them that love God” Rom. 8:28. Of course Joseph loved God. He told this woman “that her husband left all things in the house into his hands except her” Gen.39:9. That was a great respect for her but she cast that respect to the gutter. If Joseph had fulfilled her wish, she would even become pregnant from him and make her husband to cover it unawares, and become the owner of the pregnancy in disguise. Who would tell Portiphar that the servant he bought into his house was the one doing the job for him? And Joseph would have been loved above Portiphar in the eyes of his wife without his knowledge.

Thus in some cases the wife could even poison her husband for the man to take his position. But this is truth unknown to many people. So when Portiphar came back his wife presented her own version and Joseph was not allowed to make a defense, and it landed him into Pharaoh’s prison. Today some women are going after some young boys and some men going after some young girls. This is the truth.

In the case of Joseph he had no evidence even if he was allowed to defend himself at that time. This is the truth but Portiphar’s wife had his garment in her hands as evidence no 1. But when Joseph was thrown into the Prison, it was a source in progressing the word of God. It was from there that Joseph was taken to Pharaoh and the program of God advanced further.

This is why we say that Joseph was a type of Christ. Because he was despising the shame from being sold and not getting offended altogether with his brothers and with God. He also forgave his brethren and knew that God sent him to Egypt ahead of time in order to save his family. God knew the whole exercise was to protect Jacob’s family who would have felt the famine severely in the land of Canaan.

AFTER THAT EPISODE: After that episode Joseph overtook his master Portiphar. He was now the prime minister above Portiphar courtesy of his interpretation to Pharaoh Dream. But only God knew that Joseph did not attempt to rape Portiphar’s wife. Instead the woman wanted to corner the boy to her privacy. Had she succeeded, the plan of God would have been aborted until a change is made. Here we have been able to disclose how truth differs from fact. Though they are relative but they are not the same.
God bless